Weather in Bodrum

Weather in Bodrum shows all typical characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. This particular variety of subtropical weather is mostly found around Mediterranean Sea. It can also be seen in other coastal areas which are located on 40th north and south latitudes. Some parts of California, South Australia, central Chile and South Africa are other examples reflecting similar characteristics.

Bodrum weather is a gift granted by Mother Nature, as locals believe. I totally agree but I must admit it is a little bit hot for me in summers. That’s why I like it more between September and May. 

Clouds and Shadows over Aegean Sea in FebruaryGumusluk Always Offer A Great Aegean Panorama

The surrounding mountains keep the warmth within the peninsula. It is rarely cold, usually hot and mostly pleasant. It’s not surprising why so many civilizations in the history had chosen these fertile lands to settle.

I have taken below data from an internet service, It gives current conditions and 4 days of forecast on the weather in Bodrum. You can use it for your short term plans. If you need longer term information, keep on reading and you’ll find a table showing monthly average temperatures and other details about Bodrum weather.

Weather Forecast Bodrum

Weather Bodrum

In the above data, temperatures are in °C and the velocities are in km/h. In Turkey, these units are what we use. If you are not familiar with them and you want to learn how to convert these data into more meaningful figures for yourself, click on Measurement Units used in Turkey and find out some useful hints.

Summer Weather in Bodrum

Summers are hottest and most popular times. It is the peak season when millions of people flood into the town with the promise of uninterrupted sun, warm waters and long nights.

You don’t need to have concerns about clouds blocking the sun or rain keeping you away from beaches. It would be just a miracle to be caught in rain in summers. If you can find a drop, you should consider buying lottery tickets.

Pasatarlasi Beach in BodrumPasatarlasi Beach in Bodrum

If you are following my web site, you probably know I am not a summer person. It is hot and perfect for laying on the beach but if you are after cultural, historical and natural discoveries, the heat can make it a tough task. 

The below table is showing average temperatures between 1971 and 2011. I took this data from Turkish State Meteorological Service which is the official meteorology authority of Turkey.

BODRUM January February March April May June
Monthly Average Values between 1970 - 2011
°C °F °C °F °C °F °C °F °C °F °C °F
Average Temprature 11.4 52.5 11.3 52.3 13.2 55.8 16.4 61.5 20.9 69.6 25.7 78.3
Average Highest Temperature 15.2 59.4 15.2 59.4 17.6 63.7 21.0 69.8 26.0 78.8 31.2 88.2
Average Lowest Temperature 8.3 46.9 8.1 46.6 9.7 49.5 12.7 54.9 16.5 61.7 20.8 69.4
Average Sea Temperature 17.0 62.6 16.0 60.8 16.0 60.8 17.0 62.6 19.0 66.2 22.0 71.6
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours 4.5 5.3 6.2 7.3 9.1 10.4
Number of Average Rainy Days 12.0 11.4 8.7 6.9 3.3 1.4
Monthly Average Total Rainfall (kg/m2) 135.5 116.0 72.7 37.0 16.2 5.0
Highest and Lowest Temperatures between 1970 - 2011
Highest Temperature 23.1 73.6 24.0 75.2 28.7 83.7 30.8 87.4 37.2 99.0 42.3 108.1
Lowest Temperature -1.6 29.1 -4.5 23.9 -1.8 28.8 2.8 37.0 8.0 46.4 12.6 54.7

BODRUM July August September October November December
Monthly Average Values between 1970 - 2011
°C °F °C °F °C °F °C °F °C °F °C °F
Average Temprature 28.3 82.9 28.0 82.4 24.5 76.1 20.3 68.5 15.8 60.4 12.7 54.9
Average Highest Temperature 34.2 93.6 34.0 93.2 30.3 86.5 25.5 77.9 20.2 68.4 16.4 61.5
Average Lowest Temperature 23.3 73.9 23.3 73.9 20.4 68.7 16.7 62.1 12.7 54.9 9.7 49.5
Average Sea Temperature 24.0 75.2 26.0 78.8 25.0 77.0 23.0 73.4 20.0 68.0 18.0 64.4
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours 10.5 10.3 9.0 7.2 5.4 4.3
Number of Average Rainy Days 0.1 0.1 1.5 5.1 8.5 13.0
Monthly Average Total Rainfall (kg/m2) 0.2 0.9 10.7 45.0 93.6 149.0
Highest and Lowest Temperatures between 1970 - 2011
Highest Temperature 44.2 111.6 45.0 113.0 39.8 103.6 38.9 102.0 31.0 87.8 24.5 76.1
Lowest Temperature 17.8 64.0 18.5 65.3 10.8 51.4 10.8 51.4 2.0 35.6 0.2 32.4

As you may notice, the temperatures are above 40°C between June and August and it is always sunny. You need to be careful against sunstroke and other health problems which may arise from high temperatures. A hat and light coloured t-shirts would be a good start to avoid them.

Traveling to mountain villages, walking around ancient temples or sightseeing tours may be difficult in hot Bodrum weather, especially in July and August. For example we, as a trekking group which we call Carian Travellers, suspend all activities during these months.

Spring and Autumn: Dream Times

Here it is my favourite times! Sky is mostly clear so you can still enjoy beaches and all water activities. Nature is generous with amazing colours and scents. It is cool enough to take long walks on the mountains and in the villages but it is warm enough for a fashion show with your t-shirt collection.

Trekking to Oren. This is me!Trekking to Oren

It rains occasionally. Even if it does, you’d probably feel the sun lights before you could take on a light rain coat over your daily casuals; a short and a t-shirt. When the sun goes down, it may be chilly outside. A sweater can usually keep you warm all night long.

I usually carry a small backpack with my raincoat or a sweater inside. It also helps me to take my camera, book and notepad with me all the time.

Winters: A Warm Cold

Rain generally comes with the winter, so the east winds. January and February are the coldest months. Although rain and wind are the essentials of this season, don’t forget to bring couple of light clothes. It’s the Mediterranean, the sun may surprise you anytime.

Dark Clouds over Bodrum CastleBeautiful Even When It is Cloudy

Actually it is not cold at all but when we are talking about 70-80% humidity and north-east winds at the same time, being careful never hurts. Wearing a bruise may protect your ears from north east winds. Water proof shoes let you take long walks around the peninsula and a coat, preferably water proof, would keep you warm all the time.

Snow is something spectacular. Most children haven’t seen snow but on TV. Some Bodrumians say it snowed 10 years ago but some of them insist that it was in 70’s. I don’t know which one is true. All I know it would be incredible to see this lovely town covered with snow. 

Instant changes in weather in Bodrum, especially between November and March, are typical. Stay alerted. I am not talking about weather disasters. I am talking about sudden rains which can make you wet like a fish.

Winds: Sons of Poseidon

Winds are something you pray for in summers and granted around November. 

Continental climate is effective at the inner parts of Anatolia which means it is cold in winters. North-east winds bring cold weather to Bodrum over the mountains. When it meets with humidity, you can really feel it.

South-west winds are also important. Although they carry warm weather from the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, in winters they may speed up to 130 km/h (almost 80 miles/h). These are quite unpleasant winds for sailors and fishermen.

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