Sea Transport: Ferry and Cruises

If you are looking for more exciting and fun ways to travel try a ferry or cruises. Unfortunately this rides are available for limited routes to get to Bodrum.

A Turkish town Datca and some nearby Greek Island offer a short but memorable Aegean journeys to Bodrum, or vice versa. Who wouldn’t enjoy having couple of ouzos on a Greek Island after 25 minutes’ ride with a ferry? I surely would.

Ports of Ferry rides between Greek Islands and Bodrum

Visiting the town by cruises is another significant option. A taste from each beautiful town on the Mediterranean coast is hard to resist for many passengers. Some of them also visit Bodrum and fill the streets with the travellers from all over the world.

I will not cover world-famous blue voyages or daily boat trips. These are the topics that needs special attention and soon you will find detailed information about them on

Are you looking for information about local sea transport? Check Sea Transport around Bodrum under Getting around Bodrum menu item. 

The ultimate goal of this web site is to share some insider information to enhance your experience. After considering the generic information and opinions, booking a transport or hotel requires touch of a professional. A travel agency or a ticket office can help you to take action. 

Greek Islands: Ferry to Next Door

Common culture, different traditions and unique history: both sides of the Aegean Sea have been closely related for thousands of years.

At nights, city lights of Kos catch your eye from 20 kilometres away. It is even closer from Akyarlar; just 6 kilometres. If I were you, I’d seriously consider a daily visit. All you need to do is booking a round trip. 

Fast service to Kos: 25 minutes!Fast Ferries to Kos

The available routes and their frequencies are as follows at the time of writing;

·         Bodrum – Cos; daily in summers, 4 days per week in winters

·         Turgutreis – Cos; daily in summers

·         Bodrum – Kalymnos; once per week in summers

·         Turgutreis – Kalymnos; once per week in summers

·         Bodrum – Symni; depends on the demand

I would like to give more detailed information but it is quite difficult. Every sea line company has its own calendar which is subjected to change anytime. To avoid misleading, I prefer to keep it simple by providing only the available routes.

The cruise port and old harbour, the one before the castle, are ferry departure ports in Bodrum. You can buy your ticket from these ports.

Kos ride takes 25 minutes with a fast catamaran and 45 minutes with a standard ferry. The price of a one way trip ranges between €17 and €20.

To visit Greek islands, you need your passport and visa. Greece is an EU country which requires Schengen visa. I was told no visa is asked if you are EU or US citizen, otherwise you are going to need it.

Datca: The Southern Pearl

Datca is an amazing town on a beautiful peninsula to the south of Bodrum. If I could manage to create something useful with this web site, Datca would surely be my next target. 

Car ferries make round trips between Datca and Bodrum.Datca Ferries at Old Harbour

Fortunately there are regular ferry services between Datca and Bodrum. Normally it takes 4 hours by driving but car ferries help you to save time and money by reducing the duration to 90 minutes.

Between April and October, daily round trips are available from the old harbour; leaving Bodrum every morning and returning back on the same day in the evening. Their schedules becomes tricky in winters. Once a ferry leaves, it returns back on next day.

Cruise Ships: Floating Islands

Aegean and Mediterranean cruises like to touch at Bodrum on their route. The crystal blue waters, beautiful coves, long nights and amazing history attract them as well.

Bodrum Cruise Port is 2.5 kilometres away from the Bodrum Castle. If you are going to spend just a day or night at Bodrum as cruises usually do, this is where you start your shore excursion.

Cruising and cruise planning require experience. Fortunately my friends Bill and his lovely wife Kelly have been cruising for many years and sharing their experiences in their unforgettable cruise guide. If you need further information to plan your cruise vacation, I am sure they would be more than happy to assist you.

Bodrum’s Struggle: To Attract More Cruises

I’d like to say a few words about the efforts to attract more cruises to Bodrum. This is an important task for a town whose economy is largely dependent on tourism incomes. 

Bodrum Cruise Port entrance.Bodrum Cruise Port

There has been a friendly competition with Kusadasi for a long time. In my opinion Bodrum has already lost this game but still there are a lot to do to make it better.

Most cruise ships don’t stay long in a port. They are giant bees of the seven seas and they always move from one flower to another. In this rush time becomes an extremely limited resource for the passengers.

Ephesus is one of the most-visited destinations in Turkey. People from all over the world literally pour in. Here is the tricky part: Getting to Ephesus from Kusadasi takes at most an hour. From Bodrum it is around two and a half hours. It’s not surprising the cruises prefer to touch at Kusadasi instead of ancient Halicarnassus.

Against all odds, Bodrum didn’t give up. There are some on-going projects to host more and bigger cruise ships. Recently two more pontoons were constructed on the Cruise Port for larger ships. We will wait and see what will happen.

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