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I will be more than happy to hear your ideas, inputs and questions about and Bodrum itself. I will do my best to fulfill your questions and requests.

I just kindly to ask you to keep in mind that I am not a travel agency, I am just a traveler who is in love with this lovely peninsula.

In Turkey, only the travel agencies licensed from Ministry of Culture and Tourism can sell you daily tours, make reservations and even make airport transfers. This is for your own protection. Any opposite effort is illegal.

As a result, please don't take it personal if I am not able to help you in these areas where pros should handle. But do expect me to share my experiences and my own subjective opinions with you.

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Here is why do I have a contact form instead of providing an e-mail address and making it easy for you to contact me;

I am pretty sure that we all know about the spammers out there who consider sending persistent and irrelevant e-mails as a "business model". I have realized that they have some tools to extract e-mail addresses from the web pages and send those silly e-mails tirelessly. After putting my e-mail address into this contact page, I have started to receive massive amount of e-mails. So I have removed it and prepared this form for you.

Why do I need your name? Because I want to know to whom I am interacting with. I am going to use this data in replying your message.

I need your e-mail address to respond your message with the requested information you asked for.

And the country? I actually don't need this data but I am just curious about where are you from :) I am excited to learn who is following from which country.

The information you have entered will be used only for replying your inquiry. I am not intending to distribute or sell them to anybody or any company.

Thank you in advance.

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