Weather in Bodrum by Season

If your travel plans involve travelling to Bodrum during the off season, the weather in Bodrum needs careful consideration. The coastal area in the Aegean Region of Turkey, where Bodrum is located, is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. Although the weather in Bodrum is renowned for hot and sunny summers, it may be quite unpredictable between September and May.

Winter weather in Bodrum
Winter weather in Bodrum and the southwesterly wind

All seasons are intertwined in Bodrum, but the winter. What locals call the winter, is like autumn for most of us. There may be cold days, of course, frost may set in during the night. However, it is mostly partly cloudy skies with cool temperatures that you will see in the coldest days. I would rather say that there are only three seasons in Bodrum, and winter is not one of them.

High Temperatures Limit the Activities

Even the most pleasant weather in Bodrum may limit your vacation activities.

The most famous song about Bodrum says “all I needed was a little bit of sea, and a little bit of sleep”. That is la dolce vita! For spending all day on a beach, summers are the best time of the year for uninterrupted sun.

What if you want to do more during your Bodrum vacation?

There are countless historical sites and natural wonders in the Aegean coast of Turkey, waiting to be explored.

Trekking at December weather in Bodrum
Overlooking Turgutreis in December

If you like to hike on the peaks of the mountains surrounding the Gulf of Gokova, for example, you need to avoid the hot summer weather in Bodrum. Similarly, a history enthusiast who would like to discover the local history could have a hard time when visiting various archaeological sites spread over the peninsula at temperatures exceeding 40°C.

Based on your priorities, you may have to choose one season over the other when determining the best time for the trip. Making this decision requires more data than a short-term weather forecast. Fortunately, we have statistics to check for choosing the right time to travel to Bodrum.

Weather by the Season

I have collected some historical data for weather in Bodrum from the local authorities and organized them by seasons. The data includes interesting information like average sea temperatures and average sunshine hours for each month.

You will also find clothing suggestions for each season. These suggestions are based on my own experience, and I hope they will help you when packing for Bodrum.

Summer Weather in Bodrum

Summer weather in Bodrum menu

When temperatures reach to the highest of the year in summer, it is the high season. Tens of thousands of vacation house owners, domestic and international travellers come to town for a well-deserved vacation after a year of hard working.

Autumn Weather in Bodrum

Autumn weather in Bodrum menu

Autumn is the perfect season for those travellers who would like to explore the historical sites and the natural wonders of Bodrum and its surroundings. Until December, temperatures are usually high enough for a beach vacation as well.

Winter Weather in Bodrum

Winter weather in Bodrum menu

The northeasterly winds bring the cold front from the Anatolian hinterland, while the southwesterly blows the mild weather from the Mediterranean Sea, bringing large waves in its wake and rain. If none of the above is around, winter weather in Bodrum is just like any autumn.

Spring Weather in Bodrum

Spring weather in Bodrum menu

In Bodrum, colours of the nature never fade away, even in autumns and winters. They just change. When fresh scents of the spring flowers fill the air, the locals know that it is time to welcome travellers from all over the world again.

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