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Reading Turkey travel tips before setting off for your Turkey adventure, can save you time and money, besides giving you a peace of mind.

When you are away from home, even the smallest detail can matter a lot.

Imagine landing at the Milas-Bodrum Airport after a long flight. You may want to make a call, to let your family know that you have arrived safely. However, you realize that your phone is dead, and it needs to be charged. How annoying would it be to find out that the electrical sockets in Turkey are not compatible with the plug you already have? Or the voltage is different than your country?

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What about noticing that there is no tipping option on the credit card receipt you are about to sign after a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant and you do not have enough cash in your pocket?

None of the above examples can ruin your vacation but would it not be better to come prepared for them?

Every culture is built on traditions and customs of the past generations. It changes, evolves, and adapts. Each community creates patterns of socially acceptable rules as well as social behaviours to avoid which is the topic for another article. So, I will not cover them here.

Following Turkey travel tips are all about details with minor importance but resulting in a big impact. They are here to avoid saying “I wish I knew” later.

Something obvious for a local can be a mystery in the eyes of a foreigner. Please let me know if you think that the information below is incomplete or missing.

Handy Turkey Travel Tips

Here are some important topics which you need to take into consideration in Turkey.

Tipping in Turkey

Turkey travel tips about tipping

Tipping is the worldwide indication of appreciation for a service received in hospitality industry. In Turkey, you may be expected to leave a tip, but it is never a must. After all, it is your money, and you only leave tips if you are satisfied with the service provided.

Measurement Units

Turkey travel tips about measurement units

Different parts of the world use different measurement systems to measure things like length, volume, etc. Turkey uses metric system. If you are not familiar with the units like metres or kilograms, this is one of the key Turkey travel tips to get used to the metric system.

Turkey Travel Tips: Electricity

Turkey travel tips about electricity

Details like different wall sockets and incompatible electrical plugs can be very disturbing in a vacation. These bumps can be easily avoided by taking simple actions; the actions you would not want to be occupied with during your limited, precious vacation time.

Turkish Lira

Turkey travel tips about Turkish Lira

Money and the currencies are not rocket science, and they all perform in the same way in the planet. However, the symbolic value of the Turkish Lira, different exchange practices and old banknotes which were withdrawn from the circulation are important topics you need to know.

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