Shoe Repair in Bodrum

We, Turkish people, mostly try fixing or repairing things before tossing them out. It requires hand work and knowledge, so we have artisans for almost anything all over Turkey just like in Bodrum. If you need a shoe repair in Bodrum, there are repair shops to help you.

Labour intensive professions like shoe repairing are all about hand workmanship and experience. It is also important to know that you will get the job done for the right price at the right time. Receiving positive ratings from a friend or another trusted source is what we usually do before choosing the service.

BLS shoe repair shop in Bodrum
BLS shoe repair shop in Bodrum

One day, on my way to the Yelken Beach, the tread of my Keens separated in the halfway. Those were my favourite shoes which I had walked in the city, swam in the salt water, and trekked around the peninsula with. Yet, they had never let me down for years.

I did what we Turkish people usually do and asked a friend if she could suggest someone for shoe repair in Bodrum. She said, she had been taking her shoes to a shoe repair shop at the city centre for years and she was satisfied with the service. After hearing the positive comment from a Bodrumian, I took my shoes there as suggested and I am glad I did.

Shoe Repair in Bodrum at BLS

The name of the shop is BLS and it is owned by an extraordinary gentleman, Atilla.

He has the smallest shop I have ever seen. However, the colourful laces covering the wall, the scent of the glue filling the air instantly make you understand that you are in a place where he earns his bread with hand work.


BLS Bodrum Lostra Salonu
Address: Cevat Sakir Cd., PTT Karsisi, Belediye Kultur Sitesi, No: 6/A
Phone: +90 252 316 66 79

There stands something unexpected on the counter, a plaque from Rotary International. To be honest, this is the last thing you expect in such place. When I asked Atilla about it, he said it was an award for successfully using his handicraft skills in shoe repair in Bodrum. Is not it amazing! I was really impressed.

Shoe laces in BLS
Shoe laces in BLS

My admiration for Atilla and BLS has increased as we talked more over the years. He is very passionate about what he does and thinks old school. Craft workshops are dying, and the number of skilled artisans decreases drastically every day. Still, Atilla always look for new opportunities and follow new technologies to become even more successful. I think the best word to define what I think about him is, respect.

He told me that he was born and raised in Bodrum. When he was a teenager, he had moved to Istanbul and worked in a handmade shoes maker in 1989 to support his parents. After working in Istanbul for a few years, he had returned to his hometown as a young shoemaker and decided to set up his own business.

BLS is open from Monday to Saturday all year. He sometimes opens his workshop on Sundays, but it happens mostly in summers due to heavy workload.

A photo of a photo: Atilla working in old times
A photo of a photo: Atilla working in old times

Shoe repair in Bodrum is not the only speciality of BLS. I am sure he would be happy to help you with a belt, a purse, a backpack or even a wallet.

If you need something to be fixed, get it to the shop first. He will check the problem and give you a price and delivery time. If you agree on the terms, you need to leave it in the shop.

I have received a message from you, asking me if this article is an advertorial or not. It is not! I just liked the guy and I always visit his workshop for a cup of coffee when I am in Bodrum.

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