Health and Safety in Bodrum

Securing the most basic human needs means peace of mind for a traveller. Services regarding health and safety in Bodrum are diverse, adequate, and reliable to make sure that you will have a great time during your stay.

I hope none of us will have to deal with unpleasant issues like I am about to talk about. Yet, I would feel more secure if I knew what to do and where to go in case of emergencies.

Gezi protests in Bodrum in 2013
Bodrum during the Gezi protests in 2013

Bodrum, as a popular international destination, has a well-established and accessible health system. Similarly, the security forces work around the clock to keep us all safe.

I have organized the information about health and safety in Bodrum into sub-sections. You can reach the relevant information by following the links below.

Healthcare in Bodrum

Healthcare logo
Caduceus: the staff of Hermes which represent medicine today

The healthcare services in Bodrum Peninsula are very modern and accessible. Hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres, pharmacies, doctor, and dentist offices cover any possible health issue which can be treated by modern medicine.

The phone numbers and addresses of various hospitals and healthcare centres, reaching out for an ambulance service and a few tricks about pharmacies in Turkey can be found at the below links.

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Safety in Bodrum

The logo of the main security unit of Turkey: The police
The logo of Turkish Police

Is Bodrum safe? Well, it is safer than many other countries in the world. Sure, there are some bad guys, but there are mostly good guys. Turkey is one of the luckiest countries where crime rates are lower than the world average. The security units are working hard to keep Bodrum safe and to maintain below-average crime rate.

The police, gendarme (rural police), traffic police, municipal police (zabita), coastal security and fire department all have their own agendas to avoid any unpleasant situation which may happen. Different units with different responsibilities can sometimes be confusing. Yet, they are the backbones of health and security in Bodrum, effective in protecting us 7/24.

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Issues About Touristic Facilities

Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkish Republic
Logo of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

It may not be a part of the health and safety services in Bodrum, but there is an office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism where you can bring any issues you have had with hotels, tour boats, daily tours, tourism agencies, restaurants and cafes.

To be honest, the bureaucracy in Turkey can make them slow to respond instant needs, but I know they do their best to help you.

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Culture and Talking about Health and Safety in Bodrum

For someone who is raised in Turkish culture, it is not easy to talk about bad things which can happen to anyone, at any time. It feels like bad luck and we usually knock on wood to ward off the evil spirit when we must talk about these unpleasant things. This is also why we have charms for the evil eye in our homes, offices, or cars, protecting us from negative words and jealous looks.

It is believed that the Evil Eye keeps you safe
Probably the most common superstition in Turkey: The Evil Eye to keep you safe

It is a superstition, but it is also a part of the culture at the same time.

When I decided to write about health and safety in Bodrum, I hesitated. I thought to myself, why bother anyone who is looking for a good time in a limited vacation time. Just as I was about to give up, I received a message from one of the Enjoy Bodrum followers asking if Bodrum was safe. Only then, I decided to give this topic a second thought.

As a professional business communicator, I also know that we hesitate to confront colleagues and managers in the business environment for the same reason which we hesitate to talk about bad things. This is the reason why being open and direct – in business terms – is so hard for many Turkish people. The formal relations keep us from telling the bad news.  

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