Places to Visit in Bodrum

You can find various interesting places to visit in Bodrum where the characteristics of an Aegean fishing town and a Turkish city melt in the same pot. These special places have been carrying an important role in local culture and traditions for centuries.

For history fans, museums in Bodrum are primary destinations where a part of human history lies before you. To relax and enjoy the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean climate, beaches of Bodrum have always been points of interest for both domestic and international guests. The variety of things to do in Bodrum is the key for more personalized and memorable holidays. 

Still, there is one thing that was not covered entirely in above activities: a cultural discovery. Some places to visit in Bodrum, and Turkey as well, may help to get an insight on background and traditions of the society.

If you really want to know about habits and daily routines of a Bodrumian, observing the behaviours in places like bazaar or mosques can provide a different perspective to understand daily routines. The best part, many of them also apply to an average Turk so to know about them mean to know about Turkish culture. 

Places to Visit in Bodrum

Bodrum Market

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Bazaars of Bodrum Peninsula are important parts of a native’s life and they have become more and more popular among tourists as well. These are the places where you can find fruits, local vegetables, olive products and even textiles.

Almost every town and village has a market. Colourful stalls with fresh vegetables and fruits are set up once a week in every town. Most locals prefer bazaars over supermarket chains for fresh organic products at lower prices. 

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Hammams (Turkish Baths)

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Turkish baths and their oriental associations engage great attention from both domestic and international visitors. As one of the oldest living traditions of Turkey, hammams still have an important role in daily routines of many Turkish people.

Several Turkish baths around Bodrum peninsula serve their guests by offering various massages in a unique atmosphere. Hammam is an oriental experience and one of the most popular touristic attractions for the travellers who came to discover the culture. 

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Religion have been playing an important role in our lives for over 6,000 years. Since then, there has been some special buildings where you can be closer to the God. Mosques, temples, synagogues, churches and many others have been always important symbols for societies and shaped their cultures and life styles.

99% of the total population of Turkey are Muslims. In Islam, mosques are the places to go for praying and socializing. Bodrum, like anywhere else in Turkey, has several mosques where anyone can visit by following a few simple rules. 

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