Bodrum Activities & Attractions

A Bodrum vacation would still be amazing even if there are no Bodrum activities at all but the beaches to enjoy all day. However, I don’t think a single feature like that one would be enough to attract so many people with different backgrounds for decades.

The diversity and accessibility of the events in the peninsula make things tastier and more personalized. There are always various options to improvise and juice up the things you can do in Bodrum for a better vacation.

My Favourite Bodrum Activities

It wasn’t easy to come up with a list of my favourite Bodrum activities. I have been thinking on what I miss when I am away and answers didn’t appear as quickly as I imagined. Instead, my mind has filled with tiny details which I don’t even know they exist.

What is your favorite activity that makes your vacation even more special?

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Bowing the owners of the newspaper stand at the end of the Bars Street and the market across Vera Hotel during my morning exercises and starting the day with their smiling faces was one of the first things I recalled. I don’t even know those guys, isn’t that interesting?

What about those cute, silly cats sitting on the pier as the fishermen place the fresh fishes on the stalls? Tens of cats with greedy eyes wait in a nervous silence and don’t bother to move an inch as I try to find a place to put my step on.

As all those small things, scents and colours pour in, I knew I had to come up with a broader list for you and here it is…

#5: Art Events

Children in Local Costumes on Bodrum StreetsChildren in Local Costumes on Bodrum Streets

I like to consider myself as an art lover. Art and creativity have always had an important role in my life since my childhood, thus I’ve tried to follow all relevant activities whenever it was possible. 

It is fascinating so many art events take place on such a small town. The busy schedule of exhibitions, concerts and stage performances is exciting. Visiting art galleries of Bodrum to satisfy my curiosity towards art and its creators is something that I intend to keep doing.

In time, I made some friends among painters, sculptors, musicians and poets living and doing what they do in Bodrum. Discussing a particular work or art in general and learning different perspectives from the first hand make me happy and let me seize the day. Not to mention the fun and new and interesting people I meet at parties in art studios!

#4: Breakfast at the Beach

Early in the Morning on a Bodrum BeachEarly in the Morning on a Bodrum Beach

Running in the early morning when people are still asleep clears my mind and helps me to get ready for the day ahead. In Bodrum, it is much better because I can end up my exercises on a beach. 

Regardless of the season, Bodrum beaches always draw attention by revealing the beauty of the Aegean Sea. After a good workout, it is a kind of meditation to sit by the seaside and watch the islands popping up through a dreamy scenery. This is a perfect time for a humble breakfast with a bagel and cheese as fresh sea air fills the morning.

Yunuslar (the oldest bakery in town and my breakfast provider) makes pastries, muffins and cookies ready with the sunrise in Bars Street. 

After buying my simple crunchy bagel, going to a beach or breakwater to enjoy the simplicity of the moment as islands rise over still water have always been and will always be a special Bodrum activity to me. 

#3: Traveling Around Peninsula

Small Villages Are Spread around Bodrum PeninsulaSmall Villages Are Spread around Bodrum Peninsula

Western coast of Turkey, where Mother Nature’s generosity is pretty obvious, had witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations. Each step on the coastline takes you to a different scene shaped by nature and history from north to the south. 

Anybody who likes to see different places and meet new people should take the advantage of Bodrum’s perfect location, that’s what I do. Short distances to various amazing destinations make daily tours possible, accessible and affordable.

A bunch of Bodrum activities including hikes, camps for a night or two and trips to nearby sites are great ways for exploring the area. I try to seize every opportunity that can lead me to a new adventure. 

Mountains, valleys and plains of Aegean inland are full of history and pretty villages with interesting indigenous people. As I see more places and meet more people, my enthusiasm for the next trip blows up. After so many years, I have learned that there will always be more to discover and enjoy on these coasts.

#2: Seaside Dining

Fish Restaurants of GumuslukFish Restaurants of Gumusluk

A special dine is a festival that moves your senses together in a harmony. Imagine how tides washing up the coast through a beautiful panorama can multiply the pleasure of having good local food in a cosily conversation. It is priceless!

I like to go out for dinner with my friends on every opportunity. Fancy restaurants, international food or kebab houses are not on my radar even if there are some spectacular examples I enjoy a lot around the peninsula. Instead, small local Aegean restaurants take my particular attention when serving feast of taste by the seaside.

My favourite town for a special seaside dining is Gumusluk. Drinking raki or tasting a different local Turkish wine with fresh, delicious fishes and appetizers exclusive to the region in a charming scenery is literally an addiction. Once you have been there, you can’t get enough!

#1: Sailing and Blue Cruises

Sunset at Gulf of Gokova on a Blue CruiseSunset at Gulf of Gokova on a Blue Cruise

Here comes the number one in my top Bodrum activities: going on a blue cruise which is romantic, satisfying, exciting, memorable and surreal journey through an endless blue. 

A faerie land, Gulf of Gokova, lies at the south and south-east of Bodrum. In the comfort of a gullet, spending days at various hidden coves and nights under the starry Aegean sky is a once in a life time experience. 

In this mystical discovery, I feel like I am a honeybee jumping from one flower to another. Each cove visit, every moment of the changing scenery is painted on a blue canvas of my mind and lasts forever. If there is magic in the world, this should be it.

For me, the most convenient time for a gullet ride is either beginning or end of the peak season when you don’t have to share the same cove with other guests. On May or September you can keep all the beauty for yourself!

YOUR FAVOURITE Bodrum Activities and Attractions

When so many alternatives match with personal preferences, the number of Bodrum activities and attractions seem infinite. I can’t help thinking “did I miss something?”

A vacation should be a sensational experience. What we enjoy the most depends on what we are looking after. It is a matter of perception based on mood, attitude and memories. 

So I wonder…

What is Your Favourite Bodrum Activity?

Have you ever been in Bodrum? I'd love to hear your favourite activity that makes your vacation more special.

Your story would be a valuable source for me and the other visitors to this internet site to help us planning our next trip to Bodrum, to make it a better experience. Not to mention the fact that sharing is fun!

Just let us know your experiences. Thank you!

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