Bodrum Airport Transfers

Well-organized and comfortable Bodrum airport transfers offer peace of mind and ease your vacation planning efforts.

In many years when I have been travelling to and from Bodrum, two things have never changed: the excitement of being almost there after landing and the melancholy of leaving Bodrum behind on my way back to the airport. In the chaos of these strong emotions, at least I know that I do not need to worry about my transfers.

Inside of an airport shuttle
Airport shuttles are comfortable

Unfortunately, the railway network is not a public transport alternative in the peninsula. Shuttle services, taxis and car rental companies are all you have unless you have someone to pick you at the airport. Truth is that the shuttles are so convenient that I have never asked someone to drive me to the town.

Milas-Bodrum International Airport is located 38 kilometres, approximately 24 miles, away from Bodrum town centre to the north-east. It usually takes 40 to 60 minutes depending on the traffic conditions with a shuttle service. Cabs are a little faster and it takes around 30 to 40 minutes.

Book Your Transfer with Your Hotel Desk

In 2019, Milas-Bodrum airport served 4.3 million domestic and international passengers. This is a busy airport and taking action to book your transfer as early as possible is a good idea. The same applies for rent-a-car services as well.

Check your hotel desk or travel agency for their transfer offer. If the price sounds right to you, make your reservation immediately so that you do not need to worry about it anymore.

Unfortunately, I do not see a way to give an overview about the cost. The pricing depends on various conditions like the season, your destination in the Bodrum Peninsula, your hotel’s pricing policy and the type of vehicle. You can assume a higher cost when hiring a cab, though.

If you are too late to take an action before your arrival, no worries! Your transfer could take a little longer, but you will always find an airport shuttle to Bodrum town centre for an affordable price.

Bodrum Airport Transfers with Shuttles

The easiest and cheapest Bodrum airport transfer option is the shuttles operating between the airport and the Intercity Bus Terminal at the town centre where the minibus station is also located.


Muttas Call Center: +90 444 48 01 (normally no area code is necessary. If your service provider needs an area code, use +90 252 444 48 01 instead)
Havas Call Center: +90 850 222 04 87

The shuttle schedule is adjusted based on arrival and departure times of the flights. At your arrival, you will always see a shuttle waiting to pick up the passengers from your flight at the airport. For your return flight, airport shuttles depart from Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal, 2 hours prior to your flight.

Public transport by minibuses – or “dolmus” as we call – is the most popular transport within the peninsula and its neighbourhood. They are not the “most comfortable” way to get from one place to another when crowded but they are surely the cheapest and most common way with the largest coverage in the area.

The schedule of the minibuses is adjusted based on their workload during the year. In the peak season, minibuses operate almost around the clock. However, working hours and frequencies may change drastically in winters. For example, if you would arrive Bodrum at 10pm in winter and your destination is Gumusluk, you may miss the last minibus from the terminal and taking a cab could be your only alternative.

There are two companies offering regular Bodrum airport transfers: Muttas and Havas.

Muttas and Havas Shuttles

In 2014, there was an important change in the official status of Mugla Province where Bodrum is located in its provincial border. Mugla has been promoted to metropolitan municipality which caused immediate changes on public areas such as transportation.

One of the priorities of the new metropolitan was to improve the quality of public transport services while decreasing the costs. As a result, a brand-new passenger carrying company, Muttas has come to town and introduced shuttles for Bodrum airport transfers in 26th of July 2014.

Muttas airport shuttles
Muttas shuttles at the bus terminal in Bodrum

Mutas shuttles operate between Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal and Milas-Bodrum Airport. As of July 2020, the price per person for single direction is ₺23.00 which is approximately $3.00. When I look back shuttle pricing history, I see a price range between €2.70 and €3.10. Although there may be slight changes in the future, it seems using €3.00 in budget planning would be a safe approach for a longer projection.

The other company operating airport shuttles is the good old Havas. The privately owned company is the first private airport shuttle service of Turkey and somehow it is always my primary choice.

However, there is no logical explanation for choosing one over the other since their schedules and pricing are identical. Like Muttas, Havas shuttles are scheduled based on arrival and departure times. The only difference is their area of coverage in Turkey.

Muttas is a transportation service provided by Mugla Municipality and it operates Mugla-wide limits. Therefore, it is not only available in Milas-Bodrum Airport, but for transfers from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye, Marmaris and Koycegiz as well.

On the other hand, Havas operations are spread nationwide. Havas’ main business is to provide airport ground services. Their services are available at most of the major airports of Turkey except in Istanbul. Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Dalaman and many more airports have Havas shuttles.

Havas airport shuttle
Havas shuttle between the airport and Bodrum

It used to service airports of Istanbul a couple of years ago but a disagreement with the Istanbul Municipality has resulted in withdrawing their Istanbul shuttles.

When you are departing, both airport transfer shuttles leave the Intercity Bus Terminal 2 hours prior to scheduled flights. For example, if your flight is at 4pm, there will always be a shuttle waiting to leave at 2pm.

However, I would be more careful if I was to fly internationally. Airport transfers, security checks, check-in and passport procedures may take longer than usual in summers. I would keep my eyes on any possible changes in their schedules.

10-minute walk from Bodrum Castle takes you to bus terminal where all airport shuttles depart, and up-to-date shuttle schedule information can be found. While you are there, you may even visit famous Bodrum bazaar if it is Tuesday or Friday. It is right next to the bus terminal. Just telling!

Both transfer companies have their web sites. The schedules are not available, but you may want to check them for pricing information or the routes of the shuttles. At the time of writing, Muttas web does not have an English version but the Havas web does.

Shuttle Routes

All shuttles follow the same route.

The route between Milas-Bodrum Airport and Bodrum Town centre
Airport shuttle stops between Milas-Bodrum Airport and Bodrum town center

On your way to the city centre, you can ask the driver to drop you off at Güvercinlik and Torba junction, depending on your destination. Otherwise your last stop will be Bodrum Bus Terminal which is 50 metres away from the minibus station where you can easily find a minibus to every town and village on Bodrum Peninsula. When you are leaving Bodrum, Bodrum bus terminal, Torba junction and Guvercinlik are the alternate stops where you can take the shuttle.

Please note that the shuttle drivers are only allowed to stop at the designated locations I mentioned above. Both Torba junction and Guvercinlik also have taxi stations nearby.

“No Panic” Hint

After getting in a shuttle from the airport, probably your shuttle will be stopped by the gendarme or police near Guvercinlik. You may be asked to show some ID or passport.

Do not panic and do not think that something is wrong. This is a routine security check which has been continuing for decades. I do not know how it works for foreigners but for Turkish people, they usually collect IDs and leave the bus to check the IDs. Normally, this does not take long.

Routine checks continue all year for your safety. Although almost all vehicles are being searched in summers, it appears they are more relaxed in winter season.


Whichever the service you chose, you can pay with your Master Card or Visa, or you can use cash in Turkish Liras. Fees are collected inside the shuttle so have a seat and relax. They are going to find you for the payment.

Diners Club and American Express are not commonly used in Turkey so I would not rely on those cards.

If you do not have cash in Turkish Lira, I am positive it will not be a problem. Still, I would like you to keep in mind that accepting foreign currency would be a personal choice of the fee collector, not a company procedure. Having some liras in your pocket can avoid currency losses due to exchange rate conversions and a tiny risk of payment rejection.

In Muttas shuttles, Mugla Kent Kart (Mugla City Card) is another payment alternative. This is a prepaid card issued by Mugla Metropolitan Municipality. It can be used to pay for a variety of transportation methods which are regulated by the municipality. I assume you do not have one yet because you have just arrived. However, if you are willing to travel as much as possible, you may want to get one in Bodrum. Please click here for more information.

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Booking with Rent-a-car Services

There are a bunch of national and international rent-a-car companies at the airport. Avis, Budget, Europcar, Central, Goldcar and Almira are some of them.

Especially in the peak seasons when demand is very high, finding an available rental-car may be a problem and may let you down. Try to not to leave this to the last minute and be prepared if you intend to rent a vehicle.

Bodrum Airport Taxi

Something went wrong and you got stuck in the airport. C’est la vie! You can wait for the next shuttle or take a cab from Bodrum airport taxi which is available 7/24. Of course, it is a more expensive option than the shuttles. You know your budget better than anyone, but I would not mind taking a cab instead of spending my precious Bodrum time at the airport waiting for a shuttle.

Depending on your destination, Bodrum transfers by taxi can cost roughly somewhere between €15.00 – £20.00. Check their price list and talk to the driver for your specific destination.

Many cabs do not accept credit cards, but some of them do. You better check your wallet to see if you have enough money. If you do not, there are many ATM machines at the airport.

Now you know Bodrum airport transfers are easy and need almost no specific concern. All you need to do is to follow simple tips I have just mentioned above. You may start to enjoy your Bodrum stay right away.

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Enjoy Bodrum

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