Tailor Repair in Bodrum

What do you do if your clothes need a repair? What is the possibility that you have needles and threads in your suitcase?

Some hotels provide travel sewing kits for their guests but if your hotel is not one of them, you may find this article quite useful.

When I decided to write about repairing things after splitting my shoe into two parts, I searched for a tailor repair shop in Bodrum. It turned out there are many tailors settled in Bodrum. Terzi Arif (terzi means tailor in Turkish and Arif is the name of the tailor) is one of them which I enjoyed to have a conversation with.

Arif, the boss, is a shy guy. When I asked for his permission to take some pictures of his shop, he said “sure but only with one condition”: I was not going to take a picture of him. Fortunately, his employees Cemal and Ali were totally fine with it.

Arif was born and raised in Bodrum. After working for his master as an apprentice for years, he had received his certificate of proficiency and opened this small shop in 1995.

The business had gone well and in 1997 another Bodrumian Ali had joined the team. The last addition to the tailoring team had been Cemal who was done with the big city life and moved to Bodrum in 2002 from Istanbul.

This small place is unexpectedly busy. Shelves are fully loaded with clothes so that they seem like they can collapse in any minute. The boss says they are working hard to finish their job list but at the end of the day, they are happy with the business.

Terzi Arif is open until 7pm, 6 days in a week in winters. They prefer not to work on Sundays. On the other hand in summer time lazy Sundays are not an option and they work until 10pm every day of the week.

Terzi Arif

Address: Carsi Mahallesi Nazim Hikmek Sokak, No:19

Phone: +90 252 316 61 30

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