Bodrum Photos and Pictures

Everyone has a Bodrum story which will be told over and over again. Bodrum photos and pictures keep those magical moments alive and form the story-board of a unique and special experience. 

Once you get caught to Bodrum fever, it is hard to push back your desire to capture every moment. There is always something new at every corner even if you’ve been there before a thousand times.

Dances of Thousands of Grays in GumuslukDances of Thousands of Grays in Gumusluk

Sometimes the reflection of clouds turns blue crystal waters into a liquid silver river which urges you to take a picture. Sometimes you notice that wild strawberries changed the scene by garnishing green with their mystic red so you want to press the shutter once more. When a sailing ship moving gently and quietly appears between the islands, or when the sunset touches the silhouette of the castle, you just keep pressing that button again and again.

Memories on Bodrum Photos

Looking back, I realize that how beautiful it is to capture those pleasant moments which will last forever on my Bodrum photos.

One of my favorite Bodrum memories is undoubtedly my first sailing experience at the AYK-BAYK Cup, right after I received my license as an amateur captain. 

AYK-BAYK Cup in DecemberAYK-BAYK Cup in December

It was a cloudy but warm December morning in 2009. As a member of Ankara Sailing Club’s team, I was so excited. In the first day, I was ready on deck at 7:30am waiting for the start which was supposed to be at 10am. We waited for the wind to fill the sails for hours in the middle of the sea then took the start at 3pm. I will always remember the loud fun between the competitors as we were waiting. 

What is your magic moment?

What is your unforgettable magic moment captured through bodrum pictures?

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Hiking in BodrumHiking in Bodrum

Bodrum is a pomegranate. When you think you have got one, it is just a matter of time that you realize there are much more hidden inside. Hiking on one of the beautiful trails covering the area is a great way for collecting more stunning Bodrum photos. Join a club, start discovering and live another day in paradise.

Akyaka's Breathtaking BeautyAkyaka's Breathtaking Beauty

In a town which is everybody’s favorite, sooner or later you face the fact that you are going to have a lot of visitors, especially in summers. And that’s great! The time spent with your friends on a vacation gets you even closer and place more personal memories in your photo album.

Bodrum is even Better when Friends in TownBodrum is even Better when Friends in Town

How would you capture the peace and tranquility? Going on a blue cruise is the answer. At every cove you stopped by, the generosity of the Mother Nature takes full control of your senses and you feel that you will never be the same again as I did in 2012.

Magic is Everywhere on Blue CruiseMagic is Everywhere on Blue Cruise

A famous Turkish writer, Azra Erhat says “there were so many stars floating in the night, I couldn’t see the sky” in one of her books. Are you looking for magic? Go there and get it, it is all over you. I promise, you will have the best Bodrum photos ever.

Getting closer and setting personal relations with the locals could make your day in every manner. They are friendly and generally talkative. You can learn a lot about them even if you don’t speak the same language. That’s the spirit of the Mediterranean; it connects people.

Fisherman at Fisherman's CoveFisherman at Fisherman's Cove

I like taking portraits of locals and when they tell me their story, it becomes a great, unique reward. Personal interaction drags me in a cultural discovery which I love the most. 

Memories are collected with every shutter sound. They stay real and fresh as long as you want them to be. It pleases me to see how many unforgettable memories I captured while exploring and searching my own Bodrum.

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Just grab your camera and decorate your memory walls with Bodrum photos. I’d like to see them so don’t hesitate to share your favorites with us! 

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