Art Galleries in Bodrum

Your cultural discovery wouldn't be complete without visiting art galleries in Bodrum. This city has been inspiring creative minds for decades and art is an important part of local life.

Artists who are living in town are highly organized and vocal. There are more than 200 active societies which are working on improving local art by creating public awareness.

There are a number of art galleries in Bodrum but the basic problem hides behind the demand. The number of art collectors, investors and followers in Turkey don’t seem enough to support artists both in financially and sentimentally.

Ottoman shipyard is used as an art gallery.Osmanli Tersanesi or Ottoman Shipyard

Although Bodrum is a leading city in terms of number of studios and art works created, many artists prefer to exhibit their works in Istanbul where they have more visibility and financial support.

Against all odds, this city is a special one where various art events, concerts, exhibitions, festivals and workshops are carried on almost every day. Galleries take an important part in this journey.

Following all art galleries in Bodrum and providing individual information on each exhibition are currently beyond my capabilities so I am going to concentrate on promoting galleries instead of exhibitions. By clicking the appropriate links below, you can learn more about each art gallery. Don’t forget to come back soon to check new additions and updates.

Art Galleries in Bodrum

Trafo Bodrum

Trafo Bodrum

Art Gallery, Cafe, Bar and Open Air Concert Area

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Haluk Elbe Art Gallery

Art Gallery, Historical Building, Bodrum Castle

More details on Haluk Elbe Art Gallery

Bodrum Met Art

It started years ago when Bodrum was a quiet fishing town, unknown to most of us. Adventurers from all over the world discovered new paradise during their trips. Word-of-mouth had spread the beauty of the newly found spot.

Atolye Dut Agaci is a gallery and a studio.Dut Agaci Studio and Art Gallery

The artists were one of the pioneers who decided to move here. After all, what could possibly more attractive than a small coastal town where nature and history live hand in hand?

They came from different countries to find their own Bodrum. There were more than beauty in this place: human interaction. Locals never hesitate to offer their hospitality to the strangers that makes living in Bodrum a comfortable adventure.

As musicians, actors and actresses, painters, sculptors, writers, singers and craftsmen came into town, cultural life was diversified and enriched.

I know there is something in this town which moves you to create something. Even I took some painting lessons. Unfortunately it appeared I am not one of those talented ones. It was tuff to learn that but I could manage to move on. I feel better now!

Centre for Art and Culture

Some say that Bodrum is the second biggest city where most artists prefer to live in Turkey after Istanbul. I am not sure if this is an accurate information but I think it is possible. 

Trafo Bodrum Culture and Art CentreTrafo Art Gallery

Take Mugla University, for example. Although the main campus is in Mugla, The Faculty of Fine Arts is located in Ortakent, Bodrum. I appreciate the value add of the having this faculty in town. I believe in fresh and dynamic ideas of young artists and I also know art in Bodrum is more beautiful with their intellectual contribution.

I had attended a couple of meetings of Art Commission of Bodrum City Council. I was astonished to see so many people are working so hard to create something new.

I feel lucky for knowing some of them personally. I enjoyed every moment with them and learned a lot. I want you to know them better too. So I am going to work on it more and more and I would appreciate your input as I always do. 

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