Bodrum Sightseeing

Bodrum sightseeing tours are generally a wonderful combination of the Aegean’s natural beauty and the region’s long and exciting history.

A castle built to control the passage between Asia Minor and Kos Island had to have a clear view of Aegean panorama. Windmills had to be on top of a hill watching both Bodrum and Gumbet Bays to take advantage of the blowing wind. A commercially important harbour had to be protected so Carians had to build a fortress on a small island at ancient Herakleia – todays’ Lake Bafa – when it was a bay embracing the blue Aegean Sea.

Yalikavak from atop of a hill
Over the hills of Bodrum Peninsula

The needs of the past had given us many beautiful Bodrum sightseeing alternatives to enjoy today. Exploring these special locations would be a perfect addition to your things to do in Bodrum list to discover the peninsula and Aegean alike.

You can always enjoy Bodrum and its natural beauty by taking a sightseeing tour. However, if you also wish a peek at the region’s rich local culture as well, there are some places to visit where you can observe daily habits of the locals.

Bodrum Sightseeing

Peacock at the Bodrum Castle
The Bodrum Castle

The most popular Bodrum sightseeing spot in the area is the castle situated in the middle of the town separating eastern bay from the old harbour to the west.



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