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Finding your way in Bodrum Peninsula may seem a little bit tricky at first glance but I would not worry about that. Even if there are many towns and villages in the peninsula, all locations are pretty close to each other as long as you know how to get there. I hope the distance chart which you will find below will be helpful during your vacation.

Each town and village have their own characteristics. With little effort and planning, you can reveal each of their distinctive atmosphere. Short distances between every spot make it convenient to visit as many places as you wish and so you can discover more about the nature, culture, and history of these beautiful destinations.

I have been traveling to search my own Bodrum for years now. I met new people and listened to their stories to learn about the local culture and lifestyle. I climbed almost all the mountains around, swam at almost every beach. As a result, I have been at every corner of this peninsula and I have never had to rent a car. Public transport alternatives are just what you need in the peninsula.

The highway circling the peninsula
Freeway between Bodrum and Turgutreis

If you want to travel further in the region for visiting other popular destinations like Ephesus or Lake Bafa, you need to make some arrangements though.

Travel for Adventure

After all those extensive travels in Aegean Region, I have learned one thing for certain: crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the hot Mediterranean sun are essential but not even close to the whole experience.

Do you really want to see Ephesus or The Virgin Mary’s House? Buy a daily tour package or rent a car, you will be there in two hours.

What about visiting Apollo Temple in Didyma? Getting there would only take less than 2 hours too. On top of that, you can even visit ancient cities Piriene, Miletos and Heraklia on the same day!

Wouldn’t it be better to relax on the mystic water terraces of Hierapolis instead of spending your day at the hotel pool? Did you know this UNESCO World Heritage Site is just 3 hours away from Bodrum?

The unique location of the Bodrum Peninsula on the south-western coast of Turkey offers quite exciting opportunities to visit many other interesting places. As a result, I have decided to prepare a simple distance chart which you can find quite handy when planning your trip.

Distance Chart for Bodrum and Domestic Locations

Approximate driving times on the below distance chart are based on my personal experiences and may vary due to traffic conditions. In general, the traffic is heavier in the peak season which is from June to August. Unexpected conditions like road constructions, however, may cause longer driving times even in the low season.

Take Gumbet, for example. It is only 4 kilometres away from Bodrum and normally you can get there in minutes by car or minibus. However, if you are caught in traffic on a summer weekend, you may have to spend more than half an hour. Similarly, it takes 30-40 minutes to get to Bodrum Bus Terminal in winters, but it can take an hour or more in the peak season.

Name Distance ADT*
Bodrum – Milas Airport (BJV) 35 45 minutes
Izmir Airport (ADB) 240 3 hours
Dalaman Airport (DLM) 235 3 hours
Antalya Airport (AYT) 406 7 hours
Name Distance ADT*
Gumbet 4 5 minutes
Bitez 10 10 minutes
Konacık 5 5 minutes
Ortakent 12 16 minutes
Yaliciftlik 15 20 minutes
Turgutreis 18 24 minutes
Mumcular 30 40 minutes
Gumusluk 23 26 minutes
Yalikavak 20 25 minutes
Gundogan 23 32 minutes
Turkbuku 22 22 minutes
Golkoy 20 25 minutes
Torba 8 10 minutes
Name Distance ADT*
Milas 47 50 minutes
Didim  123 1h 40 minutes
Mugla 104 1h 50 minutes
Marmaris 143 2h 20 minutes
Fethiye 272 4 hours
Izmir 235 3 hours
Kusadasi 120 2 hours
Ephesus (Efes) 175 2h 30 minutes
Hierapolis (Pamukkale) 170 3 hours
Datca 245 3 hours
Cappadocia (Kapadokya) 854 12 hours
Ankara 729 10 hours
Istanbul 840 11 hours
All distances are in kilometers (1 mile = 1.60934 kilometers)
* ADT. Average driving time    

Distances Between Bodrum and International Locations

Do you dream with Google Maps? I do!

Somehow every country, every city, every village I see becomes my “next destination”.

Sadly, the reality – I hate reality – tells me that I do not have so many alternatives. I should choose one of them which I can afford and go for it. I do not live in Bodrum so most of the time Bodrum wins.

Months after the first publish of this article including “Distance between Bodrum and Domestic Locations Chart”, I was on one of my virtual travels with Google Earth. I suddenly realized that if I wonder how far a destination is from where I am, somebody else could wonder how far Bodrum is from where she/he lives. I find the ruler tool from the menu and started to measure air distances from Bodrum to some other cities in the world. In the end, I came up with the table below.

City Distance   City Distance
Amsterdam 2,449   Abu Dhabi 2,912
Athens 509   Cape Town 7,918
Berlin 2,033   Dubai 2,950
Bucharest 832   Kahire 853
Dublin 3,166   Kuwait 2,086
Edinburgh 3,107   Tel Aviv 867
Helsinki 2,570   AMERICA
Lisbon 3,194   City Distance
London 2,700   Buenos Aires 11,893
Madrid 2,713   Los Angeles 11,372
Manchester 2,928   Mexico City 11,621
Moscow 2,225   Montreal 7,928
Munich 1,787   New York 8,262
Oslo 2,814   Rio De Jenerio 9,904
Paris 2,412   ASIA & AUSTRALIA
Prague 1,785   City Distance
Rome 1,394   Beijing 7,426
Sofia 717   New Delhi 4,703
St. Petersburg 2,579   Seoul 8,340
Vienna 1,534   Sydney 14,981
Zagreb 1,364   Taipei 8,749
Zurich 1,944   Tokyo 9,357
All distances are in kilometers (1 mile = 1.60934 kilometers)  

I have been also working on a Bodrum map covering all the major towns and points of interest. It will be an ongoing work in progress, and I think using the chart above with the map could be handy before and during your visit.

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Enjoy Bodrum

I am Akinsal and I am here to guide you on your search for finding your own Bodrum.