How to Tell If You are Possessed by the Aegean Spirit

How to Tell If You are Possessed by the Aegean Spirit

If you feel that something has changed in your life since you were back from an Aegean trip, you might have been possessed by the Aegean Spirit.

It is the same spirit which has been inspiring the creativity of humankind since the ancient times. It is the siren’s call, the ancient gods, and the love for an amazing culture.

The Aegean Spirit has been hunting down the artists, travellers, entrepreneurs and all the free spirits from all over the world for centuries.

One way or another, the Aegean Spirit catches you
Dine, drink, dance, enjoy!

This is what happens when you love something, someone. It seizes your mind, becoming a part of who you are.

Do you think you might be also possessed by the Aegean Spirit like many of us?

Here is a test for you to tell if you are.

  1. If you cannot stop thinking about being back to the Aegean as soon as possible,
  2. If you occasionally find yourself looking at the old pictures taken in the Aegean,
  3. If you are planning to visit the exact same spots where you had been before for your next time,
  4. If your family relations start to seem more important than they were before,
Sharing the Aegean Spirit with others
Starting conversations with the strangers just next to your table
  1. If you are surprised to see that building personal relations with totally strangers is easier than ever,
  2. If you cannot bear to stay inside anymore and you need fresh air,
  3. If you start to take time to interact with the stray animals wandering around,
Even dogs have the spirit of the Aegean
Friendship with stray animals
  1. If listening to the stories of the elderly people is no longer boring,
  2. If long and cheerful conversations with your family and friends on a dinner table sounds a better alternative than partying all night,
  3. If greeting someone with kisses from both cheeks does not feel weird anymore,
  4. If you are asking your friends if there are any home cooking restaurants close to your work,
  5. If you are asking others first if they want something before ordering for yourself,
  6. If you make peace with the idea of drinking a cup of tea whenever and wherever you are offered,
  7. If you think bringing a bowl of hot soup to your sick neighbour would be a kind gesture,
  8. If you can smile to the people who think that “personal space” is overrated,
  9. If you remain calm when the handyman does not appear on time as promised,
  10. If you raise your palms automatically when you see a bottle of lemon cologne on your host’s hand,
Enjoy shopping at the Bodrum Market
Shopping at the farmers market is so fun
  1. If you prefer shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables from open marketplaces like Bodrum Market, and feel the urge to sample the product before you buy it,
  2. If you think that sandals, shorts, and t-shirts should be your office attire,
  3. If you start to use sentences like “let’s go outside at next full moon”.


Do you think you are also possessed by the Aegean spirit?

How many of the above propositions are true for you?

State your score by leaving a comment below so we will know if you are one of us!

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