Travelling to Bodrum

Each year, millions of Turks and foreigners are travelling to Bodrum for relaxing, fun and cultural discovery. After a year of hard working, they know they are going to find what they are looking for and the city is ready to deliver their wishes.

Having conversations with elder Bodrumians are especially rare and precious. They remember the times when the Fisherman of Halicarnassus paced the streets, they remember the times when only a few people knew the name of this small fishing town. They like to tell; I like to listen.

It is amazing to listen how things were simple but tough. Not so long, only a few decades ago, getting to Izmir would take all day even if the distance between two points is so short. Still they had to put this effort to access medical care or to find a bus to Istanbul or Ankara.

Now, it is different. Frequent scheduled intercity busses from almost all 81 cities of Turkey and an international airport serving all year have changed the destiny of this ancient fishing town by making it easily accessible through different transportation options.

Travelling to Bodrum by Plane

For most of us, air travel is the first alternative that comes to mind. Milas – Bodrum Airport connects the peninsula to the rest of the world.

Landing on Milas-Bodrum Airport
Landing to Milas-Bodrum Airport

The shuttles plying between the town centre and the airport make Bodrum airport transfers faster, easier and more comfortable.

On top of that, there are two more international airports in the region; Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Mugla Dalaman Airport. If you are willing to visit other destinations in the Aegean Region, these can be great alternatives. However, you should think it twice if you are a Bodrum passenger.

Land Travel with Bus

In Turkey, busses are the most commonly used way of travelling. More than 70% of the Turkish people prefer busses for their low prices and extensive network across the nation.

Couch services in the Bodrum terminal
Busses at the terminal

Bodrum has an intercity bus terminal as well, serving hundreds of thousands of passengers every year.

If you have multiple destinations in your vacation plans, taking a bus to travel to your next stop will probably be your best, and sometimes, your only option unless you have your own or rental car depending on your current location.

Similarly, they can be a life vest for your daily tours to nearby locations like Marmaris, Ephesus and Didyma.

To have more detailed information about getting to Bodrum by bus and Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal, continue to Bus to Bodrum article by clicking here.

The Best and the Rarest: Sea Travel

In the elementary schools, we are thought that Turkey is a giant peninsula surrounded by 4 different seas on 3 sides. The thing they do not teach is how we waste this natural gift of our country.

We waste it because we hardly use our seas for either carrying passengers or for shipping. The bottom line is this amusing, affordable and clean way of travelling is not common in Bodrum and Turkey alike.

Bodrum Cruise Port
Bodrum Cruise Port

You have been asking if there is a way to get to Bodrum from Istanbul or Izmir by ferries. Sadly, the answer is no.

Only regular domestic ferry line we have, operates between Datca and Bodrum all year, more frequent in Summers.

On the other hand, we have more international options. You can find daily ferry round trips from Bodrum and Turgutreis harbours to some Greek Islands like Kos, Kalymnos and Leros. The line between Kos and Bodrum is the busiest one. Typically, you can buy a ferry ticket to Kos every day of the year regardless of the season. Kalymnos and Leros trips usually start in Summers.

Bodrum is also a popular spot for cruise ships. Although the majority of cruise ships prefer to drop anchor in Kusadasi for visiting Ephesus, there are some cruise lines which prefer the quiet atmosphere of Bodrum instead.

By clicking Ferries and Cruises to Bodrum, you can read more tips and information about these exciting options.

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