Healthcare in Bodrum

Any health issue can ruin your day especially on a vacation in a foreign country. Fortunately, services related to healthcare in Bodrum are quite accessible, modern and reliable. By taking all the necessary precautions, we can keep our positive mood for a great vacation lying right in front of us, knowing that we will be safe if something unexpected happens.

Due to its massive visitor traffic, Bodrum offers various alternatives on medical interventions and treatments as if it is a big city. Hospitals and various healthcare centres owned by the state or private sector with country-wide reputation, clinics, doctor’s offices and dentists keep services flow in conjunction with centrally managed ambulance network and pharmacies.

Trouble in Paradise

Although talking about the health issues on a web site focusing on travel and culture doesn’t sound fun, somebody should do that in order to make it safer. It is always better to be prepared than to regret later, right?

So, here we go…

Nation-wide Ambulance Network

In Turkey, each province has its own ambulance control centre and each centre is connected to a central authority which is run by the Ministry of Health.

You can dial a nation-wide toll-free number 7/24 from any land line or mobile phone to make a request. After stating your emergency and your location, the operator will send you an ambulance carrying trained medics and equipment complying with EN1789 European Community standards.



Ambulances in Turkey have Red Crescent sign instead of Red Cross. Turkish word used for ambulance is “ambulans” which you can easily recognize because of the similarity of both words. 

Healthcare Centres and Hospitals in Bodrum

Healthcare centres and hospitals are the backbones of the health services available in Bodrum. The domestic and international popularity of the peninsula also attract health investments including privately owned hospitals and clinics. The state, as the biggest national healthcare network, has also various services spread around the peninsula.

Due to high competition, hospitals and healthcare centres offer modern and reliable services by implementing the latest technologies to their services. Highly experienced doctors and other medical staff work around the clock to make things better and safer for us. 

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Pharmacies and Healthcare in Bodrum

Pharmacies carry an important role in the health system. These privately owned small shops are the only places where you can legally buy all kinds of medications including vitamin pills and pain killers. Any other supplier, a shop or a person, should be avoided for your health and safety. Buying even the most basic and harmless medication from other sources would be certainly illegal and possibly dangerous. 

Pharmacies have their own procedures and their own way of organization making the accessibility of the service possible 7/24.

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The diversity and accessibility of healthcare in Bodrum is an important advantage when you are away from the comfort of your home. Modern treatment techniques, latest technology and experienced professionals will be there for you whenever you need. Still, I hope that you will never have to see them with your own eyes.

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