Bodrum Beaches

The sun, beaches and the blue Aegean waters are important parts of the Bodrum experience which would be incomplete without Bodrum beaches.

From the beginning of the history, these lands have been generous to its inhabitants. Hackly structure of the coastline offers shelter to feel secure, fish to fight hunger and beauty to enjoy.

The peninsula is surrounded by the Aegean Sea on all sides. At each side, blowing winds, Aegean currents and the geography have different effects on different beaches along the coastline. Therefore, every beach has its own characteristics to choose from.

In this section, I will try to give you some brief information about Bodrum beaches around the peninsula. To keep it organized, the list will be divided into regions as new beaches are added.


Yelken Beach
Yelken Beach

The location of the Yelken beach makes it one of the most popular Bodrum beaches for the locals living in Bodrum. Owned and run by the municipality, the Yelken beach is hardly known by the international travellers.


Karaincir Beach
Karaincir Beach

Decades ago, before the tourism arrived, a quiet Bodrum beach near Akyarlar was the gathering point for locals to have some fun together with their families. Today, it is still popular among domestic visitors.

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