Museums in Bodrum

I like to meet people and talk to them about their daily lives, their habits, likes and dislikes so that I can learn about the society they are living in. Like people, museums in Bodrum are also valuable resources for discovering the local culture and history.

Turkey lays on two continents: Europe and Asia. The Asian part is called Anatolia – or Asia Minor – and it had a significant impact on the history of mankind.

It has been tens of thousands of years since the humanity had left the eastern coast of Africa in search of new food sources. 60,000 years ago, they arrived in Asia Minor and learned how to cultivate the soil in order to provide everlasting food sources.

The weather of the Mediterranean climate was exceptionally suitable for agriculture. Mild temperatures also made living a lot easier than it was before, when the humans were living under the hot African sun. Thus, they started to build civilizations over the fertile lands of Anatolia.

Stories at the museums in Bodrum include Herodotus, Artemisia II and Mausolus
Stories at the museums in Bodrum include Herodotus, Artemisia II and Mausolus

As the humanity, we owe too much to the civilizations which rose and fell in the Asia Minor. Hittites invented ironworks and beer 3,500 years ago, for example. According to Herodotus of the ancient Bodrum, Lydians set up the first retail shops and used silver and gold coins for shopping for the first time back in 1,200 BC. Scientists believe that even the wheel was invented in Mesopotamia and Asia Minor 7,000 years ago!

As a part of such a rich heritage, the halls of the museums in Bodrum have a lot to say about the history, art, and culture of the Aegean Region for those who would like to listen.

From Ancient to Modern Bodrum

Imagine what Bodrum went through to survive for ages! It was a small fishing town once. With the increasing importance of maritime trade, it evolved into a strategic port city. The Carians made it their capital. Mausolus constructed his tomb in here which is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Knights Hospitaller built the Castle of St. Peter to control the Aegean Sea. Italians took over the control of the city during the WWI.

From the Persians to the Byzantines, from the Dorians to the Ottomans, they all fought for Bodrum for 4,000 years!

Before becoming a popular touristic destination, lots of good things and bad things happened in the history of Bodrum. Now, you are about to discover some of them by visiting museums in Bodrum.

Museums in Bodrum

The interest into the history and local culture may turn a tourist into a traveller. The below is a list of museums in Bodrum to visit in order to satisfy your curiosity.

Bodrum Castle and Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Museum of Underwater Archaeology menu

One of the oldest and most important underwater archaeology museums in the world is in a beautiful castle watching over Bodrum and the Aegean Sea. Dive into history at various exhibition halls including notable Uluburun shipwreck from 14th century BC.

Bodrum Maritime Museum

Bodrum Maritime Museum menu

Before becoming a popular tourism centre a few decades ago, fishing and sponge diving were the backbones of Bodrum’s economy. This museum is about the grandparents of the people who you come across on the streets of Bodrum every day.

Museum of The Mausoleum

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The Mausoleum at ancient Halicarnassus is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Mausolus was a powerful man searching for eternal life and he finally found it at a monument built by his beloved wife and sister Artemisia II.

Zeki Muren Art Museum

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Zeki Muren is the most famous and controversial singer in the history of Turkish classical music. He passed away almost three decades ago but Turkish people never forgot him and his music. One of the museums in Bodrum is his house where he lived for 25 years.

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