Art Studios in Bodrum

Art studios in Bodrum Peninsula are special places where artists from all over the world get inspired and create their art. Although the exact number is unknown, some estimates it around 300 which actively contribute Bodrum art.

I believe, art is a spectacular thinking process which have been shaping the planet since the beginning of time. The complexity of the ideas forming our civilization owes a lot to art and the people who practice it. 

Fortunately I found various opportunities to meet some of the artists who have been living in this town of creative inspirations in my Bodrum journey. I appreciate to be granted access to their art studios in Bodrum where they think and create. It has been always an exciting experience for me.

Rifat Kocak's Studio at KizilagacStudio Rifart, Rifat Kocak

Many writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, dancers, actors and actresses live in Bodrum for taking advantage of new creative experiences arising from the history, nature and life style of the peninsula. It should be true that something in the air in Bodrum is able to feed such hungry minds.

An art studio is artist’s privacy. What is going on in a studio is quite personal. Freedom of the minds, creativity without boundaries take place in these special hideouts. I believe writing about them is a real responsibility. I will do my best to avoid violating the privacy of the artists and their art studios in Bodrum.

Art Studios in Bodrum Peninsula

Studio Dut Agaci

Studio Dut Agaci

Atolye Dut Agaci is an art studio and an art gallery. It is the hideout of Dilek Uslu, a Bodrumian painter. Her works include finest examples of contemporary art. Powerful compositions, diversified media and unique ideas make her art popular among collectors.

More Details on Atolye Dut Agaci

Art: My Own Discovery

My father was an actor and my mother is an actress. Theatres have been always a part of my life. I grew up in a world full of play critics, chats with writers and directors, discussions about creativity and, of course, art gossips.

Art on the Streets of Bodrum and MeDon't Know What Was I Thinking

I remember well how my decision in becoming an engineer surprised my family and their friends. I still don’t know if it was a right move to live the life I can enjoy but I have always tried to keep the art close to me as much as possible. 

In Bodrum it was pure pleasure to make so many friends among artists. They are an inseparable part of my own Bodrum and leading characters of my Aegean story. I enjoy every moment I spend with them. I am learning, observing and having fun with these great people. I salute them all! 

You may also meet these creative minds and their art, just don’t be shy and get in touch with them. I can’t imagine a better way to discover a culture in detail by discussing with an artist and learning her perspective.

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