Healthcare in Bodrum

Even a minor health issue can ruin your day especially on a vacation in a foreign country. Fortunately, services related to healthcare in Bodrum are accessible, modern, and reliable. While learning some basics and taking the necessary precautions, you can enjoy the great vacation waiting for you, without concerning yourself about something unexpected.

Due to its massive visitor traffic, Bodrum had developed a solid healthcare system for those in need of medical attention and treatment. The government run hospitals and primary care centres, private clinics and hospitals with nation-wide reputation, doctor and dentist offices keep healthcare in Bodrum on track in conjunction with centrally managed ambulance network and pharmacies.

Red crescent and red cross
Red crescent and red cross

Trouble in Paradise

I am not comfortable to talk about unpleasant things like health issues on a blog which should be all about discovery and experience. However, it should be done one way or another. It is always better to be prepared rather than regretting it later, right?

So, here we go…

Nation-Wide Ambulance Network

Each province in Turkey has its own ambulance control centre. Each centre is connected to the national centre which is owned and run by the Ministry of Health.

Inside of an ambulance in Bodrum
Inside of an ambulance in Bodrum

National toll-free number for requesting an ambulance is 112. The operator is going to ask you state your emergency and current location before sending an ambulance carrying trained medics and equipment, complying with EN1789 European Community standards.

Ambulances in Turkey carries red crescent sign instead of red cross. The Turkish word for ambulance is “ambulans”. I am sure you are going to recognize it easily when you see one of them because of the similarity of the words.

Healthcare Centres and Hospitals in Bodrum

Entrance of the Bodrum State Hospital
Entrance of the Bodrum State Hospital

Healthcare centres and hospitals are the backbones of the available health services in Bodrum. The popularity of the region has been attracting health investments, including privately owned hospitals and clinics. On the other hand, most of the locals use the services provided by Bodrum State Hospital and dozens of primary care centres due to health insurance system of the country.

The competition between private hospitals and clinics works well in favour of patients. Hospitals implement latest technologies resulting in modern and reliable services. Today, healthcare in Bodrum is capable of almost all the operations and treatments which can be normally found in big cities.

Pharmacies and Healthcare in Bodrum

The role of pharmacies in Turkish healthcare system are very important. Pharmacies are privately owned and usually small shops which are the only legal shops where you can buy all kinds of medications including pain killers. Other suppliers, shops or people are not allowed to sell any kind of medication, so they should be avoided. Even purchasing the most basic and harmless medication from other sources would be certainly illegal and possibly dangerous.

Healthcare services in Bodrum run 7/24 all year round
Healthcare services in Bodrum run 7/24 all year round

Pharmacies have their own procedures to provide a continuous service to patients 7/24. To learn how to find a drugstore at weekends or nights, click to below button to read more.

The diversity and accessibility of healthcare in Bodrum is an important advantage when you are away from the comfort of your home. Modern treatment techniques, latest technology and experienced professionals will be there for you whenever you need. If you need to learn about other health and safety topics at Enjoy Bodrum, please click here.

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