Turkey Travel Tips

I think providing some practical information about Turkey would be a good idea especially when it is your first time in this country because;

1.       It may save you time. Assume that you need to charge your mobile to call your family to inform them that you arrived Bodrum safely. But suddenly you realized that the electricity network of Turkey is based on 220 Volts and you didn’t know that. Now you need to spend some extra time to find an adapter for your cellular.

2.       It may make you feel more comfortable. After having a great dinner in a nice restaurant, you asked for the bill. You are happy with the service and willing to leave a good tip but there is not any tip option on the credit card receipt you are about to sign. Too bad, you didn’t know that there is no such an option in Turkey.

3.       Last but not least, it may give you a clearer insight to understand the society. If you would know that the Turkish flag is a taboo and need to be respected with extra caution, you could avoid some unnecessary arguments by not wearing a short made of it.

I will try to provide some travel information about Turkey. You may find them useful not only for Bodrum, for any of your trips to Turkey.

I am going to expand the range of advices over time. If you want me to cover more topics about Turkey, please let me know.

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Measurement Units

There are different measurement systems in the world to define things that can be measured like their length, area, and volume. The most common ones are metric and imperial systems. While most of the Europe, including Turkey, uses metric system, some countries such as USA and UK uses imperial units in their daily communications. If you are not familiar with metric units, this article may improve your daily communication with the locals by providing tips and conversation ratios.

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Tipping in Turkey

As in many countries, tipping in Turkey is an important thing. But it is very important to understand nobody has to leave a tip unless she is happy about the service received. Basically you may leave a tip to someone if and only you want to do it. After all it is your money, your decision. In this article I will try to outline tipping practices for the situations for you probably will face during your Turkey travel, not only in your Bodrum vacation.

Electricity in Turkey

Small details may sometimes ruin a vacation. Different standards for electricity transmission is one of them. Different wall sockets, incompatible plugs can easily be solved but need to take action, an action you don’t want to take in your precious vacation time. It is an easy task to check the power adapter of your tablet, notebook, mobile phone, camera and any device using electricity prior to your vacation to avoid these kind of time loss.

Turkey Currency

Money and the currencies are not rocket science. They all perform in the same way in the planet. Still, there are some important points that need attention in certain circumstances. Old banknotes withdrawn from circulation, laws for protecting Turkish Lira and public sensitivity towards Turkish currency as a national symbol are some of the highlights that you may want to hear a word or two about it. 

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