Getting To Bodrum: Transport Alternatives

Millions of locals and foreigners are using different transport alternatives to visit Bodrum for some relaxation, fun and cultural discovery. Whatever they are looking for, the city is ready to offer. This is their reward after a year of hard working.

I enjoy having conversations with older Bodrumians who remember the times when only a few people knew a town called Bodrum. They like to tell, I like to listen.

They all miss old Bodrum, when it was a small fishing town. Their most precious memories belong to those days. The days that they had to travel all day to get to Izmir. It was their only chance to get medical care or find a bus to Istanbul. Tuff times! Still, they miss it.

Things are different now. An international airport and regular bus services from almost every city and town in Turkey had changed the destiny of this ancient fishing town. 

Get to Bodrum by Plane

Get to Bodrum by plane

The first alternative that comes to mind is air transport. Bodrum - Milas International Airport (BJV) bridge the peninsula and the rest of the world. The shuttles make round trips between the city centre and the airport, making your transfers easier and more comfortable.

There are two more international airports in the region; Izmir Adnan Menderes and Dalaman. I came across some internet articles stating that these two airports can also be used to get to Bodrum. Well, of course you can but it is not a good idea.

You can click on Bodrum Airport to learn more or you can simply click on Airport Transfers if that’s what you are looking for.

Bus to Bodrum; Last Seats!

Bus to Bodrum; Last seats!

Buses are still the most common ground transport system in Turkey. More than 80% of Turkish people choose them for their low prices and extensive reach across the nation. Bodrum also has an intercity bus terminal serving hundreds of thousands of passengers every year.

If you are already in Turkey and want to stop by Bodrum as well, a bus can be your best, and sometimes the only, option depending on where you are. For your daily trips to nearby locations like Marmaris, Didim or Ephesus, you are going to need for sure unless you didn’t rent a car.

If you want to learn more about traveling by bus and the terminal click How to Get to Bodrum by Bus and continue reading.

The Best and Rare; Sea Transport

The Best and rare; sea transport

Even if Turkey is a country surrounded by 4 different seas on 3 sides, sea travel is not commonly used. It is sad that we are still focusing on ground transportation and ignoring such a clean, affordable and amusing way to travel.

Bodrum, unfortunately, is not an exception but after all it is a port city and still has some fun and exciting alternatives.

Ferries to Datca - another great destination in the Aegean Region - and Greek islands like Kos and Rhodes operates daily from Bodrum in high season and they don’t stop but decrease in frequency for the rest of the year. Don’t you think being in Bodrum is a great opportunity to visit one or two Greek Islands or to enjoy peaceful atmosphere of Datca? Sure it is!

By clicking Ferries and Cruises to Bodrum, you can read more tips and information about these exciting options.

Click to learn about Getting around Bodrum

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