Watch Repair in Bodrum

Although you may never know when you need a watch repair in Bodrum, I wish you all to be able to stay away anything related to time during your vacation but sunsets and sunrises. That’s how I enjoy my private times after working hard around the clock all year long.

I don’t like to wear watches, follow schedules and answering business calls at holidays. The truth, however, is cruel. One way or another, we are addicted to time and it basically controls our lives even if we are on a vacation.

A Small Shop - Lider SaatLider Saat

I find it interesting that there are so many shops selling watches in Bodrum. Various brands for cheap prices seem taking attraction of the visitors. If you are aware that they are probably imitations and you can’t buy a genuine Ulysee Nardin for $100, then you have a large selection of the world famous brands to pick from. 

Some of these shops offer battery changes and simple watch repair. Most of them are usually open only for summers so I looked for a reliable service which is open all year and managed to find one.

Watch Repair in Bodrum

As you might already notice, I always prefer to write about Bodrumians and their small businesses. In that way, I am trying to support natives. It is just a minor contribution but this is the best I can do for the moment.


Lider Saat

Address: Carsi Mahallesi Malama Pasaji No: 1 Bodrum

Phone: +90 (252) 316 72 89

Working Hours: 

Summers: Monday to Saturday: 09:00 – 22:00 / Closed on Sunday

Winters: Monday to Saturday: 09:00 – 18:00 / Closed on Sunday

Map of Lider Saat

When trying to figure out where to find watch repair in Bodrum, I came across Lider Saat after hearing a friend’s positive comment. Unlike the other services I wrote about, the owner, Ali Ahmet Pehlivan, is not a local. He is from somewhere else where I know well: Bandirma. It is a big mining and industry town at the south of Marmara Sea. 

Erdek where I spent every summer holiday in my childhood is in the vicinity of Bandirma. It was the most popular vacation spot of Turkey before Bodrum. It is relatively close to Istanbul and getting there by buses and regular ferry services is quite easy. When planes were not so accessible and the roads were inadequate in 60s and 70s, people were spending their holidays in Erdek. After the construction of new roads and improvement in air transportation, vacationers started to prefer going south where sun is shinier and waters are warmer.

Ali is working on my watch.Ali is Working on My Battery Change

Anyway, Ali has been living and working in Bodrum since he moved here in 2000. His small shop is hidden just across the Bodrum Maritime Museum on a small alley which can easily be overlooked. He runs one of the few services which include battery changes, clock and watch repair in Bodrum.

I asked him about the common problems he is dealing with. He said battery change is the most wanted service. The second popular thing is also a warning to all of us. People who forget to take off their watches before jumping into the water and people who count on the “water resistant” sign are Ali’s second big customer group.

Anything can go wrong in a vacation. The important thing is not to worry. Relax, there is always a remedy. If it is your watch that occupy your mind, find Ali. He will do his best to fix your problem as soon as possible.

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