Pharmacies in Bodrum

Like all drugstores in Turkey, pharmacies in Bodrum have to comply with the rules and operating procedures defined by Turkish laws. Their actions are closely monitored by the Ministry of Health and even a slightest mistake in transactions can end up in heavy penalties.

All kinds of medications including pain killers and vitamin pills can only be sold in pharmacies. Even hospitals can’t directly sell them unless they have a pharmacy. If you need something, don’t go anywhere else: find a drugstore and stay safe, healthy and legal.

Personally I find the nation-wide medication distribution system reliable and effective as a citizen. Very well organized drugstores keep the supply of medication available any time of any day of the year.

All pharmacies in Bodrum, like the rest of Turkey, are small, privately owned shops called “Eczane” which can be translated as pharmacy or drugstore. According to the laws, only an individual successfully graduated from one of the faculties of pharmaceutical sciences can own such a business. They are not allowed to have more than one Eczane so you can’t find any commercialized drugstore chains in Turkey.

A Bodrum Pharmacy Located in the Heart of Bars StreetA Bodrum Pharmacy Located in the Heart of Bars Street

Traditionally, tooth brushes, tooth pastes, sunscreens, condoms, shampoos, plasters, hand creams, some cosmetics and even sunglasses can be found on their shelves. By taking the advantage of being in a touristic town, some pharmacies in Bodrum have beach toys and even hats in their extended product range.

In practice, however, a pharmacy is more than a medication supplier or a shop. They are first aid experts and can help you in dressing a wound or measuring your blood pressure. I am not sure if they can do that legally but I used to have friends who were pretty good at injections as well.

You can recognize a drugstore from the “E” sign hanging perpendicularly on its storefront. There should also be an “ECZANE” sign somewhere on the main window. These standards are defined by the authorities and applies to all pharmacies in Turkey.

7/24 Pharmacies in Bodrum

The working hours of pharmacies in Bodrum are between 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday. If you need something out of their regular hours including Sundays, there is always one or more pharmacies around which is working for that particular night or Sunday. This is a legal obligation for handling any emergency situation. All other drugstores which are not on duty are required to put a list of closest available pharmacies and their contact information on their storefront in a visible location.

Shelves of a DrugstoreShelves of a Drugstore (Image Credit:

When you need something at night, go to closest pharmacy. If you are not lucky enough and it is not the one on duty, look for the sign reading “Nobetci Eczane” in the display window. That means “pharmacy on duty”. Once noted the name and address, go and get what you need.

If you have an internet connection, finding the drugstore in duty is easier. Check the monthly list of pharmacies in Bodrum from the Bodrum Municipality’s official web site to find out the one closest to your current location.

Bodrum Municipality publishes a monthly list showing pharmacies on duty in Bodrum PeninsulaBodrum Municipality publishes a monthly list showing pharmacies on duty in Bodrum Peninsula

Since the above page from the municipality’s web site contains some Turkish words, I have added a few numbers to make it more clear for you. The numbers in the figure refers;

1. Date column represents which pharmacy or pharmacies in Bodrum peninsula will be on duty at that particular date on DD.MM.YYYY format.

2. Name of the shop which will work that night and/or that Sunday.

3. Phone number. “252” is the area code so if you are using a land line in the city limits of Mugla province, you have to skip that number and dial the rest. If you are using a mobile phone you need to add “0” in front of the number and dial 0252 XXX XX XX, for example.

4. Postal address.

5. Choose the town you want to find a pharmacy on duty. “Merkez” means Bodrum centre. If you are looking for an open drugstore in Turgutreis, click on it.

Needless to say, the medications are basically chemicals and can have some undesired side effects on our bodies. A doctor’s supervision is important before taking any medication. I am 100% sure any healthcare centre and emergency service or outpatient clinic of hospitals in Bodrum would be happy to help you to choose most convenient medication. 

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