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Bodrum Travel Story? do tell! is about my Bodrum travel stories and the information that I think relevant for building your own unique special vacation.

Adventure, beaches, parties, romance, art, nature, history and relaxation are only a few examples of what you can find and it is up to you which one to choose from to make it totally yours. 

Do you remember Turkish baths where you can get a bit of oriental fantasy?

Or the famous bazaar where locals rush from one stall to another to choose the freshest vegetables and fruits at a better price?

Me and Nancy, My Lovely CousinMe and Nancy, My Lovely Cousin

All these are the places that can be interesting for you while you are around. The question is, “can a location alone make a moment memorable?” I don’t think so. There are usually a lot of other ingredients to make it tastier like your family, friends, a track on your iPod, a small chat with a stranger and the list goes on. When they come together with the right timing, the magic happens and suddenly you find yourself living in a moment that will be remembered for a long time.

There is a different Bodrum for everyone. Whether a quiet dinner or a “poteo” run, everyone gets something unique and special. I wonder what was yours…

If you are an international visitor who has a Bodrum travel story which makes you smile and fills your mind with happy thoughts, let us know and inspire other visitors to make theirs better. 

Tell us about your own Bodrum travel, it’s YOUR turn now…

What is your unforgettable magic moment captured through Bodrum pictures?

What is your favorite Bodrum activity that makes your vacation more special?

Spread the word so that we learn about alternatives and creative new ways for having more fun. I will also have a small gift for you for caring us by sharing your experiences.

Thank You for the Bodrum Travel Story

On behalf of all visitors of my blog, I have a small “thank you” gift for your story. I know, it is not much. I just want you to know how I appreciate your time and effort to put all those words and pictures together for us. 

It’s a handmade magnet which is made of glass. The dimensions are roughly 5cm x 5cm (2” x 2”). I hope you will like this simple gift as I did.

For my Future Guest Writers!For my Future Guest Writers!

Here is how it works;

  • Share your fun, magic moments or information on Bodrum by clicking one of the links above.
  • After your contribution is published, use contact me form to send me your postal address.
  • I will send the magnet to your address via registered mail.

That’s it! It is a free gift with no extra charges, no hidden fees. 

What You May Want to Know

Actually, being a guest writer doesn't need too much, just be genuine and honest.


All submissions need confirmation to be published because I want you to have only quality content on this blog. Please take this into consideration before hitting the submit button.

All pictures and articles should be genuine and fully yours. I’d suggest to use 400 – 600 words on your text to communicate your message clearly. The articles less than 250 words are likely to have a poor content. This paragraph, for example, including this sentence counts 60 words. So don’t be afraid, it will be probably easier than you think!


I am neither a supplier nor a producer of these magnets so please don’t ask me to send you a specific figure or color. I am going to send them randomly. 

If I will run out of magnets, you will see an update on this page. 

I will send the magnets world-wide via registered post. I am not able to control the speed of postal services or to comply with custom regulations of your country. If anything goes wrong, please don’t get mad at me.

Only one magnet for every guest writer of is available regardless of the number of submissions.

THANK YOU for your understanding.

So let’s not waste time and start to think about your beautiful moments which you had during your Bodrum travel!

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