Bodrum Map

A vacation in this peninsula and a Bodrum map go together like wine and cheese. It would surely help you to find the best taste considering that there are lots of places where you can enjoy.

It is quite easy to find a map of Bodrum when you are in town. You can buy Bodrum maps from gift shops and markets at affordable prices. However, if you are reading these lines, you probably won’t need to pay a single penny.

Your hotel or pension may have a free Bodrum Turkey map for you. If you are in town centre it is even easier. Your first option is to visit Tourist information Office which is 50-60 metres away from Bodrum Castle. Owned by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, they usually have lots of copies in their shelves to give away for free to the travellers. 

Bodrum Peninsula MapBodrum Peninsula Map

In busy times, it can be difficult to find a Bodrum map even in this government run office. In that case, you can check another information office at Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal. The small building at the east entrance, just across to taxi station, is owned by the municipality. They can give you directions, provide information on public transport alternatives and offer you a map of Bodrum. 

One way or another, finding a map won’t be a problem for you. However, by assuming that you are probably not there and you may be looking for resources to plan your vacation right now, I have started to prepare one for you to download. I am intended to improve it in time to make it the best Bodrum Map you can find around. 

I need your support and feedback to make it happen. Please send me a message by contacting me or via my Facebook page and tell me what you are looking for, what am I missing. Let’s make it better together! I spent days on it while learning Photoshop and editing a bunch of captures. I don’t want to waste all these efforts by preparing an ordinary map.

Download Your Bodrum Map

The Bodrum map you are about to download is an Adobe Acrobat document which is known as a pdf file. You are going to need to have Adobe Reader (or any pdf reader which you can find on internet for free) installed on your PC, notebook or smart phone to open and view it. If it is not installed on your device yet, click the link below and follow the instructions. It is easy, free and extremely useful!

Download Adobe Reader

Download Adobe Reader

After clicking this link, a new window will open and you will be redirected to Adobe’s official web site. Find the “downloads” from the menu header and click Adobe Reader. The download page will be loaded. Follow the instructions to complete your installation.

If you are planning to use the map on your smart phone or tablet, I know there are lots of pdf readers, including Adobe Reader, at Google Play for phones and tablets using Android operating system, at Apple Store for iPhones and iPads and at Microsoft store for the devices using Windows operating system. If you don’t know the operating system of your device, take a look at the documentation provided by the manufacturer.

Download Bodrum Map

Download Bodrum Map

Size of this pdf file is 4.87MB. Click here, save it to your device’s storage and use it with a pdf viewer. I have already checked it against viruses and malwares but please use your own security software and see it yourself it is safe.

My Bodrum map has 25 pages in total. I have divided a peninsula map into smaller sections. Feel free to download it, print and take it with you. Transferring it to your smart phone or tablet to view later is another good idea so that you can use it anytime you want.

Bodrum Map Cover PageIndex Page of the Bodrum Peninsula Map

You will find an index page containing a small map with 24 small boxes on it with different letters. Each letter refers to another page of Bodrum Turkey map. The locations on the right are the places that are already included in the document and the letters following those names are the page references where you can find them.

I have started with marking basic locations on this Bodrum map. You will find references to map sections in relevant articles of I will keep adding new points of interest in time so don’t forget to download the latest copy before you leave for Bodrum.

I want to talk about the word “Yali” which you will come across various times when using the map of Bodrum. I only knew one meaning of that word; “a mansion at the seaside”. It turned out it has another meaning in Aegean Region which I wasn’t aware of before coming to Bodrum. Natives use this word for the coast alone.

In the map, for example, you will see Ortakent Yahsi is a big town but not located on the seaside. But if somebody tells you about a beach at Ortakent, she means “Yali”, coast line of the town.  So don’t be confused when you see similar locations. These are not mistakes I have done. 

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Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.