Inside Zeki Muren Art Museum

Zeki Muren Art Museum is the building where Zeki Muren lived while he was in Bodrum. His personal items, costumes, sketches and even some of his fan letters are on display in this beautiful Bodrum house where you can also observe the local architecture and classical decoration of Turkish interiors.

The Ground Floor

Living room and the bedroom are on the ground floor as the museum entrance is. Both have been kept untouched as he left it for the last time.

The Living Room of Zeki Muren

The rooms were decorated in traditional style. My childhood memories in my grandmother’s home filled my mind when I saw the sofas, rugs and lots of trinkets in the living room. A king size bed with wooden headboard, commode with wood carvings and ornamental wardrobes in the bedroom reminds old Turkish black and white movies.

Stage costumes, old audio equipment and photographs are spread on the corridors of the ground floor as in whole house in general.

The Second Floor

Most of his stunning, interesting and colorful costumes are in this section of the museum. More interesting, they are all Zeki Muren’s own designs. As you may find in the short bio of Zeki Muren, he studied fine decorative arts and he didn’t just create them, he also used them. Believe me, wearing those 30 – 40 years ago in Turkey, was bold move that one can do.

Zeki Muren's Wardrobe

The pattern drawings and paintings hanging on the walls show his passion to all types of arts. He always tried to share his work with his people by opening several exhibitions in almost all cities of the country.

During his career, he was nominated hundreds of awards which you can find some of them on the second floor. Letters from his fans, his stage accessories and some pictures are also displayed for the visitors.

The Garden

Zeki Muren Sculpture by Tankut Oktem

The garden with a great panorama of Kara Island and the Aegean Sea is the last stop before leaving the museum.

A bronze sculpture of the Sun of Art made by the artist Tankut Oktem looks like he is singing his best song to his beloved Bodrum.

Behind a windowed corner, Pasha’s favorite car, a classical Buick Regal, takes you back in those times. I can’t stop thinking how he looked in that car with his colorful and shiny costumes and fluffy hair.

On the front elevation of the building, facing the garden, Zeki Muren’s handwriting greets the visitors; “Sevgilerimle – With my love” followed by his signature.

Zeki Muren's Car and Sculpture on the Garden

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