Repair Services in Bodrum

Having stuff that requires urgent repair is always something unpleasant especially when you are traveling. Trying to find somebody who can take care of it during a vacation consumes precious time.

Sunglasses are broken at the beach, watches run out of battery, clothes are torn in an open air museum, foot beds decide to leave home early and mobiles fall into the blue waters. Oh God! I have gone through all of them. Remember the first rule of Murphy’s Laws: “if anything can go wrong, it will”. Murphy is watching us 7/24.

Walking Barefoot

The day I decided to write about fixing things in Bodrum was the day I have lost the foot bed of my right sandal. It was hot, around 40 degrees Centigrade and I had to walk barefoot back home. It was like fire walking on a hot asphalt.

First, I thought to buy new pair of shoes. It was a good idea because I like Keens. But there was a better alternative: having fish and raki at one of my favourite restaurants. So I chose dinner and sandals had to go to repair.

I called a Bodrumian friend and asked her if she knows anyone trustworthy who can fix my shoes. She knew and in exchange for a cold beer she accepted to take me there. Well, actually the cold beer idea was also mine. Anyway, at the end of the day I was like wearing brand new Keens.

Thus I have started to prepare a “where to repair” series.

Repair Services

While visiting these small businesses, taking photos and asking questions, I had really great time. The hard part was to convince them that I am not a journalist. After I succeeded, the next question was always “why?” and I didn’t have an answer for that. I still don’t. All I know, I am having a lot of fun while working on my web site.

You can read more by clicking relevant links or images below. I hope these would help you to save time and money to spend on the things much more interesting and fun.

Shoe Repair

Shoes, Leather Bags and Belts

Taking care of your shoes, leather bags and belts. More Details on Where to Repair Shoes...

Clothing Repair and Tailor

Clothes, Dresses and Denims

Mending clothes and dress alterations. More Details on Where to Repair Clothes and Dresses...

Repair Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Sunglasses, Prescription Eyeglasses

Get it fixed or buy a new one. More Details on Where to Repair Sunglasses...

Repair Watches

Watches, Clocks, Batteries

Repair watches, change batteries. More Details on Where to Repair Your Watches...

Repair Phones and Tablets

Tablets and Phones

Repair services, new and second hand devices, accessories. More Details on Where to Repair Phone and Tablets...

Thank You for Your Understanding

I need you to understand something which is very important for me. You have different alternatives in Bodrum for your repair needs. I am just talking about some of them which I or my friends have used and found satisfactory.

I am not the one who can guarantee your satisfaction with the outcome or the prices. There may be more services at various quality and price levels in Bodrum and it is your call to select one of them.

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