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Like all drugstores in Turkey, pharmacies in Bodrum must comply with the rules and regulations defined by the Ministry of Health. Since you can purchase medications only from the pharmacies, they carry an important role in health and safety services in Bodrum.

All kinds of medications, including pain killers and other common medications, can only be found in pharmacies. Even the hospitals cannot sell medicines directly unless they have an inhouse pharmacy. If you need a medicine of any kind, going anywhere else will be illegal. If you need a prescription medicine, you may need to visit a doctor first.

All the pharmacies in Bodrum and in Turkey are privately owned drugstores which we call “Eczane”. According to the law, only an individual who has successfully graduated from one of the faculties of pharmaceutical sciences in Turkey can own a pharmacy. They are not allowed to have more than one so, you cannot find commercialized drugstore chains in Turkey.

Traditionally, products like toothbrushes, toothpastes, condoms, shampoos, plasters, and hand creams can also be found in the pharmacies. However, by taking the advantage of being in a touristic town, some pharmacies in Bodrum have beach toys, sunscreens, and even hats to offer on their shelves.

A pharmacy at the Bodrum town centre
A pharmacy at the Bodrum town centre

In practice, a pharmacy is more than a medication supplier or a shop for a local. If you are on a medication, there is a good chance that you know each other well. They help senior citizens by delivering their needs to their doorstep. If you ask for their help, for example for your headache, they offer you the right medication unless it needs prescription.

You can recognize a drugstore from a distance with the “E” sign hanging perpendicularly on its storefront. There should also be an “ECZANE” sign somewhere on the main window. These standards are defined by the authorities and applies to all pharmacies in Turkey.

7/24 Pharmacies in Bodrum

Although the working hours of pharmacies in Bodrum are usually between 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday, you can find an open pharmacy around the clock, including Sundays for emergencies.

A pharmacy at the Bodrum's Bars Street
A pharmacy at the Bodrum’s Bars Street

Local branch of chamber of pharmacists, in this case it is the Mugla Chamber of Pharmacists, announces the list of pharmacies on duty every day. The pharmacies on duty are the pharmacies which will be open 24 hours on that specific date.

Clicking here will take you to today’s pharmacies on duty list at the internet site of Mugla Chamber of Pharmacists where you can also find the lists for other popular destinations in Mugla Province, like Fethiye, Marmaris or Dalaman. Bodrum Municipality’s internet site also lists today’s pharmacies in Bodrum.

If you cannot access the list for some reason, do find a pharmacy near you. Every pharmacy, whether on duty or not, is required to display a list of the closest open pharmacies and their address on their storefront. You can find this information on a sign writing “Nobetci Eczaneler” which means “pharmacies on duty”.

I do not like to take pills unless I have a terrible hangover. They are all chemicals after all. In Turkey, we have a bad habit of using antibiotics for everything you can imagine. The Ministry of Health has been trying to take the consumption of antibiotics under control for a couple of years. Recently, antibiotics have become prescription medicines.

Whether you have a headache or a digestive problem, your Turkish friends will be very upset when they hear about your health issue. Some of them, especially the elderly people, may offer you a “miracle” medicine to cure you instantly. Try to be kind when rejecting them.

We have a good healthcare system in Turkey and pharmacies in Bodrum are the places where you can get help every day of the year.

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