Places to Visit in Bodrum

Admired by millions of people every year, the variety of the places to visit in Bodrum addresses all tastes of both local and international guests.

For history fans, museums in Bodrum are primary destinations where an important part of human history lies before you.

Relaxing on one of the beaches in Bodrum and enjoying the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean climate are inseparable part of a Bodrum vacation.

Bodrum old harbour
Bodrum old harbour

Beautiful sightseeing spots, where you cannot take your eyes off, reveals the generosity of the nature, making your day.

A wide variety of the things you can do in Bodrum lead you to a more personal, memorable, pleasant, and special vacation.   

All the above activities and attractions are indispensable to enjoy Bodrum more, but you need to dig deeper when it comes to learning about the culture.

There are some special places to visit in Bodrum where you can observe and experience daily routines. Places like bazaars, mosques or Turkish baths can provide a different perspective to understand the local culture.

Places to Visit in Bodrum

Bodrum Market

Visit Bodrum Market
Bodrum Farmers Market

Farmer markets and clothing bazaars in the Bodrum Peninsula take an important role in the local lifestyle. They have also become popular among travellers.

Markets are where you can find fresh fruits, local herbs and vegetables, olive products and even textiles. The colourful stalls, rushing crowd and the stallholder’s voices calling out makes the markets one of the places to visit in Bodrum as well as taking some great photos.

Hammams (Turkish Baths)

Visit a Turkish bath in Bodrum
A Turkish bath in Bodrum

Turkish baths, or hammam as we call it, and their oriental associations engage great attention from both domestic and international visitors. As one of the oldest living traditions of Turkey, hammams still have an important role in the daily routines of many Turkish people.

Several Turkish baths around the peninsula, including hammams in some hotels, serve their guests by offering various massages in a unique atmosphere.

Mosques in Bodrum

Bodrum Tepecik Mosque
Bodrum Tepecik Mosque

For over 6,000 years, the religion has been a part of our lives. We have even built some special buildings where we think we would be closer to the God. Mosques, synagogues, churches, and many others have become symbols for large communities.

Turkey is a Muslim country. Mosques are one of the important places to visit in Bodrum where people from any religion can visit by following a few simple rules.

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