Bodrum Airport Transfers

Pretty well-organized and comfortable Bodrum airport transfers provide peace of mind and ease your vacation planning efforts. The excitement of being almost there after landing and gloomy farewells on the way back stay there, however, and there is nothing to do.

As I mentioned in public transport, there is no railroad network within the peninsula. Shuttle services, rent-a-car companies and taxis are all we have unless you have friends to drive for you. The truth is, shuttle services are so convenient that I’ve never asked a friend to see me off. Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal where shuttles arrive and depart has always been the place where we reunion or say goodbye.

Route of Bodrum Airport Transfer ShuttlesRoute of a shuttle from Bodrum to airport

Milas-Bodrum Airport is located 38 kilometres, approximately 24 miles, away from Bodrum town centre to the north-east. It usually takes 40 to 60 minutes depending on the traffic conditions with a shuttle service. Cabs are a little faster and it takes around 30 or 40 minutes.

Making Reservations

The airport served 35,000 domestic and international flights with more than 4 million passengers in 2014. When you consider there are only a few daily flights during winters, it is not difficult to imagine how busy it should be in summers. 

For those who are planning to use hotel services or travel agencies to book their Bodrum transfers, it would be a good idea to take action as early as possible. It can save you money while avoiding “sorry, all transfers are full” response in the peak season. The same applies for rent-a-car services as well.

Check your hotel desk or travel agency for the price they are offering for your transfer. If you are fine with what you get, make your reservation so you don’t need to think about it later. 

If renting a vehicle is what you are looking for, car rental offices at the airport offer various alternatives for different price ranges. However, I am sure any other local or international rental company you can find on internet would also be happy to bring your vehicle to where you are.

If you didn’t take any action before your arrival, no worries! Your transfer would take a little longer or but you will always find a shuttle service to Bodrum town centre for an affordable price. 

Shuttle Services for Bodrum Airport Transfers

Shuttles operating between the airport and the town centre are the easiest and cheapest way for airport transfers. If your final destination is not Bodrum town, minibuses, - or “dolmus” as we call - can take you to any town or village of the peninsula. The minibus station and shuttles are both in Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal. So all you have to do is to drag your luggage after getting out of the shuttle for 50 meters max.

Currently there are two companies offering regular Bodrum airport transfers.

Muttas Shuttles

In 2014, there was an important change in the official status of Mugla Province where Bodrum is located in its provincial border. Mugla has been promoted to Metropolitan Municipality which caused immediate changes on public areas such as transportation.

One of the priorities of the new metropolitan was improving public transport quality while decreasing costs. As a result, a brand new passenger carrying company, Muttas has come to town and announced a new route for Bodrum airport transfers in 26th of July, 2014.

Muttas Shuttle in Bodrum Bus TerminalMuttas shuttle waiting in the bus terminal to take me to the airport

Mutas shuttles operate between Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal and Milas-Bodrum Airport. At the time of writing, the price per person for one direction was TL7.5 - approximately $3.1 or €2.7. There may be slight changes in the future but using €3 in your budget planning will probably be a sound and safe approach for a long time.

Muttas makes necessary arrangements for smooth airport transfers by taking the flight arrivals and departures into consideration. If you have just landed and claimed your luggage, you will always find a shuttle in front of domestic and international terminals.

If you are leaving – I’m sorry but it eventually happens – shuttles leave the Intercity Bus Terminal 2 hours prior to scheduled flights. For example, if your flight is at 4pm, there will always be a shuttle waiting to leave at 2pm.

However, I’d be more careful on my departure if I have an international flight. I think airport transfer, two security checks, check-in and passport procedures may take longer than usual in summers when visitors pour in and out. Muttas will surely consider all these factors to avoid any trouble like missing a flight but we need to follow any possible changes in the shuttle schedule.

10 minute walk from Bodrum Castle takes you to bus terminal where all airport shuttles depart and up-to-date shuttle schedule information can be found. While you are there, you may even visit famous Bodrum bazaar if it is Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. It’s right next to the station. I’m just telling! 

Another suggestion would be checking Muttas web for the latest announcements. Unfortunately when I am writing these lines, the web site was only in Turkish. 

Screenshot from Muttas web siteScreenshot from Muttas web site

When you click on the above link, Muttas’ web site will open in a separate window. At the end of the page, you will see a section with “Iletisim Numaralari” header. This means “contact numbers”. While “Bodrum Otogar Sorumlusu” is a man in charge of shuttles in Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal, “Milas-Bodrum Havalimanı Sorumlusu” is the one who is responsible from the shuttles at the airport. Since their mobile numbers are also included, I guess it would be just fine to call them for getting information. However, I have blurred the numbers in the screenshot just in case if they change their mind to publish their numbers.

Havas Shuttles

Good old Havas was the first private company offering shuttle services between the town centre and the airport. They are still active but I am not so sure if they will be able to stay in the business after Muttas has become a serious competitor. Havas, a huge airport ground services company, has already lost the competition in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara against municipalities. Now I am guessing that they are also having tough times in Bodrum.

Havas shuttle on its way to BodrumHavas shuttle on its way to Bodrum

Havas operations and schedules are completely identical with Muttas. Same schedule arrangements, same route and same departing and arriving locations. So you can read the previous section to have more detailed information.

The only difference is the pricing and unfortunately it is more expensive: TL10 (approximately $4.1 or €3.6) per passenger for one direction.

You can find their latest schedule and pricing on Havas’ Internet site.

Airline Shuttles

Some airlines like Atlas Jet offers free Bodrum airport transfer. Ask your cabin crew to learn if they have any shuttle services exclusive to their passengers. The ones I know that don’t offer free shuttle service are Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet and Pegasus.

Shuttle Routes

All shuttles between Bodrum and the airport follow the same route.

On your way to the city centre, you can ask the driver to drop you off at Güvercinlik, Hotel Etap Altınel, Hotel Blue Dreams, Hotel Samara and Torba junction. Your last stop will be Bodrum Bus Terminal which is 50 metres away from the minibus station where you can easily find a minibus to every town and village on Bodrum Peninsula.

If you are leaving, the route is Bodrum Bus Terminal - Torba Junction – Guvercinlik. This is also a tricky part. Routes don’t change because there is no alternative road you can use to go to the airport. However, the locations of the stops can change due to demand. So contact your hotel reception or travel agency to get the latest information.

Payments in Shuttles

Whichever the service you chose, you can pay with your Master Card or Visa, or you can use cash in Turkish Liras. Fees are collected inside the shuttle so have a sit and relax. They are going to find you for the payment.

Inside a Havas ShuttleI'm waiting in a shuttle to catch my flight to Bodrum. So exciting!

Diners Club and American Express are not commonly used in Turkey so I wouldn’t count on them not only in airport transfers, but also in restaurants, cafes and shops. 

If you don’t have Turkish Liras in cash, I am positive it won’t be a problem. But I’d like you to keep in mind that accepting a foreign currency would be a personal choice of the fee collector not a company procedure. Having some liras in your pocket can avoid currency losses due to exchange rate conversions and a tiny risk of payment rejection.

Bodrum Airport Taxi

Something went wrong and you stuck in the airport. C’est la vie! You can wait for the next shuttle or take a cab from Bodrum airport taxi. They are available 7/24. It will be more expensive than a shuttle but always better than to spend your precious time in the airport.

Before jumping in, make sure that you have enough cash. The most of the taxis don’t accept credit cards. If you are short, you can use one of the ATM machines at the domestic or international terminals to withdraw some money.

Good news is airport taxi has a web page and they have a price list for various destinations. 

Although Bodrum Airport Taxi had announced their prices, normally taxis in Bodrum and most part of Turkey don’t work in that way. They have taximeters and you have to pay what it reads. If you want to learn about regular taxi services, you may check Bodrum Transfers by Taxi.

Now you know Bodrum airport transfers are easy and need almost no specific attention. All you need to do is to follow simple tips I have just mentioned above. You may start to enjoy your Bodrum stay right away.

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