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Coaching services have always been the main transport option in Turkey. Although the popularity of air travel has been increasing for the last decade or two, ground transport still maintains its first place among all other options. Similarly, finding a bus to Bodrum from anywhere in Turkey is very easy.

Local and national coach services connect 81 cities, 950 municipalities, 400 towns and 35,000 villages. The on-going popularity of buses comes from their extensive coverage and low costs country wide. Almost every town and municipality have their own bus terminals run by the municipalities.

Like every other towns and municipalities in Turkey, some of the towns in the Bodrum Peninsula has their own bus terminals. The biggest and most active one is Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal which is at the Bodrum town centre. Other terminals like Turgutreis and Yalikavak are almost idle and primarily used for public transport.

Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal

Bodrum Bus Terminal is located at the centre of the town, adjacent to the minibus station and Bodrum Bazaar. 10-minute walk from the Bodrum Castle will take you there.

The last stop of the coach services is usually the Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal. Only a few companies continue to Turgutreis and Yalikavak in summers.

If you are not staying in the town centre, you are going to need to take a minibus or a taxi to get to where you will stay.

Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal
Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal

The minibus station where you can take a minibus to almost any nearby town or village is 50 meters away from the bus terminal. The taxi station, offering 7/24 taxis for your destination, is even closer.

The intercity bus terminal is also the place where you can find couch service to anywhere in Turkey. Kusadasi, Mugla, Fethiye, Marmaris, Aydin, Izmir, Kas are some of the interesting places to visit while you are around. However, I would consider using Milas-Bodrum Airport for longer distances instead.

In the terminal, there are ticket offices of various couch companies. My personal favourite is Pamukkale and I use it when I need to travel to Kusadasi or Izmir. Other well-known national companies include Kamil Koc and Metro. These three companies have online ticket sales as well.

Buses come handy especially when traveling around the Aegean region where distances are relatively too short to fly. By checking the distance chart, you can find the distances and average driving times from Bodrum to various locations.

When you get to the bus terminal to buy a ticket, there may be some people trying to take you to their offices. This is something like tradition in all the bus terminals of the country and I find it annoying. These kinds of so called “sales” effort is illegal in Turkey but somehow the authorities cannot prevent it from happening.

I would suggest you to simply disregard them and pick you own bus company to travel.

New Terminal Coming Soon

As the city grows, the location of the terminal – or “otogar” as we call – has become more controversial. Being at such a central location causes heavy traffic load to old and narrow Bodrum streets. To remove this excessive load from the centre, the authorities has decided to build a new terminal near Torba.

Busses waiting for the passengers in the terminal
Most of intercity buses are modern and comfortable

The construction has started in 2019, aiming the project completion in 2020. At the time of writing, by July 2020, the work is still on. There are rumours that telling the Covid-10 pandemic has slowed down the project. So far, I could not get any update on the completion date.

New terminal will surely help the Bodrum traffic, reaching its top in the peak season. But the discussions are not about new bus station. It is still controversial because of the old terminal’s central and very valuable land.

We want to see it as a park and a recreational area. However, we should admit that we have a bad record of building new buildings on every available space. So, we are closely following the authorities for their next move about the old terminal. Soon, the new terminal will be finished. I will update this page accordingly after it is done.

The Bus Trip

Seats of intercity buses are usually in pairs and there are two pairs in a raw. Recently, a new type of bus with 3 seats in a row (one seat on one side and two seats on the other) has joined the fleet. They have a wider seat area for your legs and inhouse entertainment system with your personal TV and internet. They are definitely more comfortable than an economy class of any airlines.

Arriving Bodrum in a bus
After having a wonderful time in Kusadasi, I am about to arrive Bodrum bus terminal in 200 metres

When travelling alone or when your group has odd number of passengers, the ticket office will need to know the gender of the passenger who will sit alone. In Turkey, if people sitting together are complete strangers, they must have the same gender to sit next to each other in buses. This is not a rule, it is just a common practice which all bus companies agree.

Every bus has a host or hostess to serve you during your trip. Simple snacks, hot and cold soft drinks are usually complimentary and served by the host every couple of hours.

If you are thirsty, however, you do not need to wait for the next service. You can call your host anytime when you need a glass of water for free.

Consumption of any alcoholic drink in the buses is not allowed. It can also be perceived as a rude act against other passengers.

Have a pleasant journey!

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