Ground Transport: Bus to Bodrum

For decades, bus has been the core transport option of Turkey for intercity travels. Although the market has been increasing in favour of air transport recently, they still maintain their importance.

81 cities and hundreds of towns are connected by local and national coach services. Their on-going popularity comes from wide-range of coverage, availability, accessibility and cheaper prices.

Bodrum is not an exception. An Intercity bus terminal serves passengers from all over the nation.

Bodrum Intercity Bus TerminalBodrum Intercity Bus Terminal

Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal

Bodrum Terminal is located at the centre of the town, adjacent to the minibus terminal, which is 10 minutes’ walk away from the castle.

Every coach arriving in Bodrum stops at the terminal to drop off their passengers. If your final destination is somewhere else in the peninsula, you can find a minibus to almost any town and village from the main minibus station, just 50 metres away from the terminal.

If you’d like to travel to another amazing destination in Turkey, this is also the place where you are going to buy your tickets.

Buses at Bodrum Bus TerminalMajority of Buses are Confortable and Modern

Some companies offer online ticket sales like my personal favourites Pamukkale and Varan. In addition, Kamil Koc and Metro are well-known brands and offer Turkey-wide services. A lot of other local and regional transport companies have also ticket offices at the terminal.

You can pick any company you want but there may be some people trying to take you to their offices. These kind of so-called “sales” activities always make me feel uncomfortable. I suggest you to simply disregard them.

During the Trip

Seats are usually in pairs, and there are two pairs in a raw. If you are traveling alone or your group consists of odd number of passengers, the ticket office need to know the gender of the passenger who will sit alone. Two passengers who are sitting together and aren’t member of the same group need to be of the same gender. This practice is effective for all intercity buses in Turkey.

Every bus has a host or hostess to serve you during your trip. Simple snacks, hot and cold soft drinks are usually complimentary and served by the host every couple of hours depending on the trip duration.

If you are thirsty, however, you don’t need to wait for the next service, you can call your host anytime and ask for a glass of water.

Consumption of any alcoholic drink during travel can be perceived as rudeness and is probably forbidden. So it is better to not to drink alcohol until you arrive in your destination.

Buses are necessary especially if you are traveling around the Aegean region where distances are too short to fly. You can learn more on distances by clicking Distance between Bodrum and Various Locations.

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