Historical Pieces from Bodrum and Turkey

Recently, a new archaeological discovery has taken worldwide attention from the archaeologists, anthropologists and historians. In south-east Anatolia, at Gobeklitepe, a new archaeological site dating back to 9,000 – 10,000 BC has changed our approach towards history of civilization.

Gobeklitepe predates Stonehenge by almost 6,000 years and shows that sociocultural development has started way before than we thought.

It has been announced as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018 and opened for visitors in 2019.

Gobeklitepe archaeologic site
Sanliurfa Gobeklitepe Site
(Image taken from kultur.gov.tr owned by Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

Gobeklitepe may be the oldest settlement in the world that we know so far. Although our story seems to start there, Asia Minor, or better known as Anatolia, has hosted many more civilizations since then.

Hittite, Carian, Urartian, Phrygian, Lydian, Troy, Assyrian, Seljuks, Ottoman, you name it! Fertile lands, mild climate and excellent geographical location let many civilizations to settle and flourish in this geography.

History is an important part of cultural accumulation. The information and the effects of social events are transferred from generation to generation making history and shaping the society.

Understanding a culture has never been an easy task for a foreigner. I believe history would help.  As a result, I have decided to include some topics which I find relevant to help you understand Bodrum and Turkey. You will or already may have come across some of them as you browse Enjoy Bodrum. Still, I think it is a good practice to list them all under a dedicated page for a better organized information.

Below are what I have covered about history of Bodrum and Turkey so far…

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