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Weather in Bodrum by Season

What do you expect from your next trip to Bodrum? Long nature walks? Relaxing on the beach? Visiting historical places? Whatever it is, you will need to know about weather in Bodrum to decide on certain dates before making other necessary arrangements like booking your flight and choosing your hotel.

There is no way to know exactly how weather will be like when you get there. Short term weather forecast gives more reliable information but what if you try to finalize your vacation details months ago? You need to rely on statistics and your luck! 

I could not grant you luck, but I could provide some data for you. So, I have done my best to categorize weather in Bodrum by season and organized data I’ve collected into some useful weather information.

Here they are… (and good luck!)

Peak Season: Summer

Summers are what Bodrum is renowned for. It is the season when Aegean always welcomes you with open arms, sunny smile, turquoise waters and long nights. Sometimes you may notice clouds high above, but they are just there to make Aegean view even more spectacular.

Weather in Bodrum in SummerKitty decided to join me at Gumusluk beach.

It rarely rains, though. I’ve seen it twice, but none could interrupt the fun.

The first one was quite extraordinary experience. That was the time when I was a newcomer and had not fallen in love with Bodrum yet. When clear blue sky covered with black clouds in seconds, I was sitting at a seaside café and enjoying my cold beer under the sun. Before I figured out what was happening, a heavy rain drenched all of us. 

I grabbed my beer, rushed into the café to pay my bill. I was in the line and there were two more people waiting for check before me. I never waste a beer, so I finished it while waiting. After I made my payment, I walked to the door and noticed the blue sky. Clouds atop of us were completely gone. It was like I was watching a documentary on Nat Geo channel. I still wonder where it came from and how it disappeared. 

Here are some numbers that could make more sense to plan your trip;

Meteorological Data from June to August

June July August
°C °F °C °F °C °F
Average Temprature 25,7 78,3 28,3 82,9 28,0 82,4
Average Highest Temperature 31,2 88,2 34,2 93,6 34,0 93,2
Highest Temperature 42,3 108,1 44,2 111,6 45,0 113,0
Average Lowest Temperature 20,8 69,4 23,3 73,9 23,3 73,9
Lowest Temperature 12,6 54,7 17,8 64,0 18,5 65,3
Average Sea Temperature 22,0 71,6 24,0 75,2 26,0 78,8
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours 10,4 10,5 10,3
Number of Average Rainy Days 1,4 0,1 0,1
Monthly Average Total Rainfall (kg/m2) 5,0 0,2 0,9
Source : Turkish State Meteorological Service (www.mgm.gov.tr)

As you might notice, the temperatures are the highest from June to August and sun shines almost all the time. Take any precaution against sunstroke and other possible health issues that can be caused by hot weather in Bodrum. Hats, light colored t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, sunscreens and a bottle of water would be a good start to avoid any undesirable results.

Think twice if you are after travelling to mountain villages, walking around ancient cities, sightseeing tours, excursions or any other compelling activities. 

A local hint: I am a hiking fan and a member of a few nature sports clubs in Bodrum. We suspend our activities from June to August. 

Autumn: The Yellow Summer

I love Bodrum most in September and October just before it gets cooler in November. Locals call these months as “yellow summer” or “extended summer” and its their favorite as well.

When “back-to-school” time approaches, tourists and summer house vacationists set off on their way back home. The town now looks like more of a fishing town than a touristic destination. 

Yellow Summer mood in OctoberSummer mood in October.

This is a special time when people who lives in Bodrum claim back what is theirs. The streets are no longer so crowded. This is not good for business, but I haven’t met anybody who complains. After all, they worked hard all summer and now it is time to relax and have some fun for themselves. 

Hikes starts over after the summer break and that is the opportunity to travel to new and exciting places in Aegean Region. More than 450 local art and culture societies focus on organizing activities again. Event posters on the billboards invite all to the concerts, conferences and exhibitions. 

Weather in Bodrum reaches its best: warm water, sunny days and refreshing, fresh air filled with beautiful scents of the nature.

Meteorological Data from September to November

September October November
°C °F °C °F °C °F
Average Temprature 24,5 76,1 20,3 68,5 15,8 60,4
Average Highest Temperature 30,3 86,5 25,5 77,9 20,2 68,4
Highest Temperature 39,8 103,6 38,9 102,0 31,0 87,8
Average Lowest Temperature 20,4 68,7 16,7 62,1 12,7 54,9
Lowest Temperature 10,8 51,4 10,8 51,4 2,0 35,6
Average Sea Temperature 25,0 77,0 23,0 73,4 20,0 68,0
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours 9,0 7,2 5,4
Number of Average Rainy Days 1,5 5,1 8,5
Monthly Average Total Rainfall (kg/m2) 10,7 45,0 93,6
Source : Turkish State Meteorological Service (www.mgm.gov.tr)

You can still go swimming, take a boat tour or enjoy your night in open air at hundreds of cafes, bars and restaurants all over Bodrum Peninsula. On top of it, this is the perfect timing for mingling with Bodrumians as they are relaxed and full of joy right after busy summer is over. 

For the rest of the travelers still around, cheaper prices at hotels and best rates for flights make this pleasant atmosphere even better.

Some of the hotels and entertainment venues shut down the facilities due to decreasing traffic in October. By November, the coasts of smaller towns like Bitez, Torba, Akyarlar and Gumbet look deserted. 

Although there are still substantial number of hotels stay open entire year in Bodrum, some restaurants and bars prefer to open their doors only at weekends. Doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer, hot or cold; Bodrum is flooded by big-city runaways each weekend. So, don’t forget making a reservation at your favorite restaurant if it is for Friday or Saturday evening.

Essential clothing for summer would work for autumn as well; hats, t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, sunscreens and swimsuits. In addition, a sweatshirt, a light raincoat and a jean in your luggage would keep you on the safe side. Remember, Aegean weather can be quite unpredictable especially from October to May. Probably it won’t be cold but can be wet.

Mild Winter

Rain generally comes with the winter, so the northeaster and southwester winds. January and February are the coldest months. Although rain and wind are the essentials of this season, don’t forget to bring couple of light clothes. It’s the Mediterranean, the sun may surprise you anytime.

Bodrum weather in winter.Amazing Aegean view in winter.

This is not the winter like most of us are familiar with: not too cold at all. However sometimes 70-80% humidity plus northeaster winds together can be a real trouble. Bring your own beret to protect your ears, put on your water-proof shoes, wear a water-proof coat. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Weather in Bodrum can be capricious in these months. You may be stuck in a café house to avoid heavy rain and next thing you know is a sunny weather, hot enough to go swimming. It is true that there are many people in Bodrum who go swimming everyday regardless of the weather conditions. 

Meteorological Data from December to February

December January February
°C °F °C °F °C °F
Average Temprature 12,7 54,9 11,4 52,5 11,3 52,3
Average Highest Temperature 16,4 61,5 15,2 59,4 15,2 59,4
Highest Temperature 24,5 76,1 23,1 73,6 24,0 75,2
Average Lowest Temperature 9,7 49,5 8,3 46,9 8,1 46,6
Lowest Temperature 0,2 32,4 -1,6 29,1 -4,5 23,9
Average Sea Temperature 18,0 64,4 17,0 62,6 16,0 60,8
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours 4,3 4,5 5,3
Number of Average Rainy Days 13,0 12,0 11,4
Monthly Average Total Rainfall (kg/m2) 149,0 135,5 116,0
Source : Turkish State Meteorological Service (www.mgm.gov.tr)

You don’t need to worry about snow. Most children have never seen it except on TV. Some Bodrumians allege that it snowed 10 years ago for couple of minutes on the northern coast of the peninsula. The others insist that it was in 70’s. I don’t know which one is true, but I know I’d love to see this beautiful Aegean town covered with snow. 

Spring Weather in Bodrum

The nature never sleeps in Bodrum entire year. It is always green and covered with flowers. Still, Spring is the celebration of life as in any other place. Nature is generous with amazing colors and scents. This season would be my second choice.

The weather in Bodrum is almost the same as Autumn: open sky, bright sun and warm weather. However, weather is slightly more unstable and sea temperature is quite lower than it is in autumn. 

Meteorological Data from March to May

March April May
°C °F °C °F °C °F
Average Temprature 13,2 55,8 16,4 61,5 20,9 69,6
Average Highest Temperature 17,6 63,7 21,0 69,8 26,0 78,8
Highest Temperature 28,7 83,7 30,8 87,4 37,2 99,0
Average Lowest Temperature 9,7 49,5 12,7 54,9 16,5 61,7
Lowest Temperature -1,8 28,8 2,8 37,0 8,0 46,4
Average Sea Temperature 16,0 60,8 17,0 62,6 19,0 66,2
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours 6,2 7,3 9,1
Number of Average Rainy Days 8,7 6,9 3,3
Monthly Average Total Rainfall (kg/m2) 72,7 37,0 16,2
Source : Turkish State Meteorological Service (www.mgm.gov.tr)

The beaches, hotels and all entertainment venues start to welcome their guests in May. It is cool enough to take long walks on the mountains and in the villages, but it is warm enough for a fashion show with your t-shirt collection.

Spring in Bodrum.Spring time in Bodrum.

It sometimes rains but when it does, you’d probably feel the sun lights before you could take on a light rain coat over your daily casuals; a short and a t-shirt. When the sun goes down, it can get a little bit chilly outside. A sweater and a jean are all you need to keep yourself warm all night long. 

Tip: I usually carry a small backpack with my raincoat and a sweatshirt packed in. It also helps me to carry my camera, a book and a notepad with me all the time. 

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