Bodrum Taxi Transfers

Taking a taxi for your Bodrum transfer is comfortable, fast, and reliable. However, it is far from being cost effective comparing with other public transport alternatives.

Bodrum is a small town and you can go almost anywhere you want by taking half an hour walk. Still, you are in an Aegean town. It can be too hot to walk, a sudden rain shower can catch you or you may be too tipsy after partying all night. If this will be your first time in Turkey, knowing a little about taxis would not hurt.

Terminal taxi station in Bodrum
Taxi station at Bodrum intercity bus terminal

Hailing for a Bodrum Taxi

In Turkey, taxis are organized in groups and forms a station which we call “Taksi Duragi” in Turkish. Each taxi station has a name. All taxis have a sign on their front window showing the name of the station with which they are registered.

Some big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir have also freelance taxis which are not registered to any station. Personally, I prefer not to use them as much as possible even if I have to hail incidentally on the roadside. First, I look at their front window. If see a station sign, then I hail. Imagine you have left your phone on the rear seat. After you left the cab, there is no way you can find each other again if it is a freelancer. However, it is easy to find the number and address of a taxi station for going after your phone.

There are many taxi stations around Bodrum Peninsula, and to my best of knowledge, they are all registered to a taxi station.

Every taxi station works around-the-clock for your Bodrum transfers all year. For taking a taxi, you can either walk to a station or call them because every station has a phone number to respond calls. You can also hail a passing empty taxi. This is Turkey and the driver will not have a problem with picking you up even if it blocks the whole traffic!

Gerence taxi station at the coast
Gerence taxi station

Taxi Driver’s Responsibility

Taxis, taxi stations and taxi drivers are regulated, licenced, and audited by Turkish Motoring Federation. It also defines the rules for taxis carrying passengers.

According to the federation, a taxi driver is required to take you to your destination without questioning the distance. You can take a cab for 50 meters as long as you pay for it. However, some drivers may reject you for short distances. In that case, you have the right to insists and you can report the plate number of that taxi to a traffic police.

I have not seen such a negative attitude in Bodrum so far. After all they are mostly locals and Aegean people are usually relaxed, understanding, and well-fit into a slow-paced life. Unfortunately, this is not the case in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara which the authorities have failed to find a solution so far.

Pricing and Standards

All taxis must follow some specific standards like their yellow colour and “Taksi” signs on their roof tops. The plate numbers should also be written on both sides legibly.

All taxis should have and use taximeters. The fares vary in every city and they are specified by the local branches of Turkish Motoring Federation. In Istanbul and Ankara, we have the cheapest taxi rates. However, in touristic destinations like Bodrum, the fares are higher.

Bodrum becomes one of the biggest cities of Turkey in terms of population exceeding 1,000,000 people in summers. There should be an adequate number of taxis, which is also true for minibuses, to serve all these people trying to have fun in their precious vacation time. However, the high season when they can make some money is only 3 – 4 months. For the rest of the year, the income of drivers decreases to almost none. Authorities consider their seasonal loses when deciding the fares.

Merkex taxi station next to municipality
Merkez taxi station

I do not want you to think that you are going to pay a fortune for your Bodrum transfers by taxi. I am just trying to make this an example of seasonal cycles in local’s incomes.

Even if the fare is higher than the big cities, normally a taxi should cost something around €15 – €20 from Bodrum to Milas-Bodrum Airport while Bodrum airport transfers with a shuttle costs around €3.

Anyway, taximeters calculate the fares automatically based on the distance. Please make sure that the driver switches it on just before moving. If you realize that he forgot to switch it on, ask him to do it.

Taking a taxi from one town to another is usually an expensive idea and drivers know that. I have recently noticed that many taxi stations, including the one in the airport, started to use price lists for rides between towns. As far as I can see, these price lists are usually lower than what a taximeter reads for the same distance. So, if you are planning to go to another town, check the price in the list or ask the driver before getting in. If you are satisfied with the listed price, the driver will not switch the taximeter on. Please also note that, this is not a practice you can see in big cities.

Payments, Receipts and Tips

Taxis in Turkey usually work with cash. In big cities and touristic towns, accepting credit cards is a trending topic but I would carry some cash, preferably in Turkish Lira with me just in case.

The drivers usually accept common currencies like US Dollars, Euro or Sterling as a payment. Please keep in mind that they do not have to. Generally, it would not be a problem in a touristic town, but it would be surely a problem in most of the Anatolian cities. Besides, even if he accepts the cash in your currency, you will probably be given the change in Turkish Liras.

If you need a receipt, you must ask for it. The driver should pull over before you leave and prepare a receipt for you as you are waiting in the cab. Giving a receipt is not an obligation for a taxi because they are subjected to lump-sum taxation. I have published an article about Tipping in Turkey. If you have not read it yet, all you need to know is that Turkish taxi drivers do not expect a tip from you. We do not have such a custom in Turkey like the US. However, I am quite sure that they would not say “no” if you offe

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