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Songs About Bodrum

For decades, Bodrum has always been an inspiration for musicians. They wrote songs about Bodrum to tell the story of love, passion, and beauty they found in this Aegean town. Their works have an irrefutable impact on Bodrum’s popularity.

When I searched the internet, I found out that there are a lot more songs about Bodrum than I initially anticipated. At the end, I came up with the below list which has 8 of them that I liked over the others.

Let us hear which one of them do you like the most? Leave a comment at the end of the page so we will know.

#1: “Bodrum Bodrum” by MFO

“Bodrum Bodrum” by MFO

All I needed was a little bit of sea and a little bit of sleep

This is the most famous song written about Bodrum. Since its release in 1976, it has become one of the symbols of the city. Even calling it the “Bodrum anthem” would not be wrong at all.

As you pace the narrow alleys of Bodrum, chances are you will catch this simple melody from a bar, a café, or a house.

#2: “Bodrum 72” by Gundogarken

“Bodrum 72” by Gundogarken

Even two lovers forget each other in Bodrum because you do not think anything but Bodrum in Bodrum

This piece evokes my memories of Bodrum where I spent 6 years. It reminds me the good friends I met and the beautiful places I saw. I like the Aegean sound and rhythms played by a mandolin, making “Bodrum 72” my favourite.

Like the first one, this is an old song released in 1988. Gundogarken – the band – means “as the sun rise” and it was formed by an uncle and his two nephews.

#3: “Cokertme”

“Cokertme” by Tolga Candar

This is not Aspat, my dear Halil, this is the Bitez coast. Ah fellas, that bullet burns my heart out

“Cokertme” is a powerful Turkish traditional folk song exclusive to the Aegean Region. It is a lamentation for Halil Efe (Efe is a person who fought as a militia) who lived in Bodrum in the beginning of the 20th century and was killed by the district governor of the Ottoman Empire. Sadly, this one is a true story of a man who was trying to escape to Kos Island by boat from Cokertme.

“Cokertme” in this song is the name of the area where today’s Yalikavak Marina is located. It is usually confused with the beautiful village with the same name which lies 53 kilometres to the east of Bodrum. Aspat, on the other hand, is the name of the beach and the hill right behind it, near Akyarlar.

If you are lucky and find yourself in a local ceremony, like a wedding, it is a sure thing that this song will be played the first thing. It is one of the well-known songs for the Zeybek dance which is a very special, eye-catching folk dance of the area.

#4: “Bodrum’un Sulari” by Sila

“Bodrum’un Sulari” by Sila

With the fire in me, I hugged again and again the waters of Bodrum, but I am still on fire

Sila’s “Bodrum’un Sulari” means “Waters of Bodrum”. This is a love song sung after a painful breakup.

Sila has a powerful voice and she studied jazz in the university. She uses lots of metaphors and symbols in her lyrics, making my translation efforts obsolete. Just listen and enjoy!

#5: “Bodrum’da” by Humeyra

“Bodrum’da” by Humeyra

I missed you in Bodrum after all these years

Oldies are goldies! This one is another love song from Humeyra who was a famous star of the 70’s in Turkey. She is still an active film star, taking parts in TV series.

The name of the song is “At Bodrum”. As she walks along Bodrum streets, memories of an old love take control of her thoughts and she remembers the places they did spend time together.

#6: “Begonvil” by Sezen Aksu

“Begonvil” by Sezen Aksu

Bougainvilleas should have grown now, and everywhere must be coated with jasmines in Bodrum

Sezen Aksu has been a leading figure in Turkish pop music for decades. She is one of the most respected and loved musicians in Turkey’s art history. She always has a huge fan group not only because of her music and lyrics, but also because of the hundreds of young musicians she trained and introduced to music life.

“Begonvil” means bougainvillea in Turkish, and it is the indispensable part of any Bodrum scenery. Although it can be found almost everywhere in the Mediterranean zone, it somehow became one of the symbols of the city.

#7: “Bodrum Mavisi” by Cuneyt Akgun

“Bodrum Mavisi” by Cuneyt Akgun

Have you ever gotten wet with the Bodrum rain, have you ever woken up with the scent of narcissus

This is another song about Bodrum with happy Aegean tunes. “Bodrum Mavisi” means Bodrum Blue, and it refers to the countless blue tones of the Aegean Sea. This is, again, a love story taking place in the magical atmosphere of the town.

Bodrum Mavisi is the newest song in this list, released in 2021. Cuneyt Akgun is a singer and songwriter who extensively uses elements from traditional Turkish music.

#8: “Mimoza” by Ayna

“Mimoza” by Ayna

The years of pain faded away when I found you in Gumusluk

The last song in my Top 8 list is the “Mimoza” which means mimosa flower in Turkish. This romantic song is about two lovers who met at the stunning Gumusluk coast.

Mimosas can be found everywhere you go in the Bodrum peninsula. However, Mimoza here is also the nickname for the lady who this song was dedicated to.

Ayna is a popular rock band in Turkey, and they have been around since 1996.

More Songs About Bodrum

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How many of the above propositions are true for you?

State your score by leaving a comment below so we will know if you are one of us!

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