Mediterranean Coast

The story of the Mediterranean coast

Mediterranean coast and the Aegean region have a remarkable impact on world’s tourism industry. We are not the first ones who are charmed by the generosity of the Mother Nature, some of the first humans, our ancestors, did it too.

Once upon a time, the only place on the planet where people were living was the south-east of Africa. It was so hot and dry that food resources were quite limited. Our ancestors had to survive so they decided to go north. It was a slow but determined migration.

After 50,000 years (like I said, it was slow) some of them came across to a different land. It was hot and dry in summers and mild and rainy in winters. Then they saw a beautiful and calm waters in front of them. That was the time when the story of the Mediterranean coast has started.

I don’t know if they amazed with the beautiful scenes and I am pretty sure they didn’t care when they saw the arable lands but yet it was a perfect spot for settling with its weather and variety of animals and vegetation.

Did you know the name Mediterranean was derived from a Latin word mediterraneus which means in the middle of the earth? Yes, they had found the center of the planet, the cradle of civilizations. So they began to make history in the Aegean region of the Mediterranean coast.

In his latest best seller, Why the West Rules – For Now, historian and writer Ian Morris says: “without the Mediterranean Sea, there wouldn’t be today’s western civilization”. Brutal competition for gaining the control over these waters had enabled the advance in technology and philosophy.

The definition of the Aegean Sea in Wikipedia is “An elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea located between the southern Balkan and Anatolian peninsulas, i.e., between the main lands of Greece and Turkey”. In the Aegean region of the Mediterranean coast, myths and legends gave birth to the Greek Gods to rule the future of western civilization.

Diversity of the beauty

One way or another, each location on the Mediterranean coast connected to each other by a common history and similar lifestyle which all together shape the Mediterranean culture.

People of this culture are friendly. They cannot hide what they feel. The family has the upmost importance. Elders are respected because of their experience and wisdom. Their houses are small because they are for family feasts and sleeping. Olive oil is a must in the kitchen. Having fun in large groups is priceless. As the list goes on, the commons of the spirit become more visible.

After deciding to prepare this web site,, and diving into Aegean culture and history, I realized that this not the whole story. It is a part of Mediterranean culture which is a thick book that nobody can write alone.

During my search to find my own Bodrum, I started to meet some extraordinary people who share my passion for the Mediterranean coast. It suddenly turned into a great opportunity to discuss and discover new edges. At the end of the day, we are all trying to tell a different part of the same tale in our own ways with our own stories.

James Clark from

For example, I met James Clark just because we are sharing the same passion and curiosity for the distant lands. He is an adventurer and running a beautiful web site where he shares his own travel stories. His web site and comprehensive travel guide collection on were so inspiring that I couldn’t help sending an e-mail. That’s what Bodrum does since I began to write about it: expanding my world through meeting new people who are living out of the box. 

Some of the other story tellers of the different Mediterranean destinations have their own web pages. I am thankful for their efforts to share their knowledge and show the beauty of other parts of the ancient sea.  Although they all have their own point of views and own purposes, the topic is the same: the amazing Mediterranean!

I have been and will be writing about what I have learned about the Aegean coasts of Turkey. I believe lending an ear to experiences of the others from different parts of the Mediterranean coast is important to discover and complete the big picture.

If you want to discover more, follow the links to the web pages of my new friends, fellow travelers. Each link will open in a new window and take you to another part of the Mediterranean coast.


Costa Brava

Discover the Costa Brava, a Mediterranean paradise of lonely coves and beaches of golden sand hidden at the foot of the cliffs. Inland, enjoy the natural parks, volcanic areas, a gentle countryside and dramatic and steeper mountain ranges. Thanks to my friends Steffi and Xavier for revealing the beauty of a Mediterranean pearl; Costa Brava!

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