Health and Safety in Bodrum

Health and safety in Bodrum define our vacation quality and are among most basic human needs. However they can be most difficult challenges for a traveller who is far from home. Knowing what to do in an emergency can save the day. 

I hope none of us is going to have any health or safety issues, not only in Bodrum, in the rest of our lives but isn't it better to have some information on these vital services as a precaution? Sure it is!

Bodrum Bars StreetCumhuriyet Street Known as Bodrum Bars Street

Bodrum, as a popular international destination, has a well-established and accessible health system. Similarly, security forces works day and night to keep us safe.

Keeping the fingers crossed for not having any health and security issues in your dream vacation, below are some useful information that can help you in any emergency. Just follow the relevant links to learn more.

Healthcare in Bodrum

Healthcare in Bodrum

Healthcare services offered in Bodrum peninsula are adequate, modern and accessible. Hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres, pharmacies, doctor and dentist offices provide a wide coverage for those in need.

The phone numbers and addresses of various hospitals and healthcare centres, reaching an ambulance service and a few tricks about pharmacies can be found by following relevant links below.

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Hospitals and Healthcare Centres

Pharmacies in Bodrum

Safety in Bodrum

Safety in Bodrum

Is Bodrum safe? Well, it is safe as any other country of the world. Unfortunately bad guys are everywhere but we are one of the luckiest countries where crime rates are lower than the world average and a variety of security units are responsible to protect all of us to maintain that ratio.

The police, gendarme (rural police), traffic police, municipal police (zabita), coastal security and fire department have their own agendas to prevent any unpleasant situation we may face. Sometimes so many units with different responsibilities can be a little bit confusing but still, they are the ones who work 7/24 to protect us.

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Issues about Touristic Facilities

Issues about Touristic Facilities

It may not be a matter of life and death but you may have complaints about the hotels, tour boats, daily tours, tourism agencies, restaurants and cafes. There is an authority to receive your inquiries and take necessary precautions to prevent them from happening again: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

To be honest, the bureaucracy we are living in Turkey can sometimes make them slow to react our instant needs but I know they do their best to help you to have a better experience in Bodrum. 

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Highlighting the Health and Safety in Bodrum

No one wants to think about the possibility of something can go wrong. If we would, life would be much harder than it actually is. On the other hand, things just can happen like that without any prior notice.

When it comes to health and safety in Bodrum, there may surely be bad guys, accidents or microorganisms which can hurt us in a town where hundreds of thousands of people pour in and pour out. Still, Bodrum has a good record as a safe place compared to the rest of the world. 

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