Bodrum Weather and Forecast

Have you ever been caught in the rain on a beach holiday or waited for snow fall to enjoy skiing in a mountain resort? It happens whether you want or not. Bodrum weather is renowned for high sun and warm temperatures and you are lucky because the odds are in your favor especially in summer. It is rarely cold, usually hot and mostly pleasant.

Bodrum Weather in SummerSummer in Akyarlar

There are several towns and villages spread across Bodrum Peninsula. Each one is more beautiful than the other and each one has its own specific weather variations. 

For example, Bodrum’s still air makes it one or two points hotter than the other towns. So, I go swimming early in the morning before it gets too hot. If I want to spend all day on a beach reading my book, Gumusluk is a better choice for me because of quiet beach and refreshing breeze. 

We can’t control the weather, but we can make guesses. Short term forecast like you can find below is useful if you are already in or about to leave for Bodrum. However, it is not enough to plan your vacation well in advance. 

In summers, you don’t need to be worried about Bodrum weather because it is always good for beaches. But what if you plan your trip for another time? In that case, you need some solid data to guess what weather in Bodrum by season would be like.

Bodrum Weather Forecast

An internet service,, provides below forecast for the coming days. Gray number shows the current condition, yellows and blues shows highest and lowest temperatures respectively. 


We use degrees Celsius (°C) as temperature unit in Turkey. If you use Fahrenheit instead, check Measurement Units used in Turkey link to learn how to convert temperature data into more meaningful figures for yourself. 

Mediterranean Climate

Bodrum Weather reflects all typical characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. In coastal areas it means hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. Hinterland, on the other hand, is cold in winter and hot in summer under the influence of continental climate.

This particular variety of subtropical weather is found at Mediterranean Basin which falls between 30th and 45th north latitudes. The band between 30th and 45th south latitudes shows similar characteristics at southern hemisphere.  

Mediterranean Climate MapMediterranean climate world map

Although the climate in Mediterranean Basin is unique, resembling climate characteristics are also observed in some parts of California, South Australia, Central Chile and South Africa.

It wouldn’t be all wrong if we’d say that Bodrum has only two seasons; summer and winter. What Bodrumian call “winter” is what people living in Istanbul call “fall”; mild to cool weather without snow. Monthly average temperatures tell even swimming is possible in the coldest months.

Winds of Poseidon

It was Zeus’ brother Poseidon who sends favorable winds to ships to sail. This is one of the stories being told in these lands for thousands of years and if it would be true, that would make him my number one amongst all ancient Gods in summer.

I am not a fan of hot temperatures and moist. That’s one of the reasons I love weather in Bodrum in Autumn most. Let me explain myself with an example: I have been in a sauna once in my life and it lasted about 20 seconds. I am not planning another sauna or Turkish Bath experience for the next hundred years. You do the math. 

So, I constantly pray for light winds in summers and Poseidon usually grants it around November.

Southwester winds over BodrumSouthwester winds over Bodrum

There are two important winds to understand Bodrum weather; northeaster (or “poyraz”) and the southwester (or “lodos”).

Continental climate is effective at the inner parts of Anatolia. In winter it gets real cold there. Northeasters blow this wintry weather to Bodrum over the mountains. Although it gets warmer as it travels, I promise you are going to feel it within your bones. Fortunately, it is rare. 

Life in Bodrum flows outdoors all year long, unless it is raining. However, the northeaster can make you stuck indoors and that would not be Aegean style at all.

In summers, hinterland is also hot, northeasters bring nothing but dry, hot air.

The second type of wind, southwester, effects more lives than its cool brother. It is basically the warm weather carried from the heart of the Mediterranean. Unlike northeaster, they bring warmth of the south which is pretty good. The problem arises when it speeds up.

The waves can reach up to a meter or even higher. You might think that it is nothing, not enough even for surfing. You are right, but keep in mind that most Aegean towns are not designed to stand against waves and Bodrum is no exception. The coastal line is full of cafes, hotels, restaurants, shops, walkways and houses.  Waves may cause a considerable material damage.

Not to mention that sailors, fishermen and boat owners are not fans of southwester either. Boats can wash up if all necessary precautions aren’t taken.

Like northeaster, southwester is not frequent in winter and it is quite rare for the rest of the year. 

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