Bodrum Transfers by Taxi

Using a taxi service for your Bodrum transfers is comfortable, fast and reliable but more expensive than other ground transportation alternatives.

This is a small town. You can go almost anywhere you want in half an hour by walking but you are in an Aegean town. It can be too hot to walk or a sudden rain shower can catch you. Whatever the reason is, it is good to know about how a taxi service works.

Taxis are waiting at the bus terminal.Taxi Station at Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal

Hailing a Taxi for Your Bodrum Transfers

You will come across a lot of taxi stations while wandering around. Every taxi service works around-the-clock for your Bodrum transfers.

In Turkey, you don’t have to walk to a station or make a phone call to take a cab. You can hail a passing empty taxi to get in. The driver will not have a problem with picking you up even if it blocks the whole traffic.

A taxi driver is required to take you to your destination without questioning the distance. You can take a cab for 50 meters as long as you pay for it. Some drivers may be greedy and don’t want to take you there for short distances. You have right to insists or you can report the plate number to a traffic police. I haven’t seen such an attitude in Bodrum yet but in Istanbul and Ankara, I have.

Pricing and Standards

Taxi station next to Bodrum MunicipalityAt Your Service 7/24

A taxi service has specific standards to follow like their yellow colour and “Taksi” signs on their roof tops. A taximeter and a cab licence are other necessities they must have.

Fares are different subject. They are set regionally. In other words, taxi service may cost different for a certain distance in various cities. So don’t be surprised when you pay more for your Bodrum transfers than you did in Istanbul or Izmir. It is more expensive here.

Why do they do that?

70% of the locals earn their living within the peak season and the rest of the year passes quietly with a little or no business. That includes the taxi drivers. If you want to keep them in the town for the next summer, you need to make some adjustments in their favour. The same thing applies for all other destinations which are dependent on tourism.

I don’t want you to think that you are going to pay a fortune for your Bodrum transfer. I am just making a comparison for Turkey and it is expensive in our standards.

Taximeter calculates the fares automatically. Make sure that the driver switches it on when you get into the cab, just before moving. If somehow he forgets, ask him to do it.

Payments, Receipts and Tips

Although I have heard that some taxis has started to accept credit cards, I have never seen any of them. I wouldn’t rely on paying with my credit card, instead I’d prefer to carry some cash.

Taking a taxi between the towns is usually an expensive idea and drivers know that. I have recently noticed that many taxi stations, including the one in the airport, started to use price lists for inter-town distances. Standard prices for the other towns around the peninsula are listed. For example from centre to the airport costs around TL 140 according to taximeter but I saw it was listed as TL 90 in a taxi station in January 2014. So if you are planning to go another town, check the price in the list or ask the driver before getting in. If you are satisfied with the listed price, the driver won’t switch on the taximeter. 

I know you can pay your Bodrum transfers with some common currencies like US Dollar, Euro or Sterling but remember that a taxi service doesn't have to do that. It wouldn't a problem in a touristic destination but in most of the Anatolian cities I think it would.

One more thing; if you are paying in your own currency, there is no guarantee that the driver would pay back with the same currency.

When you need a receipt, you have to ask for it. When you do, the driver will prepare a receipt for you before you get out of the cab. Giving a receipt is not an obligation for a taxi service.

I have published an article about Tipping in Turkey. If you haven’t read it yet, you just need to know that Turkish cab drivers don’t expect a tip from you as they do in The States. Still, I am quite sure that they wouldn't say “no”.

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