About Me

I’d like to begin with a sincere “thank you” for following my web site; TheBestofBodrum.com. I know, there are still a lot to make it better and believe me, I am working on improving my content, site design and my language as well. To be honest, by considering my background, I can only guarantee that the content I am presenting will be much better. For the rest, I am not so sure!

What Am I Looking For?

Actually I am not an expert neither about Bodrum nor about travel industry. What I am is being a fan of the Aegean coast and what I’ve been looking for has never been only touristic attractions or enjoying the sun and the sea. 

I walked around the mountains, visited small villages and met new people. These were the places left in the shadows when tourism hit the region. People I met were farmers, craftsmen; the people striving to earn their living under difficult conditions.

Faralya village at FethiyeButterfly Valley in Fethiye

Did you know Faralya, one of the most beautiful spots where green mountains meet blue waters in the Aegean, didn’t have a road connection until 7 – 8 years ago? However, Lycians had built their famous Lycian way which passes through this village more than 3,000 years ago. These are my kind of stories that I have been following for a long time.

Who Am I?

My name is Akinsal. Some of my friends prefer calling me “Kale” from the beginning of time. I found it irrelevant because “Kale” means “castle” in Turkish and I can’t see – or remember - any connection. I think the reason behind this nick is my unusual name which can be hard to remember and pronounce even among Turkish people.

Bodrum Kite Festival. Thanks to my friend Cana Ungun for the great photo she took!Bodorum Kite Festival

Although my father was from Izmir and my mother is from Istanbul, I was born and raised in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. 

I went to Middle East Technical University and graduated as a mining engineer which gave me the opportunity to travel around every corner of Turkey at the very beginning of my career.

After a while I felt I was done with living a deserted and remote life. After all, mines are not usually located in places where you can socialize so I moved back to the big city life. 

My new career path was working at multinational corporations. I worked with Germans as a site engineer and with French guys as an automation engineer. I have met Sales and Marketing world in a German company. I finally ended up in a US corporation as the channel manager.

I am sailing on a December morning at Bodrum.Sailing Bodrum

Sailing for new challenges keeps me motivated. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to change my direction after facing a series of unpleasant circumstances. I took them as a new opportunity for more enjoyable and satisfying life instead of struggling to climb up higher and higher. I had to stop to live for working and start to work for living.

It was a tough decision I have made and I still don’t know if it was right or wrong. I started to run my own business. I have a new and small company which organizes corporate activities and trainings. I have also a new goal: moving to Bodrum and sparing more time to travel Aegean. 

What Am I Expecting?

I could never managed to limit my expectations, to keep them under control. If something is doable, I have to try it. Just as it is for TheBestofBodrum.com.

I want to make it a valuable reference about Bodrum for now and the Aegean region in the future. I want to enable you to contribute and help me to make it better. That’s why you will come across the same request over and over: Your inputs, critics and requests would be highly appreciated!

Then what? Then there will be sites about Datca, Fethiye and Kusadasi. I really want to do it against all odds. This is my personal goal. I may not reach Mars but at least I can step on the moon on my way to my final destination. Right?

It is fun to have a large group of friends on Bars Streets.Long Nights in Bodrum

I am having good time when I am working on my web site. I take it as an opportunity not only learning more about Bodrum, also sharing it with you. When I receive a message from you, I don’t know why but it makes me so happy and proud.

Besides, it helps me to improve my English, motivates me to take better pictures and encourages me to learn about building and running a web site. I can even use basic Photoshop techniques now. I owe all of these to you through TheBestofBodrum.com.

Thank you for being here and helping me to create something good and useful. As I always do, I would appreciate your contributions to make it the best Bodrum portal and keep it up and running. Just contact me

Best Regards,


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