Karaincir Beach, Akyarlar

Karaincir is a small village near Akyarlar at the south-west of the Bodrum Peninsula. The coastline of the village is a small bay facing to the east and it is known as Karaincir Beach. Compared with the other popular beaches around, this unassuming beach is one of the locals’ favourites.

Karaincir is a quiet place where you can spend hours by sitting on the sandy beach and doing exactly nothing but watch the Aegean blue just before you.

The population of the village mainly consists of local inhabitants. Like the rest of the peninsula, considerable number of summer vacationists is added to the population in summers.

In addition to the guests of local pensions and hotels, the beach attracts daily guests from all over the peninsula.

Karaincir Beach has a Story

When I was talking to locals about the beaches around the peninsula, the name of Karaincir beach curiously popped up over and over. I know there are other beaches popular among Bodrumians like Yahsi and Ortakent beaches and I could not understand what was so special about this place.

Karaincir coast

So, I asked and realized that there was more to it than the yellow sands and calm waters. I found out that almost all Bodrumians who has been around for a long time, has plenty of childhood memories about this beach.

It appears, a fountain in Karaincir was one of the few sources of drinking water within the peninsula 50 years ago. A friend told me that the beach was like a carnival place for children when she was a child.

Back on those days, Bodrum was a, small fishing town where few people knew about it. Road access and city services like electricity and water were limited. After all, this was where my personal hero, the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, was exiled! It was even worse foe a small village like Karaincir.

You had to travel for an hour and a half in an old minibus on a dirt road, without any air conditioning. Not to mention the plastic barrels you had to carry with you to bring drinking water back home.

Karaincir Bay
Karaincir Bay

3 hours on the road plus another hour in the fountain line… It took a long time, so they used to bring their homemade food and take the children with them. After filling the barrels with fresh drinking water, they would share the food with others while children would play together on the beach.

Unfortunately, there is no sign of that fountain today. The children have grown and become the owners of the bars, art studios or gullet ships. Everyone I know who is old enough to remember those beach picnics, has happy memories in Karaincir beach, which is still their favourite.

The Beach and Facilities

The sandy beach laying in a north-south direction is approximately 550 meters long. The width varies between 15 to 25 metres.

The depth of the sea increases slowly as you walk toward the open sea, forming a long and shallow zone, safe for the children to play freely with their friends.

The water in this bay is colder than others in the south of the peninsula by at least 2 ºC or 3ºC. I like it because when it is 40º Celsius out there, every bit of coolness matters. A café owner at the beach told me that the temperature drop was because of the Aegean currents washing up the bay and the availability of a rich water table just beneath the surface. This must be something about the long-lost drinkable fountain which I had already told.

Sunbeds on the Karaincir Beach
Sunbeds on the Karaincir Beach

Like most beaches, this is also divided between different cafés, beach clubs and pensions. Each business has its own sunbeds and umbrellas available for their customers. They all serve various foods, soft and alcoholic beverages. If you want to use their facilities, sunbeds and umbrellas, you need to sample some local tastes from their menu.

How to Get There

Karaincir is on the route of Akyarlar minibuses, departing from Bodrum Minibus Station and Turgutreis Minibus Station. When you ask the driver to drop you off at Karaincir Beach, he will pull over 70 metres away from the coastline. Then you need to have a short walk between white Bodrum houses.

Karaincir is 23 kilometres away from Bodrum, 10 kilometres from Turgutreis, 500 meters from Akyarlar town centre and 1.5 kilometres from Akyarlar Beach. Getting there with an Akyarlar minibus from Turgutreis takes only minutes because they follow some side roads which have almost no traffic at all. However, A ride with an Akyarlar minibus from Bodrum can take upto 45 minutes in the peak season (between June and August).

Taking a walk can be fun from Turgutreis because you will see different coves and villages on your way. However, you need to take the temperature into consideration. I would not do that in summers.

If you spend your day at Karaincir, you may want to take a walk to the beautiful Akyarlar coast at the end of the day. Although it is a part of Eskisehir city’s cuisine, the restaurants on the coastline serve deliciously filling “Cig Borek” which you may want to taste.

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