Share Your Bodrum Travel Story is all about my Bodrum travel stories. Since 2013, I have been trying to provide information about Bodrum to help you making your vacation a better experience.

However, Bodrum offers incredible amount of activities and moods. Whatever you are looking for – adventure, luxury, parties, relaxation, beaches, nature, art, history, culture – is probably there waiting for you.

Would you like to experience a Turkish hammam to get a bit of oriental fantasy?

What about the famous Bodrum market, or bazaar, where locals rush from one stall to another, trying to find the freshest Aegean herbs and vegetables?

Gokova Bay
Trekking around Gokova Bay

Ahh… There are so many things to do while you are there. This is why I keep saying “there is a different Bodrum for everyone”. Whether a quiet dinner in Gumusluk or a “poteo run” in downtown; everyone can find something unique and special.

You know how my Bodrum story has started but has never been completed.

I just wonder what your’s was…

It is YOUR turn now…

If you are a traveller with an interesting Bodrum travel story to share, do tell!

What is your favourite Bodrum memory you will always remember?

Spread the word so we can enjoy Bodrum more with your experiences. Let your stories inspire us to make ours even better.

Blue cruise iwith a Bodrum gullet
World famous blue cruises of Bodrum

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Full moon at Mazi
Full moon at Mazi

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