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The fine combination of history and nature in Bodrum sightseeing tours was originated from Aegean’s natural beauty and local needs of the inhabitants. 

A castle built to control the passage between Asia Minor and Kos Island had to have a good Aegean panorama. Windmills had to be on top of a hill watching both Bodrum and Gumbet Bays to take advantage of the blowing wind. What would be better than constructing a fortress on a small island in Lake Bafa (it was a bay many years ago) to protect a harbour which had a commercial importance?

A Short Walk around the TownA Short Walk around Bodrum

The necessities that were faced in the past are the reasons behind having so many exciting Bodrum sightseeing alternatives in the area today. Exploring these special locations would be a perfect addition on your things to do in Bodrum list to discover the peninsula and Aegean alike. 

However, sightseeing wouldn't be enough alone without other places to visit for getting a closer look to the life style and traditions of the local community. You may also want to check places like bazaars, hammams and mosques to have an insight on the cultural background of the Turkish society.

Bodrum Sightseeing: Historical Sites

Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle Menu

The most popular Bodrum sightseeing spot is the castle situated in the middle of the town separating eastern bay from the old harbour to the west. 

Inside the walls there lies one of the most important museums of its kind, The Museum of Underwater Archaeology where Mediterranean’s oldest shipwrecks are on permanent exhibition. I also have always been fascinated by the mini arboretum located at the courtyard where peacocks wander around a good selection of local flora.

Since the museum and the castle have their own stories to be taken separately, I have decided to prepare different sections. Just click on the relevant link to learn about castle, museum and their histories.

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