Measurement Units & Conversion Rates

Whenever we need to measure something, we use metric units in Turkey. That means we have centimeters instead of inches, kilometers instead of miles, and kilograms instead of pounds, etc.

If you are talking about miles, ounces, inches, pounds or other imperial units, it is a big chance that nobody will understand what you are talking about. So it would be a good practice to know a few metric unit equivalents of commonly used measures.

I have listed the most common units in the below table. If you are not familiar with metric units, you can use it to make conversions during your stay in Turkey.

Metric Imperial
1 millimetre [mm] 0.03937 in
1 centimetre [cm] 10 mm 0.3937 in
1 metre [m] 100 cm 1.0936 yd
1 kilometre [km] 1000 m 0.6214 mile
Imperial Metric
1 inch [in] 2.54 cm
1 foot [ft] 12 in 0.3048 m
1 yard [yd] 3 ft 0.9144 m
1 mile 1760 yd 1.6093 km
1 int nautical mile 2025.4 yd 1.853 km
Metric Imperial
1 sq cm [cm2] 100 mm2 0.1550 in2
1 sq m [m2] 10,000 cm2 1.1960 yd2
1 hectare [ha] 10,000 m2 2.4711 acres
1 sq km [km2] 100 ha 0.3861 mile2
Imperial Metric
1 sq inch [in2] 6.4516 cm2
1 sq foot [sq ft] 144 in2 0.0929 m2
1 sq yd [yd2] 9 sq ft 0.8361 m2
1 acre 4840 yd2 4046.9 m2
1 sq mile [mile2] 640 acres 2.59 km2
Metric Imperial
1 cu cm [cm3] 0.0610 in3
1 cu decimetre [dm3] 1,000 cm3 0.0353 ft3
1 cu metre [m3] 1,000 dm3 1.3080 yd3
1 litre [l] 1 dm3 1.76 pt
1 hectolitre [hl] 100 l 21.997 gal
Imperial Metric
1 cu inch [in3] 16.387 cm3
1 cu foot [ft3] 1,728 in3 0.0283 m3
1 fluid ounce [fl oz] 28.413 ml
1 pint [pt] 20 fl oz 0.5683 l
1 gallon [gal] 8 pt 4.5461 l
USA measure Metric
1 fluid ounce 1.0408 uk fl oz 29.574 ml
1 pint (16 fl oz) 0.8327 uk pt 0.4731 l
1 gallon 0.8327 uk gal 3.7854 l
Metric Imperial
1 milligram [mg] 0.0154 grain
1 gram [g] 1,000 mg 0.0353 oz
1 kilogram [kg] 1,000 g 2.2046 lb
1 tonne [t] 1,000 kg 0.9842 ton
Imperial Metric
1 ounce [oz] 437.5 grain 28.35 g
1 pound [lb] 16 oz 0.4536 kg
1 stone 14 lb 6.3503 kg
1 hundredweight [cwt] 112 lb 50.802 kg
1 long ton (uk) 20 cwt 1.016 t

Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn all these numbers, they are just for information purposes. But I believe, to memorize kilometers and kilometers will help you to communicate with the locals. So they are the important ones!

Let’s say you are going to visit Mausoleum and asked for the address. The answer will definitely include meters or kilometers. Similarly, when you are driving, all the kilometer posts you will come across will have the distances in kilometers. On a cultural tour into famous Turkish bazaars, you will see that all the spices, fresh fruits and Aegean special vegetables are sold in kilograms, not pounds.


Temperature is also valuable information for a traveler and we use Celsius in Turkey. If you are using Fahrenheit, there is a simple formula to easily make a conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This was the good news. The bad news is it is still a formula! Below, you can find how to use it.

When you need to find out the Celsius equivalent of a given temperature in terms of Fahrenheit, the conversion of these units lies on a very simple formula;

C = 5/9 * (F-32)

In this formula C stands for Celsius and F stands for Fahrenheit. Similarly if you would like to calculate the Fahrenheit equivalent, this simple formula becomes;

F = (C * 9/5) + 32

When someone is telling you that tomorrow will be sunny and 35 degrees, he or she means “degree Celsius”, not “degree Fahrenheit”. By simply putting “35” in your formula, you will easily calculate that tomorrow it will be 95 degrees Fahrenheit! The calculation is as follows;

F = (35 * 9/5) + 32

F = 95 oF

Piece of cake! But it seems we still need a calculator. I know, it is not practical but there is no other way. Anyway, don’t feel confused, don’t panic! After all weather in Bodrum is always warm!

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