Yelken Klubu Beach, Bodrum

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I am going to talk about a small Bodrum beach, 2.5 kilometers away from the town center. It is known as Yelken Klubu which means “sailing club” in Turkish.

Most of the tourists do not know Yelken beach so the regulars of this cove are usually locals who prefers to enjoy the sea and sun in a non-touristic beach.

A pier before a beach café, sunbeds on a short coastline and a restaurant serving from breakfast to dinner are all available for Yelken Klubu’s guests. There is also a small facility which is being used as a club building where you can learn how to set sail to open seas.

This is not a crowded beach but still finding an available sunbed at the afternoons might be a problem in the peak season. I usually go there early in the morning and after swimming, taking my breakfast and reading my book, I leave at noon before it gets crowded.

Yelken Café serves snacks and drinks to the beach. Since this is a place under the authority of the Bodrum Municipality, you don’t have to drink or eat here like many other private beaches. The cafe is open from May to the middle of October but for the rest of the year, you are still free to use the beach. In summers the café stops service at 19:30.

The restaurant behind the beach café with has a beautiful Aegean view. After relaxed on the beach, you can take your dinner for a fair price unless you are expecting extraordinary tastes from the Turkish cuisine.

My personal suggestion is to come here to watch full moon rising. Buy your drinks, red wine is the best, and walk to the end of the beach. Find a rock to sit on and enjoy the silence and spectacular night view.

Sea Shore

The coast of the Yelken is about 100 meters. It is a narrow strip made up sand and pebbles. The width is around 5-6 meters getting narrower to the east end. Since the small cove lies on east to west direction, the sun shines on the beach from early in the morning until sunset without being interrupted by shadows.

A pier in front of the café and the beach have a lot of sunbeds. Showers and rest rooms are free to use.

Water is warm, so that you can even swim in winters like the rest of the peninsula. You can find the average water temperatures under the weather in Bodrum topic.

As you walk toward to open sea, the water gets steeply deep. When water depth reaches about 3 meters, pebble sea floor becomes sand.

How to get there

It is easy to go Yelken Klubu. You can walk, for example. If it is not too hot, a 35 - 40 minute walk from the castle will take you there.

Icmeler minibuses from the minibus station is the best way. These minibuses make round trips between the town center and Icmeler town and depart in every 15 to 20 minutes. The trip will take about 15 minutes.

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