Your Bodrum Travel Stories

Since 2013, you have been reading my Bodrum travel stories and my suggestions as well as what I think is important for a foreign traveller planning a Bodrum vacation.

However, the Bodrum Peninsula offers so many alternatives to discover and experience that it is almost impossible to cover them all by myself.

So… A while ago, I had asked you to share your Bodrum travel stories with us. This way, we can learn from your experiences and get to know a fellow traveller such as you.

Here are what you have shared so far…

High Heels on the Deck
Sailing Women: High Heels on the Deck

“…becoming a part of the nature and beauty, feeling the power of the elements and learning to fear and respect it.”
by Piril Adanali, Bodrum – Turkey

Sunset Dinner at Gokcebel

“The sun is setting slowly right at the entrance of the bay. It starts to take different colors every moment.”
by Nuray Aykin, Keyport/New Jersey – USA

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