Spring in Bodrum

Dazzling colours and the floral scents of the spring in Bodrum tell the locals that the summer days are just a few weeks ahead and they need to finish up with the preparations for the coming tourism season.

Regardless of the season, the fertile lands of the Aegean Region always preserve life. Hundreds of local herbs and flowers keep popping up across the peninsula, even in winters. Yet, the nature is never as glorious as it is in the spring in Bodrum.

Colours of the spring in Bodrum
Colours of the spring in Bodrum

The revival of the mother nature also juices up the life in Bodrum. In a town where economy depends on tourism business, the spring is the last chance to get ready for the approaching tourist influx.

Hard Work for the Summer Days Ahead

Many touristic facilities, like hotels and restaurants, close their doors during the off-season. After staying idle and exposed to heavy weather conditions for months, they often need comprehensive maintenance. Decreasing rain fall and increasing temperatures make spring in Bodrum the best – and only – time to undergo renovations and repairs.

Meanwhile, the government agencies like highway authority, Bodrum Municipality, Ministry of Tourism, and law enforcements start taking various actions for the millions of visitors who will be arriving in a few months.

Workshop of a local artist
Workshop of a local artist

Local artists get their own share from the spring rush as well. They use their creativity and handcraft skills to bring out beautiful gifts for you and for whose you love and care. When the peak season arrives, they will not have enough time to create new designs. They will be working 18 hours a day at their gift shops or stalls. They know they need to hurry up for replenishing their stocks during the spring in Bodrum.

One of the corner stones of Bodrum’s local economy is the world-famous blue cruises. For most travellers, the crew members working at hundreds of yachts are the face of this unique branch of the hospitality industry. However, there are huge amount of people working behind the scenes to make your Aegean yachting adventure comfortable and safe.

Gulets are ready for the blue cruise in spring in Bodrum
Gulets are ready for the blue cruise

Yachts require periodic maintenance. Therefore, hundreds of naval architects, ship engineers and repairmen work around the clock to get the yachts ready during the spring in Bodrum mainly at the shipyards in Icmeler, to the east of Bodrum.

Historical Data for Spring in Bodrum

  March April May
Average Temperature (°C) 13.2 16.4 20.9
Average Highest Temperature (°C) 17.6 21.0 26.0
Highest Temperature (°C) 28.7 30.8 37.2
Average Lowest Temperature (°C) 9.7 12.7 16.5
Lowest Temperature (°C) -1.8 2.8 8.0
Average Sea Temperature (°C) 16.0 17.0 19.0
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours (hr) 6.2 7.3 9.1
Number of Average Rainy Days (day) 8.7 6.9 3.3
Monthly Average Total Rainfall (kg/m2) 72.7 37.0 16.2

Spring Tips

March can be cold and windy as it is during the winter in Bodrum. In April, the weather is still unreliable, but it usually brings in the typical summer days when the sun shines. May is the beginning of the summer season when during which the chances of wind and rain are quite low.

Do not let the spring in Bodrum trick you with the summer-like hot weather temperatures, though. In April and May, it may be as hot as the summer, but the sea temperatures will still be around 18°C – 19°C.

A rainy but warm day at Ortakent during spring in Bodrum
A rainy but warm day at Ortakent in April

The rainy days are not over during March and April and the sudden changes in Bodrum weather requires you to be prepared. The temperature difference between day and night can also be high during the spring in Bodrum. After spending a day under the hot Aegean sun, it can get surprisingly chilly at night. To be on the safe side, putting a jean, a raincoat and a sweatshirt in your backpack can save your day. For the rest of the time, shorts and t-shirts are all you need and do not forget to bring your swimsuits as well.

Spring in Bodrum is a perfect season for exploring the region and photography. The temperatures are usually favourable for most activities like sailing, hiking, diving and discovering the ancient sites.

I usually carry a small backpack with my raincoat and a sweatshirt packed in. It also makes it easier to carry my camera, book, water bottle and whatever I shopped for.

At the end of the spring in Bodrum, beginning with May, the beaches, hotels, and entertainment venues which were closed during the winter, complete their maintenances, and start opening their doors to the guests one by one.

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Spring in Bodrum

When summer days are ahead, spring in Bodrum is the time for finishing up preparations for the coming tourism season.

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