Bodrum Tourist Information Office

Bodrum Tourist Information Office is a non-profit government organization of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It offers various services for both domestic and international travellers visiting the peninsula.

It is a small, one store white building adjacent to the Bodrum Castle, at the south edge of Baris Square. It falls behind a short walkway and can be easily overlooked. Just look for the sign on the building which reads “Tourist Information”.


Address: Baris Meydani (Peace Square) No: 43 Bodrum
Phone: +90 252 316 10 91

Primary role of this office is to support Bodrum tourism by organizing events, providing information to visitors, auditing touristic facilities, and collecting feedback about your satisfaction. In short, their task is to make your Bodrum stay easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Bodrum Tourist Information

Before moving on, I would like to pass a message from one of the officers working at Bodrum Tourist Information Office. When I told her that I needed some information to publish on Enjoy Bodrum, she asked me to make it clear that office working hours are adjusted based on visitor traffic. You can call them outside the official working hours, which is between 08:00 and 17:00 from Monday to Friday, to see if they are working or not. Please also note that they have a lunch break between 12:00 and 13:00.

I have visited this office many times to find out what they do and how do they do it.

This is a multilingual office which means you can find somebody speaking English, German, and French. Yet, I would not count on it. They work in shifts in summers due to longer working hours. The officer who speaks your language may have finished his or her shift when you arrived.

I assume you have already downloaded the Bodrum Map which I made for you. However, it would not hurt having another one as a hard copy in your pocket. The Bodrum Tourist Information office is one of the places where you can get one for free.

You can find various free brochures, flyers, and booklets about Bodrum and other touristic destinations in Turkey in different languages at the office. However, they cannot guarantee the availability of the documents all the time. Passengers from a big cruise ship or large groups arriving from Kos Island with ferries can suddenly deplete the stock.

Bodrum Tourist Information Office
Bodrum Tourist Information Office

Since this is a government office, any question regarding a specific service such as “the best hotel to stay” or “the best restaurant for a romantic evening” probably will be left unanswered. This is how they work. Please do not be harsh on them if you cannot get a specific answer. They just cannot promote a service over others.

Although the people in this office look like they are there to give directions and provide information about the region, it is just the tip of an iceberg.

The main responsibility of the office is to audit and control all the touristic facilities and services licenced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to see if they comply with the rules and regulations.

Airport transfers, for example, can only be done by licenced agencies and the personnel of this office organize traffic controls with the police to check if your ride from the airport has the right permit or not. Similarly, the office reviews and audits licence applications of blue cruise gullets or new touristic hotels.

If you have any issue with a travel agency, a hotel or a touristic restaurant, Tourist Information Office is where you can report your complaints.

Kittens at Bodrum Tourist Information
Kİttens at the garden of the Bodrum Tourist Information Office

However, there are some grey areas because of the weird bureaucratic reasons.

Tourist Information Office means the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the government itself. However, their authority does not cover all the touristic facilities.

All the hotels, pensions, restaurants, bars, boats, and agencies must get a permit to serve you. The nonsensical part is that they do not necessarily get their licences from the ministry all the time. Sometimes, especially for pensions, small hotels, bars and some restaurants, the municipality can also grant a licence.

You may think to yourself “so what?”.

Imagine that you have a problem with your hotel management, and you want to report them to the authorities. You decide to talk directly with the government, that is, the tourist information office. They may say “Sorry, your hotel is not within our authority”, as if it is in another country.

Turkey is a beautiful country but unfortunately these things can happen. I know this is something about licences, but I still could not figure out how it works.

For better or worse, Bodrum Tourist Information Office is the ultimate tourism authority and they are there to help you to the best of their abilities.

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