Repair Services in Bodrum

Having an important item which requires an urgent repair is quite annoying, especially when travelling. Trying to find somebody to take care of it is a waste of one’s precious time. Therefore, knowing about the repair services in Bodrum can help you save time by eliminating the search process.

If anything can go wrong, it will


No matter how much I try to be optimistic in my life, I believe Murphy is watching us 7/24. I broke my sunglasses at the beach, my watch ran out of battery, my shirt caught on a rock in an open-air museum, my shoe’s sole dropped on my way to Yelken Beach, my mobile phone fell into the blue waters. Yes, I have gone through all of them!

Finding Someone to Fix Things

The traditional way of finding repair services in Bodrum is to ask someone you trust. She can be a friend, a neighbour, or your hotel reception. We do not do an internet search or ask someone we do not know. For some weird reason, we need to confirm whether the repairer is trustworthy and competent. This is a part of our culture.

Finding a reference first before choosing a service is not limited to repair services. In Bodrum, for example, when we need a plumber, a house painter, or an electrician, or a moving company; we follow the same procedure and start asking to the people we know and trust.

When finding repair services in Bodrum to fix my broken items, I did exactly what I told you above and asked my local friends. They sent me to the small repair shops where I met wonderful people to write about.

Repair Services in Bodrum

I had really great time when visiting the repair services in Bodrum, taking photos, and having conversations with them. They were all so kind and friendly that I still visit them to say “hi” when I can. I would like to thank them all for their kindness and hospitality.

Shoes, Bags, Backpacks and Belts

Shoe repair in Bodrum

Having trouble with shoes, leather accessories or backpacks? Your sneakers need a professional cleaning? A small shop in the town centre can help you with all of these and more.

Thank You for Your Understanding

I would like to explain myself about all the above services because it is important to me.

You have many more alternatives on repair services in Bodrum than I have mentioned before. The businesses I have listed are the ones that I personally used, or which were suggested by my local friends.

I cannot guarantee neither your satisfaction nor their pricing policy. There are many more services in Bodrum peninsula, and they probably have different pricing levels and quality standards. It is your call to choose any of them. What I am trying to do here is providing a head start which I think good and reliable.

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