Bodrum Maritime Museum

Bodrum Maritime Museum is a must see museum for the one who want to learn more about the culture by discovering the recent history.

It is at the town center and 5 minutes away from the Bodrum Castle by walking, across the post office (PTT).

Bodlrum Maritime Museum
Map of Bodrum Maritime Museum

It is open between 10:00 and 18:00 from Tuesday to Sunday. As in almost all museums in Turkey, it is closed on Mondays. (Update on July 5th 2013 - The Museum has announced that it will be open from 11AM to 10PM until October 31st 2013 except Mondays)

The entrance fee is TL 5.00 (something around EUR 2.00) on April 2013. The children can visit the museum for free.

The address: Carsi Mh. Eski Belediye Bedesten Binasi, Postane Karsisi, Bodrum / Mugla

Phone: +90 252 316 33 10


The history

Bodrum is one of the most important seafaring and ship building locations of Turkey with thousands of boats in its harbors and marinas and tens of internationally recognized shipyards. It is also one of the most important Blue Voyage stops of the Mediterranean.

Although the recent researches showed that the history of seafaring in and around Bodrum goes back to the Bronze Age, it is not clear when did boatbuilding start. Many ancient historians think that it should have started around 3,000 BC during the age of Leleges who are also known as the first habitants of the region. Leleges were involved in piracy and historian expects they had to have boatbuilding technology.

Entrance of Bodrum Maritime Museum

Before becoming a popular tourism destination, main sources of income of this peninsula were fishing and sponge diving. Sponge diving is a kind of history now but you can still meet with the former spongers and listen their stories about “sponge hunt” without using any diving equipment.

The relation between the sea and the locals is still vital. Many young fishermen, as a family tradition, continue to put to sea every morning for their living. Similarly, a lot of local families have chosen to set up their own yachting and charter businesses for the visitors.

In a town where the culture has been shaped by the sea, there should have been a museum to reflect the recent maritime history. Bodrum Municipality, Bodrum Chamber of Commerce and Mr.Ali Kemal Denizaslani had worked hard and opened Bodrum Maritime Museum in 2011 by receiving support from Special Provincial Administration of Mugla Governorship, IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Bodrum Branch, Mariners Association, OASIS Shopping Center and Mr.Hasan Gulesci.

After visiting The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, Bodrum Maritime Museum is worth to stop by. I strongly recommend.

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