Sunset Dinner at Gokcebel, Near Yalikavak

by Nuray Aykin
Keyport, New Jersey, US

We bought an apartment in a quaint bay near Yalikavak. The area is called Gokcebel. The bay is called Frenk Azmagi. Our two-bedroom little apartment is a heaven for us. We feel away from the hustle and bustle of the world. We wake up to the sounds of the roosters. The caretaker brings us fresh eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers every morning.

We love walking through a mandarin orchard and reach our favorite restaurant: Tersane. We are already feel home when we go there. They set our table right next to the little beach they have. You can hear even the slightest ripple of water hitting the sand.

Dinner at the sunset in Gokcebel
Sunset dinner
(Photo by courtesy of Nuray Aykin)

Their dog, Badem, takes his position next to our table. He knows I will be feeding him the heads of the barbun or tekir fish. We have to struggle between choosing a good Turkish wine or raki. It does not matter. I wish that is the only struggle we have daily from now on.

The sun is setting slowly right at the entrance of the bay. It starts to take different colors every moment. It is the quietest time of the day. No sound but the water splashing the beach. Even Badem is quiet. He knows how to enjoy the day.

Now, we are back at Keyport, New Jersey where we live most of the year. I am writing this by watching another beautiful bay. But the sea does not match what we have in Bodrum. At least, I still hear the waves.

Akinsal’s Reply

Thank you so much for telling us about such a special moment you had at Gokcebel, Yalikavak. It felt like I have been there, at the same restaurant, with my friends, sharing the tranquillity of a quiet and peaceful sunset. It is exactly how I enjoy my own Bodrum!
As you said in your travel blog, Landscapes from Turkey, Turks really just don’t eat a meal, they want to experience it. What else can better move all the five senses than a seaside dinner at sunset on an Aegean beach?

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