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This page contains links to outdated articles which has been moved to Enjoy Bodrum’s archives. If you have landed on this page by mistake and you are looking for something else, please return to the main page or use the search feature on the menu bar.

Constructing a site like Enjoy Bodrum is not an easy task when you are the only team member for keeping it up and running. Living in another city and working on a different area do not help as well.

Bodrum may be the biggest town in the Bodrum Peninsula, but it is not the only one. There are many more towns and villages which are also popular among travellers. Each one has its own unique characteristic with different accommodation, entertainment and sightseeing alternatives.

Bodrum is a dynamic, living town. It is usually difficult to catch up the latest changes around. In my blogging adventure, this has been the biggest challenge I have faced so far because bringing all these changes to you via Enjoy Bodrum requires more resources than I have.

When something new happens, updating the relevant page mostly clears the deck. However, if it is a fundamental change, creating a new content is sometimes a better way.

previous amphora exhibition in Bodrum Castle
Old amphora exhibition at Bodrum Castle

For example, an extensive renovation work had started at Bodrum Castle in October 2017. In May 2019, some parts of the museum opened doors for visitors. At my first visit, I have realized that the project was going to affect the most of my current article. To present new exhibition halls and landscape design, I have decided to write a new article from scratch instead of updating the current page.

Recent amphora exhibition in Bodrum Castle
New amphora exhibition at Bodrum Castle

On the other hand, some of you may wonder what it was like before for some reason. As a result, I am going to keep old articles in this archive section even if they contain outdated information.

Please follow the links below for relevant articles which was moved to the archive section. Also note that I have limited the link functionality to provide a better organized surfing experience.

Archived Articles

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Bodrum Castle & Museum of Underwater Archaeology

In 2017, an extensive restoration project has started at Bodrum Castle and Underwater Archaeology. The project includes the reconstruction of the inner court and exhibition halls aw well as changing the displayed artefacts. These are the articles which was prepared before the project starts.

  1. Bodrum Castle – Archive
    Archived on July 2nd, 2020
  2. Museum of Underwater Archaeology – Archive
    Archived on July 29th, 2020

Recent Articles

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