Public Transport in Bodrum

Each town and village in the Bodrum Peninsula offer their own unique atmosphere and accommodation, entertainment, and leisure alternatives. With so many options in hand, it is fun to search what is best for you to make your vacation an exciting and memorable experience. With short distance walks and help of the public transport in Bodrum Peninsula, you can visit more places than you can imagine.

However, checking all these towns, villages, beaches, historical sites, restaurants, bars, and cafes is not an easy task.

Although the distances in the peninsula are not far away from each other, you need to know how to get around to maximize your travel experience.

Any type of railroad network is not available and sea transport is almost non-existent.

Public transport in Bodrum mostly relies on minibuses and they have unusually a wide coverage, availability, and accessibility. It is highly adequate besides a few weird practices.

The Backbone of the Public Transport in Bodrum: Dolmus

Minibuses can be found in any city, any town an almost any village in Turkey. They are the backbone of local transport especially in rural areas and small towns.

Minibuses in Bodrum
Bodrum minibuses

Bodrum and its surroundings are extensively covered with a minibus network. We call them “Dolmus” in Turkish which means “filled” or “full”. They have their own terminal, own schedules and own routes and take the major role in carrying passengers around.

To learn more about getting around Bodrum by minibus, click here.

Taxi: With or Without

A Taxi is an indispensable and yet an expensive alternative. You will probably depend on minibuses during your stay but when you miss the scheduled time or need a quick ride, it can be a life saver.

Taxis in Bodrum
Taxis are available 7/24

In Turkey, taxis are all yellow and equipped with taximeters. However, the fares are determined locally, and they are higher in small holiday destinations like Bodrum than in big cities.

Even if you think you are not going to use it, I strongly suggest checking Getting around Bodrum by Taxi, just in case if you need it.

Boats to Get Around

For decades, the politicians in Turkey have invested heavily in land transport, ignoring the sea transport in a country located on two large peninsulas: Asia Minor and Thrace. The use of boats and ships as a public transport alternative is limited to Istanbul and Izmir.

Short distance boats at the Bodrum harbour
Bardakci Bay boats

Like the rest of Turkey, boats are not commonly used for public transport in Bodrum, even if the coastline of Bodrum Peninsula measures 174 kilometres. I cannot understand why we ignore such cleaner and fun way to get from one place to another. But here we are…

In Bodrum, there are some small fishing boats making round trips between the old harbour and Bardakci Bay. I like to take these rides because I love to be over the sea in a fishing boat. In a fishing boat, or a small gulet, being so close to the sea makes me feel united. In my opinion, the spirit of being in an old Aegean fishing town cannot be whole without staying as close as possible to the sea.

Although Bodrum does not have interesting alternatives in terms of public sea transport, I would like to give more details about what we have. Click on Sea Transport Around Bodrum for more.

Bodrum Airport Transfers

Although airport transfers are not for travelling around Bodrum, they are still a part of the public transport alternatives in Bodrum.

Muttas airport shuttles
Airport Shuttles

If you have already booked your airport transfer with your hotel reception, travel agency or online, you do not need to worry about it. Just follow the instructions you have; it will be just fine.

If you intend to make your arrangements by yourself, click on Bodrum Airport Transfers to learn more.

Renting a Vehicle

You can rent a car, a bike, a motorcycle or even an ATV from a vast number of local and international rent-a-vehicle companies.

Following the traces of ancient civilizations or revealing the nature’s hidden treasures are undoubtedly easier with a vehicle on your disposal. However, I do not think it is always practical. A vehicle can be a heavy liability as well.

Imagine you are dining with your loved ones at one of the seaside restaurants in magical Gumusluk. Will you not drink raki with your fresh fish? What about a glass of white wine?

Or after spending hours in one of the blue flagged Bodrum beaches under the hot Aegean sun, will you not order a cold beer with some snacks when you get hungry?

There are traffic controls all over the peninsula with regular alcohol checks.

I know, these are all personal choices. Just consider all possibilities when planning your vacation. I think, a combination of renting-a-vehicle and using dolmus would be the best practice to enjoy Bodrum.

I use car rental services in Bodrum frequently, but I have not talked to any of them for I know a little about the tips and tricks. I can say that there are numerous local and international companies in the market like Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz, and in my experience, the procedures they follow are the same worldwide.

You should also be careful in the peak season when finding an available car can be difficult. With the increase in demand, the prices usually increase as well. The smartest move is to make all necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.

I am planning to include more details about renting a car in Bodrum. I just cannot say when. When I do, you will see a link here so keep following

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