Mosques in Bodrum

Mosques in Bodrum calls large attention among travellers. Religion reflects beliefs that directly affect life style and routines of a society so it may be a mystical experience to observe how faith works in a different culture. 

I personally feel the same when I visit a cathedral or a church on my trips. That’s why I decided to publish a topic about Mosques in Bodrum. I believe, you can’t understand a society without processing information about their faith and beliefs.

Official numbers tell 99% of the population are Muslims in Turkey. I don’t know the ratio of people who strictly live in Islamic way but at the end of the day, there are a lot of mosques around the country. I am going to talk about only three of them which are located at town centre within 300 metres perimeter.

Map of Mosques in Bodrum Town Centre

You will also find some information about adhan – “ezan” in Turkish - below. Because you are going to hear it five times a day in Turkey. Similarly if you want visiting a mosque in Bodrum, there are a few clothing requirements that you need to follow. You will find about them on this page as well.

Visit Mosques in Bodrum

There are many mosques in Bodrum but I will mention only three of them. These are the ones that you will pass before them a couple of times every day in your Bodrum vacation and they are also the oldest ones in town.

They may not be touristic places but they are all in use today. They reflect local architecture and has their own stories.

Kizilhisarli Mustafa Pasha Mosque

Old Mosque Next to Bodrum CastleOld Mosque

One of the oldest mosques in Bodrum is also known as “Eski Cami – Old Mosque”. It was constructed by Mustafa Pasha of Kizilhisar in 1724 on Iskele Square just next to Bodrum Castle.

Mustafa Pasha was from Denizli’s Kizilhisar town. After he had become admiral in chief of the Ottoman Fleet, he decided to build a shipyard in Bodrum. His first task was to make some improvements in town and he started with construction of a mosque.

In 1732, he came to Bodrum to establish the Ottoman Shipyard which is right next to Bodrum Marina today. Tombs of Pasha and his son can still be visited at the shipyard.

Adliye Mosque

Adliye Mosque in Bodrum Municipality SquareNew Mosque

Adliye mosque – “adliye” means “courthouse” in Turkish - is on the beginning of Castle Street and 50 – 60 metres away from the Old Bodrum Mosque. It is the last mosque of pre-republic period and built in 1902 so it is also known as “Yeni Cami – New Mosque” among Bodrumians.

I have always found its location strange. It is on the east side of main town square where almost every concert and activity takes place. I don’t think you can find many mosques which let this happen in Turkey, they are quite serious places. This is a good indicator for one of the beauties of Bodrum: the toleration!

Tepecik Mosque

Tepecik Mosque Toward the Bodrum MarinaTepecik Mosque

This is the last Bodrum mosque in the list. It was built in 1737 by Hasan Aga. He was the steward of Kizilhisarli Mustafa Pasha and naturally traveling with him. So he found a suitable place on the sea shore and built a mosque over ancient ruins. 

Sad, isn’t it? It is not only about this mosque. We know that almost all buildings of Bodrum were constructed over the biggest agora of the ancient times. I hope somebody who is determined enough to uncover the history lying below the town will come and make it right someday.

Anyway, Tepecik is the name of the neighbourhood where the mosque is located. It is one of the few mosques of Turkey which you can see at the seashore.

I like small yet beautiful mosques in Bodrum. They prove that religion and modern life can go together hand in hand. Why don’t you visit them to see it yourself?

Call to Prayer: Adhan

Mosques are places of worship. They are for prayers, providing guidance and socializing of the Muslim community. 

Each Muslim, especially Sunnis, ideally should follow strict rules and rituals around the clock. One of the five pillars of Islam is salaat – “namaz” in Turkish - which a Muslim should perform at dawn, noon, afternoon, evening and night; five times a day. The exact times change according to sun’s position. Muezzin calls all to salaat at each praying time with adhan. You can perform salaat anywhere but ideally it is better in mosques.

However there are some special times that you must pray in a mosque rather than any other place; at two Islamic holidays and on Friday noon. These are the times where Muslims are expected to get together in a mosque.

Visiting a Mosque

Visiting a mosque requires a few simple rules to follow. All you need is to pay attention to your clothing.

First of all, you have to take off your shoes in a mosque. You can leave the shoes on the shelves at the entrance, put them in your bag or carry in your hands. It does not matter as long as you are not wearing them.

Shelves on the Mosque EntranceEntrance of Tepecik Mosque

I have received a lot of questions asking if women can visit mosques in Bodrum. Sure they can and not only in Bodrum, in all over the country if your clothing is appropriate.

Women should wear long skirts or trousers. The idea is to cover the legs inside the mosque so anything that can would work. Woman should also use a scarf for covering her head. I know most of the touristic mosques in Istanbul and Ankara may lend a long skirt and a scarf for their woman visitors but I am not sure if they do that in a Bodrum mosque. When it comes to men, trousers instead of shorts and a t-shirt would be enough to get in. 

There is no other clothing requirements so let’s talk about what to do in a mosque.

Actually there is no special pattern to follow. You need to keep your voice down, don’t attempt to take pictures during praying times, wait for end of praying at the rear before walking around and don’t pass behind the area allocated for the visitors. That’s all!

You can take pictures outside of praying times and ask your questions to imam if language is not a barrier. I am sure they would be happy to help.

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