Healthcare Centres and Hospitals in Bodrum

Wide range of medical services are carried by several healthcare centres and hospitals in Bodrum to provide the best possible medical care when we need it.

Although the number of privately owned hospitals has been on the rise for a decade or more, the Ministry of Health is still the major health service provider. All cities, most towns and many villages have state owned hospitals or primary care clinics as in the Bodrum Peninsula.

Increasing global demand for health tourism has been changing the healthcare system in small but popular touristic destinations like Bodrum as well. In addition to the ministry’s Bodrum State Hospital, two large national private hospital groups of Turkey and a bunch of national clinics and laboratories have established their Bodrum branches in the past few years.

With the national hospital brands’ arrival, hospitals in Bodrum have started offering almost all healthcare services which you can find in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara. As a result, you can be rest assured that the services related to health and safety in Bodrum are well-organized and reliable in case of any emergency.

Hospitals in Bodrum

Hospitals carry out regular diagnostic and treatment services all year round, in regular working hours. However, if you need anything at night or weekends, all hospitals have their emergency services working around the clock.

Emergency means “acil” in Turkish. You can recognize emergency services from the “ACIL” or “ACIL SERVIS” signs at their entrances.

Emergency entrance of an hospital
Emergency entrance of an hospital
(Image credit: Haberturk)

Bodrum is an international town. Unlike many other cities and towns in Turkey, hospitals in Bodrum offer multilingual services, mainly in English, to serve you better and make you feel comfortable.

The only hospital which is owned by the state is Bodrum State Hospital where I have visited to collect some information for you.

The major hospitals in Bodrum are as follows;

Bodrum State Hospital

The main entrance of the Bodrum State Hospital
The main entrance of the Bodrum State Hospital

Address: Turkkuyusu Mah. Elmadag Cad. No: 33 48400 Bodrum, Mugla – Turkey

Phone: +90 (252) 313 14 20 | Fax: +90 (252) 313 08 80

Click here for Bodrum State Hospital’s web site (English is available)

American Hospital Bodrum

American Hospital in Bodrum
American Hospital Bodrum
(Image Credit: Vehbi Koc Vakfi Ansiklopedisi)

Address: Turkkuyusu Mah. Marsmabedi Caddesi No: 33-35 48400 Bodrum, Mugla – Turkey

Phone: +90 (252) 444 44 78* | Fax: +90 (252) 313 12 98

Click here for American Hospital Bodrum’s web site (English is available)

(*) This is a call centre service number. If you are dialling from a local phone, dial 444 44 78 without area code.

Acibadem Bodrum Hospital

Acibadem Hospital in Bodrum
Bodrum Acibadem Hospital
(Image Credit: Acibadem Bodrum Hastanesi)

Address: Ortakent Mahallesi, Golbasi Sokak, No: 11 Bodrum, Mugla – Turkey

Phone: +90 (252) 311 44 44


Click here for Acibadem Bodrum Hospital’s web site (English is available)

For those of you interested in diving in Bodrum, while hoping no one needs it, please note that there are pressure chambers available at the Bodrum State Hospital, one of the only few centres in Turkey aside from Istanbul and Canakkale for inert gas narcosis.

Healthcare Centres

Healthcare centres – or Primary Care Clinics – are small clinics for basic diagnosis and treatment. They are mostly run by the Ministry of Health in regular working hours. However, they do not offer emergency services like hospitals.

Almost every town in the peninsula has a healthcare centre. The Ministry of Health has listed all at their official internet site. However, they did not include the addresses and some of the contact numbers are missing.

Healthcare centre No.1 in Bodrum
Healthcare centres are spread over the Bodrum Peninsula

I have googled healthcare centres and found a few addresses which I have included in the list. I had to leave others blank to avoid providing false information.

Healthcare centres are used extensively. Taxi drivers, locals and your reception probably know where the healthcare centre in that specific town is.

I checked the online sources and realized that the information has many inconsistencies. As a result, I have decided to post the whole list from the official source, including phone numbers. I have also included the addresses I discovered.

Healthcare Centre No.1, Bodrum
Address: Turgutreis Caddesi Davut Sok. No: 2 Bodrum, Mugla
Phone: +90 (252) 316 13 53

Healthcare Centre No.2, Bodrum
Address: Turgutreis Caddesi No.113 Bodrum, Mugla
Phone: +90 (252) 313 43 50

Healthcare Centre No.3, Bodrum
Address: Dr. Mumtaz Ataman Caddesi Umurca Mahallesi Bodrum, Mugla
Phone: +90 (252) 313 90 04

Healthcare Centre No.4, Akyarlar
Address: Ataturk Caddesi Merkez Mevkii 4. Sokak No: 20 Akyarlar – Bodrum, Mugla
Phone: +90 (252) 393 77 73

Healthcare Centre No.5, Bitez
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 363 92 24

Healthcare Centre No.6, Konacik
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 319 04 35

Healthcare Centre No.7, Golturkbuku
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 377 63 72

Healthcare Centre No.8, Gundogan
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 385 47 11

Healthcare Centre No.9, Karakaya
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 394 37 24

Healthcare Centre No.10, Mumcular
Address: Yeni Mahalle Menderes Bulvari Mumcular – Bodrum, Mugla
Phone: +90 (252) 373 50 40

Healthcare Centre No.11, Guvercinlik
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 374 54 97

Healthcare Centre No.12, Ortakent
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi No: 187, Ortakent Yahsi – Bodrum, Mugla
Phone: +90 (252) 358 50 27

Healthcare Centre No.13, Turgutreis
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 382 30 55

Healthcare Centre No.14, Yalikavak
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 385 44 65

Healthcare Centre No.15, Yaliciftlik
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 368 92 98

Healthcare Centre No.16, Turgutreis
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 382 06 63

Healthcare Centre No.17, Gumbet
Address: Zakkum Caddesi No: 13 Gumbet – Bodrum, Mugla
Phone: +90 (252) 319 46 15

Healthcare Centre No.18, Turgutreis
Address: Not available
Phone: +90 (252) 382 82 83

Healthcare Centre No.19, Yalikavak
Address: Carsi Mahallesi Ataturk Caddesi No: 3 Yalikavak – Bodrum, Mugla
Phone: Not available

Healthcare Centre No.20, Ortakent
Address: Muskebi Caddesi No: 111, Ortakentyahsi – Bodrum, Mugla
Phone: +90 (252) 358 08 01

Healthcare Centre No.21, Bodrum
Address: Not available
Phone: Not available

An ambulance at the Bodrum town centre
An ambulance waiting at the town centre for any possible emergency

In addition to the above primary care clinics and hospitals in Bodrum, there are hundreds of medical doctor and dentist offices in the peninsula. I do not think that there is an effective and accurate way to list them all and to keep them updated, So, they are not included on this article.

I do not know how it works in your country but in Turkey, all kinds of medications, including common pain killers like aspirin, can only be purchased from specialized drugstores which are indispensable part of the healthcare system in Turkey. Click Pharmacies in Bodrum to learn more.

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