Phone Repair in Bodrum

I appreciate the existence of phone repair in Bodrum because somehow I always put my electronics in danger and I need services to fix them. I broke a mobile while sailing, dropped another one into the sea on a blue cruise and left another one in an ancient temple. Actually I don’t think I am clumsy, I guess I just prioritize.

None of my devices could survive but still it’s good to know that there is somewhere to go for taking care of them. Fortunately there are reliable and experienced services for tablet and phone repairs.

Tablet and Phone Repair in Bodrum

Most of my friends use Telefon Hastanesi – phone hospital – in case of communication emergencies so I went there and met the owner to learn how they work and what they do. 

It is location is quite central and easy to find. Just like almost all other repair services I have mentioned, Telefon Hastanesi is also on Cevat Sakir Street. This is the main street which connects castle to the bus terminal. 


Telefon Hastanesi

Address: Cevat Sakir Cad. No:27-B Bodrum

Phone: +90 252 316 98 98

Working Hours: 

Summers: Open every day between 08:30 and 24:00

Winters: from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 and 19:00

Map of Telefon Hastanesi in Bodrum

The owner is Nebi Kandemir. He is a young entrepreneur who saw the market opportunity and moved here to open his own phone repair service in 2000. He is not a Bodrumian but not a complete stranger either. Nebi is an Aegean and he was born and raised in Izmir.

Tablet and Phone Repairs in BodrumPhones and Accessories

They don’t only repair phones. The technical service also deals with tablet repairs. Brand new and second hand phones and tablets, various accessories are being sold as well.

Any damages caused by liquid contact and impacts can be fixed here. If your phone or tablet needs spare parts which are not currently in stock, fixing them can take time. They are working with suppliers from Izmir and Istanbul and shipping takes approximately a day. 

Of course this is not the only service offering tablet and phone repair in Bodrum. Many retail shops of GSM operators offer repair services. You should ask them their delivery times because they can get the devices fixed by sending them to a big city that means longer waiting times. 

Entrance of Telefon HastanesiTelefon Hastanesi

National technology retailers like Vatan and Teknosa can also repair all kinds of electronic devices. The cons are they are located outside of Bodrum city centre and they usually work with technical services in Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir like GSM shops. 

These are generalizations and can be different in your case depending on the problem. I’d suggest you to check it with them to make sure. 

Let’s hope not you are going to need any tablet or phone repair in Bodrum. If it happens somehow, here is a good place to start looking for an appropriate service for your needs.

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