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Great Bodrum travel stories, contributed by visitors from around the world.

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Sunset Dinner at Gokcebel, near Yalikavak, Bodrum

We bought an apartment in a quaint bay near Yalikavak. The area is called Gokcebel. The bay is called Frenk Azmagi. Our two-bedroom little apartment

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Health and Safety in Bodrum

As the most basic human needs, health and safety in Bodrum means a lot for a traveller. Find out about the services provided to keep you sound and secure.

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Bodrum State Hospital

Bodrum State Hospital is the only general hospital owned and run by Ministry of Health in the peninsula. Find about their International Patient Unit and other services.

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Pharmacies in Bodrum

Pharmacies in Bodrum are the only legal sources to obtain any medication including pain killers and vitamin pills. If you know the basics, you can always find an open drugstores in Bodrum 7/24.

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Hospitals in Bodrum

While hospitals in Bodrum offer diagnostic, treatment and emergency services, healthcare centres focus on basic diagnosis and treatment for the patients. Want to learn more? Click here…

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Healthcare in Bodrum

The services regarding to healthcare in Bodrum are diverse, accessible and modern. Not that you are going to need it but it is good learn some basics to feel more secure. Click to find out more.

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Bodrum Airport Transfers

Well-organized and comfortable Bodrum airport transfers bring simplicity to your vacation planning efforts. Follow the basic tips here to make it even better.

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History of Bodrum

History of Bodrum is a comprehensive collection of interesting stories of various civilizations and historical figures. Take a closer look to the past and learn about today.

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Famous People & Historical Figures

The transformation of Bodrum from an ancient capital to a popular destination wouldn’t be complete without famous people in its history. Find out more about historical figures of Bodrum.

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