Bodrum Peninsula

Location of the Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum Peninsula is a largish peninsula on the south-west coast of Turkey. It is surrounded by the Gulf of Mandalya (Gulluk Bay) in the north, the Gulf of Kerme (Gokova Bay) in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west. It is located in the Aegean Region which is one of the seven geographical areas of Turkey.

Bodrum, the largest town in the peninsula, is a district of Mugla Province like some other well-known destinations such as Fethiye, Datca, Koycegiz, Marmaris and Dalaman. I guess, Mugla should be one of the luckiest cities of the world. Isn’t it?

Towns of Bodrum PeninsulaTowns and Beaches in Bodrum Peninsula

Anyway, the peninsula is effected by the Mediterranean climate; hot summers and mild winters. It is approximately at the same latitude with Granada and Santa Cruz on 37th parallel.

Most of the Turkish people tend to use the word “Bodrum” for both the city itself and the whole peninsula. Since there are many other towns and villages in the area, this sometimes can cause misunderstandings for someone who does not know the difference.

You don’t need to be alerted when I say “misunderstanding”. The distances within the peninsula are quite short so it is not a big deal. If you are planning to visit Bodrum Castle and staying in one of the great hotels of Yalikavak, you just need to consider an extra hour – say one and a half in the peak season - for a minibus round trip. That’s all!

If you are planning to meet your friends in your vacation and they tell you that they are going to be in Bodrum for the summer, it is a good idea to ask which town they are going to be. Similarly, learning the exact location of your hotel would make it easier to plan your trip. 

Sunset at Bodrum BayEvening at Bodrum Bay

The distances between towns and villages are comparatively short and the public transport alternatives make it easy to travel from one place to another but still you need to know where your hotel is, where do you want to go and how do you get there. Check out The Distance Chart which I included to help your vacation planning efforts.

A peninsula map covering the area would also have a great value for your vacation. Those maps are easy to find when you are in Bodrum but assuming you are not there yet, I have prepared a Bodrum Map for you to help you finding your direction within the peninsula.

Geography of the Bodrum Peninsula

A Beautiful View from Bodrum PeninsulaAn Amazing Panorama of the Aegean Sea

As the Bodrum Peninsula runs into the warm waters of the Aegean Sea towards the west, Turkish and Greek islands with various sizes garnish the scenery and make you think about the lives of ancient people who stood on exactly where you stand now thousands years ago.

Mountainous terrain of the peninsula has an area of 557 square kilometers. Hackly coastline runs 174 kilometers around it, offering various locations for swimming and water sports among with spectacular views of Aegean Sea and its islands.

Two mountains, Yaran and Pazar, form the heights of the area. The highest point is the peak of the Yaran Mountain with height of 879 meters to the east. It descends thru the west and forms Pazar Mountain at 690 meters.

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